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  1. 1. Evaluation Ash, James and Jon
  2. 2. How does your media product use, develop or challenge form and conventions of real media product? Use -Patterns; walking is used as a common filler in music videos or helps tell the story of a specific character similar to what we do -Story; more contemporary videos have a story to really grab the attention so that viewers watch till the end, and also serves to keep it in the viewers memory and associate with the song Develop Conventions of style; Editing; Post production: ∀ Rewind ∀Sound manipulation; whereas most videos have their song playing throughout the video, we have added in extra sounds that fade in and out to enhance the idea that it is in the main characters headChallenge∀No lip-syncing – most music videos would have shots of the band/singer lip syncing to the lyrics of the song.∀No band playing∀Use of close-ups∀Intertextuality – The film “127 Hours” by Danny Boyle uses planes to show time passing by.
  3. 3. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary task The digipack The digipack is an effective piece of media to go with the music video as it clearly represents what type of music the band play. The brick wall, the suspenders and the cigar all suggest that this guy we are seeing might be apart of a punk and rock culture meaning that genre of music is rock. This is effective as it shows clearly what kind of music this band plays without even listening to them The website The website is the colour red accented over dark colours. This is because it keeps with the red and black themes on the digipack cover. These colours stand out quite a bit and typically are used in the genre of music the band plays. The website design is quite simple taking inspiration from the Foals website where the background is unique but not too much for the viewer to take in. Also like on most modern band’s websites there are options to view the bands various social networks such as twitter and facebook. This is so that viewers can keep up with the bands news and upcoming music and tours on any type of media, not just a website
  4. 4. We put the name of the band right at the top so the We decided that we wanted a centre audience knows who’s album it is, for example, most focus for the album cover, somethingmusic shops have there CD’s stacked in front of each that would be instantly recognised by other with a small portion of CD’s sticking out over fans and people who have seen it before.the CD in front. The fact that our band name is at the An Icon. The style of the man is alsotop makes it easier for our target audience to quickly quite different and indie styled so people identify our album can identify with the bandFor the background, we originally wanted a white background, but Continuing with the font we have used throughout after more planning and also difficulty in finding a matt white back the DIgipak, we slightly manipulated the title of theground. After using the wall we thought it accents the independent album into a more curved style. This sets it out from side to our album and band as it gives it more of an edge to it the other pieces of text and makes it easier identify as the title
  5. 5. Record label logoThe design of our track list is that it makes a chequered pattern when put next to the character in the centre Back cover is like a photo of the back of our character and so it matches the style of a CD case with a front and back Traditional Copyright info at the bottom
  6. 6. We have links to social networkingpages, so people can share what theyhave seen on our website and so we Webpage can post them by Facebook andTwitter to give them instant updates LIst of concert dates and instant new updates and news Links to different pages on our website
  7. 7. Audience Feedback“How do you think the storyline of the video links to the song title?”•-Links in with the whole “Stranger things have happened” title.• -The idea of the character being dead but making him appear alive.• -Tempo of the storyline – fits well, its not to fast paced or too slow.• -Irony of how the title is based on Stranger things happening and youcouldn’t’ get stranger than some of the clips throughout the musicvideo.
  8. 8. Audience Feedback“How does this compare to other music videos in the samegenre?”• Other bands of a similar genre produce music videos withstorylines.• Most music bands have shots of the band being playedthroughout their music video but this didn’t.• The use of special effects can be seen in other music videoswith the same genre.• Dark/Interesting storylines can be seen frequently in musicvideos.
  9. 9. Audience Feedback“What works well”• The range of different shots.• Special effects to add the whole “strange” emphasis. E.g. the faceless man.• How the story is seen and told to the viewer.•The ending suits the storyline – rewind sequence to the funeral end shot.• The “Lost your way graffiti” seen on a wall. “What could be improved?” • X-ray image and car crash images don’t fit in the picture frames down the stairway. • Some shots are quite jumpy. • More strangeness needed.
  10. 10. How Did You Use Media Technologies in the Construction and Research, Planning and Evaluation Stages?Digital technology has helped us capture our ideas forthe media production by allowing us to research on theinternet for music videos in the same genre as ourbands music on websites such as “You Tube”. Thisgathered information for the main characteristics of ourproduction; theme, visual style, iconography, plot andmise en scene.The benefits of using digital cameras and digitaltechnology over analogue is that we could film in highquality compared to the use of tape cameras. It alsoallowed us to rewind specific pieces of footage easily atour location whilst filming. By doing so, we could see ifwe had achieved the shot we wanted.
  11. 11. How Did You Use Media Technologies inthe Construction and Research, Planning and Evaluation Stages? Digital technology influenced our work in post production by giving us the opportunity to view similar bands music videos in contention with ours. This helped us create ideas on the stylistic features for the mind map. In post production, we used Adobe Premiere for editing and also it allowed us to manipulate our footage using visual effects to create scene that would not have been possible to shoot. This included removing a characters face, fading the colours of the footage and the aeroplanes flying into each other. These effects helped us create our surreal world that the main character was travelling in. In designing the digipak and the website, our main use of technology was Adobe Photoshop, it really helpesd us to be creative with the layout of our cover and easily manipulate images to the way we needed them to be Over the course of producing this music video, we have learnt to edit in a professional manner and the use of effects to create surreal scenes in order to achieve our target in making our production “strange”.
  12. 12. Overall Jon James Ash Overall, I believe our Overall, i thought weOverall, I think our final production had been managed our projectcut of our production a success. The way our group well. We managed towas good. we had some worked around get our shooting doneproblems with editing technological issues and faults in the amount of timedue to loss of files and proved our we needed so that welack of time but we eagerness to gain a good had time to re-shooteventually sorted this grade. The use of extra time footage we needed.and then worked hard needed to re-shoot specific The editing processto get it done. I think we scenes was used to our was thrown due to aleant a lot through using advantage along with the computer error but wetechnologies such as special effects all adding up managed to bring itvisual effects software. into a back and keep on. I feelusing visual effects really strong production and the we have managed tohelped us create our improvement of our all improve oursurreal world. round technological skills as production skills. well as our media skills.