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  • 1. Farmers, Doctors, Sheriffs, Criminals, Teachers, Mobsters, Canadians, Southerners, Polish, Irishmen, Christians and Jews…… And Rosemary.
  • 2. Rowing Though I am not currently a member of the Asheville Youth Rowing Association, I was part of it for over half of my high school career and was committed to it year long. Unlike most sports, there are seasons in the spring and the fall and the off seasons are still full of practices. I made extremely close friends and learned a lot of valuable life lessons from rowing. 2000 BC 1400s BC 1624 The founding of New YorkDomesticated Both of my parents werecats in Egypt born in New York, and 3 of4000 years ago their parents were born inthe Egyptians New York. My greatowned and grandfather Donahue helpedcherished felines. in the construction of the Empire State Building. MyThey are the great grandfather Dreisenmost beautiful was in the mafia and duringcreatures on the 1920s, he wouldearth and are transport liquor from Floridatruly mans best to Brooklyn. Many of myfriend. I love my ancestors came in through Ellis Island from differentcats more than I parts of people.
  • 3. Immigration from Europe in the early twentieth century Much of my family immigrated in the early 1900s from Poland and Ireland. I am proud of this diverse heritage and would like to learn more about 1763 it. 1904 The birth of AlexeiThe founding of Cape Early 1900s Nikolaevich- 1904Breton, Nova Scotia My great greatMy great great Grandmother Rose Weissgrandfather was born was exiled to Siberia inhere and his grandson the early twentieth century(my grandpa) inherited because she fire bombedland from him. My a theatre where a policitalmom and her sisters leader was. She was anow own the land and socialist. While in exile,we have lots of the czar of Russia had aextended family living son and in celebration ofin Cape Breton. Ill be his sons birth, he freed allvisiting there this exiles under the age ofsummer with all of my 21. Rose then immigratedcousins! to New York City. I get part of my name from her!
  • 4. The Holocaust- 1930s through the 1940s The Koenigs, Dreisens, and Weisses came from Poland and Russia, so they were greatly affected by the Holocaust. This side of my family is Jewish and was persecuted and oppressed. 1915 1930s -1940s 1950s -1960sMy great great GrandmotherPatrick died, and so did herinfant daughter. Her motheralso died this year and her My Grandpa Jack washusband (my great greatGrandfather Patrick) killed a teacher in Harlemhimself, as did his brother. during this time andThis series of deaths left my had majored in blackgreat grandmother an infant history. I think his lovealong with her three siblings. for black history, civilLuckily, my great rights, and currentgrandmother was too youngto remember much about it, world events helped tobut all of her siblings were make me interested inseverely traumatized. these things also.
  • 5. Scribble Map!••