CallFire Fitness Presentation (.PPT) - Best Practices


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CallFire Fitness Presentation (.PPT) - Best Practices

  1. 1. CallFire Best Practices:Fitness and Health Clubs
  2. 2. • CallFire powers the marketing and communications needs ofover 150,000 customers• CallFire offers voice and texting products that safely helpbusinesses and organizations get their message out instantly• CallFires set of streamlined inbound and outboundcommunications tools improve efficiencies• We help businesses use technology to maintain a personabletouch when managing client relationships• Headquarted in Santa Monica, CA, since 2004, CallFire hasprovided its services to small and large businesses inindustries like insurance, finance, e-commerce, realestate, services, entertainment, sportsteams, fitness, collections, non-profits, politicalorganizations, and many more.Who We Are
  3. 3. • High costs to run a marketing or promotional campaign• Unable to grasp how effective your campaign was• Too many delinquent accounts• Lack of resources to have consistent collections strategy• Poor customer satisfaction and retention ratings• Lack of relationship building with customers“Pains” of the Fitness Industry
  4. 4. • SMS Text Messaging• Voice Broadcast• Cloud Call Center (CCC)• Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR)• Call TrackingHow to Raise the Bar
  5. 5. Common Uses in the Fitness Industry:SMS Texting and Voice Broadcast• Promotional and Marketing Campaigns• Reminders for upcoming classes• Workout reminders for infrequent users• Notifications for delinquent accounts• Notifications for health and nutrition tips• Send thousands of messages to membersinstantly at just 3 cents a SMS message andstarting at 3.5 cents per Voice Broadcast
  6. 6. • Track your ROI on advertisements placed inmagazines, newspapers, and journals• Use our interface to measure metrics• Use GoogleAnalytics to perform analysis• Attach a unique phone number to each ad youplace and track the usage in each number• Purchase a local or toll-free number for just a $1or $2 per monthCall TrackingCommon Uses in the Fitness Industry:
  7. 7. • Create an automated inbound “phone tree” to transfercallers to the appropriate department– A phone tree is a virtual response system that interacts with a caller’sresponse and connects them to the right person– An outbound IVR will contact a recipient based on specifics that you decideand transfer them based on their response to your questions• An outbound IVR can automatically make calls tomembers for:– hearing a specific promotion– child care services– receiving a status update– a customer satisfaction survey• CallFire’s developers use API technology to bridge yoursoftware to ours so you can streamline many of yourcommunications processesInteractive Voice Response
  8. 8. • CCC is an easy to use interface that will take yourexisting communications system to the next level• Triple your caller’s productivity by using cost and timesaving features like:– Power dialer: multi-line dialer to make up to 4 calls at once– Hands-free dialing: sit back and wait for calls as CCC makes thecalls for you– SmartDrop and MachineSkip: CCC leaves an automatic voicemailor skips to the next call when an answering machine picks up• Employees can have more conversations instead ofgetting distracted• No subscription fees as pricing starts at $2 per hourCloud Call Center (CCC):What does it do and how does it work?
  9. 9. 1) Setup the Voice, Text, or Script to the campaign2) Upload your recipient list from an Excel file orCSV file to CallFire’s interface3) Schedule when you want to start your campaignThree Steps to SetupAny CampaignJust Three Simple Steps:
  10. 10. Setup Your Message• This menu gives you the option to use your own voice or use atext-to-speech option• You can select a number to transfer callers to if they “Press 1”• The SMS texting product has a very similar interface without thevoice features
  11. 11. Upload Your List• Upload any contact list in Excel or CSV format• Your list is saved and protected in the cloud and you canmake any changes, then just export it back to original format• Filter your existing list and newer lists based on responses
  12. 12. Schedule your Campaign!• Choose the exact time you would like your campaign to start• Congratulations! You reached thousands instantly!
  13. 13. 1-2-3 with CCC(Cloud Call Center):• Login with your CallFire username and password• The number you enter now operates through CallFire
  14. 14. 1-2-3 with CCC Continued…• After you login, upload your list and edit your script• This menu is used for each call giving you a much more user-friendly interface• You will make more calls in less time making you moreproductive and happier 
  15. 15. Export Data and Analytics• Check out some of the metrics from a Call Tracking campaign• Check out some of the metrics from an individual agent
  16. 16. More Results…These metrics are just some of the tools you canuse to analyze any of your campaignsCallFire’s products will help your fitness andhealth club to:• Communicate effectively with members• Save costs on wasted time frompromotions and uncollected accounts• Increase your sales and margins by safelyreaching out to more members instantly
  17. 17. • Go to• Go to any Product and Click Try it for Free• Fill out form• Send email to• Make subject = Attn: demo creditGet Demo Credit Today!
  18. 18. Thank you.