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Portfolio-Sarah Callaham

  1. 1. architectural design 2011 north carolina masonry contractorsassociation masonry wall design competition commercial design residential design field work bürkert cnc building bürkert electrical plan bürkert lighting plan image salon and spa hand drawings product design drawings rendered perspectives interior design office design restaurant design 2011-2012 interior design educators council (idec) student competition TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association Masonry Wall Design Competition wasbrought to Appalachian State for the first time in 2011. My group, consisting of two constructionmanagement majors and myself, was presented with the challenge to design a unique masonrywall solution for a masonry showroom. We were allotted a 40-foot by 10-foot footprint on which to design our wall system. This included the front façade and 10 feet worth of the interior. My group’s wall design won second place in ASU’s first annual NCMCA wall design competition. Concept: Shift The concept for this masonry wall design revolves around and is consumed by shifts. There are several “shifts” that take place conceptually and physically throughout the façade. The first and most obvious shift is seen in the materials that comprise the front façade of the building.The concrete masonry units (CMUs) are shifted and rotated in pattern as well as in material with SketchUp Concept Model Wall Section Model the introduction of the glass blocks. The glass allows for light to pass through and into the building’s interior. The opposing curves of the walls between the first and second floors also introduce another form of a shift. The use of the traditional CMU with a distinctive technique and design provides an innovative process for a utilitarian material, as well as creating an aesthetically appealing visual experience. The recessed glass entrance provides another form of shifting from the exterior to the interior, along with passing under the extending curve of the second floor. The depressed entrancepresents the illusion that one is walking into a wall. The extending curved overhang creates the effect of a deeper entrance but also contains a glass floor so that a view to more of the structure is available. Custom CMUs are needed to enable the walls to be self supporting. These CMUs have one cavity in the center for structure as opposed to the standard type that has two cavities. The façade can be experienced on both the interior and the exterior face. Whether inside or out, the movement created by the curving walls and alternating blocks offer a variety of perspectives unique to the viewer. Revit Rendering Revit and Photoshop Rendering Poster Presentation 2011 NORTH CAROLINA MASONRY CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION MASONRY WALL DESIGN COMPETITION
  4. 4. First Floor Plan N.T.SSecond Floor PlanN.T.S. Third Floor Plan N.T.S. COMMERCIAL DESIGN
  5. 5. The Boone 2030 Plan is an attempt to revamp downtown Boone. The land use plan “serves as the guiding vision and policy basis for determining the appropriateness of any development or redevelopment that is proposed for Boone. This is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan Update’s recommendation of a ‘more comprehensive, long range planning process.’ The goal of the land use master plan is to provide a general pattern forthe location, distribution and character of the future land uses within Boone’s growth area. As a policy guide, the land use master plan is not a regulatory document but rather a reflection of the community’s vision of its future self.” This bank responds to the plan by introducing a building of its own unique character. Concept: Offset Every feature in this building is offset from another feature: The shell dictates the interior organization. Starting with the curved staircase that wraps the building along the frontcurtain wall, this bank is organized in a series of curved and straight lines to optimize natural sunlight and to be an open loop for circulation. Revit Renderings of First Floor Entry Second Floor Teller and Lobby Revit Renderings of Front Façade Staircase from Second to Third Floor Third Floor Conference Room COMMERCIAL DESIGN
  6. 6. First Floor Plan N.T.SSecond Floor PlanN.T.S Third Floor Plan N.T.S RESIDENTIAL DESIGN
  7. 7. The scope of this project included designing a home on Appalachian State’s campus for a potential sustainable design professor-in-residence. The dwelling may only occupy a 500 square foot footprint and is to include a studio for the professor to use as a work and teaching space. Concept: Tree FortTree houses, or tree forts, are buildings constructed among the branches, around or next to the trunk of one or more mature trees, and are raised above the ground. Tree houses can be used for recreation, work space, habitation or as temporary retreats. SketchUp Concept Model Revit Renderings of Exterior Site Images Concept Images Revit Renderings of Interior RESIDENTIAL DESIGN
  8. 8. FIELD WORK
  9. 9. For the last three years, Callaham Construction has been employed by Bürkert Fluid Control Systems for various renovations and other construction purposes. During the summer of 2010, I Doors to Sealed Clean Room – Paint assisted in the renovation of a new suite,meant to house Bürkert’s CNC machines. Iinstalled flooring and wall base, painted all of the interior walls and helped construct new rooms within the suite. In the warehouse portion of the building, I designed and executed a blue stripe around the room to coordinate withBürkerts logo. This building is considered a show room for new clients and for corporate members of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems. Front Lobby – Paint and New VCT Flooring New VCT Flooring Warehouse - Paint BÜRKERT CNC BUILDING
  10. 10. All electrical fixture labels correspond to appropriate breaker box. Bürkert Suites 100-200 Electrical Plan N.T.S. Zoomed View of Bürkert Suites 100-200 Electrical Plan N.T.S. BÜRKERT ELECTRICAL PLAN
  11. 11. All fixture labels correspond to appropriate breaker box. Bürkert Suites 100-200 Lighting Plan N.T.S. Zoomed View of Bürkert Suites 100-200 Lighting Plan N.T.S. BÜRKERT LIGHTING PLAN
  12. 12. During the summer of 2011, I designed and managed the renovation of an existing suite to a salon and spa, located in Lake Park, Indian Trail, NC. The suite was repainted and had newwalls, plumbing, electrical, and flooringinstalled. I was in charge of overseeing the entire project from day one all the way to the move in day. I was also responsible for the placement and installation of all furniture and accessories within the space. Before Images Revit Concept Images After Images – New Wall & Knee Wall Construction, VCT Floor Install, Paint, Accessory Install, Furniture/Fixture Install Before Images Before ImagesAfter Images – New Wall & Knee Wall Construction, VCT Floor Install ,Paint, Accessory Install Furniture After Images – Paint, Accessory Install, Furniture/Fixture Install /Fixture Install, IMAGE SALON AND SPA
  14. 14. Picture Pencil Drawings Pen and Marker DrawingPencil Drawings Pen and Marker Drawings PRODUCT DESIGN DRAWINGS
  15. 15. “Robinson Crusoe” Research Research “Under the Sea” Each of these images represent individual assignments meant to better hand rendering skills to be utilized in the design field. They show situations that are not necessarily realistic, but they help to expand the scope of imagination in interior applications.Research “Under the Mushroom” “The Big Sleep” Research RENDERED PERSPECTIVES
  17. 17. Floor Plan N.T.SOFFICE DESIGN
  18. 18. This assignment required an upfit of an office space for an advertising agency that specializes in marketing for the gaming industry, like PlayStation, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, LucasArts Entertainment, Activision, Maxis Inc., and so forth. The company is composed of primarily young (age 25-40) men and women who are energetic, driven, creative types accustomed to thinking outside of the box. Concept: Grid The idea of the box is redefined as Piet Mondrian’s art takes on a new dimension in this gaming advertising agency. All aspects of the design utilize Mondrian’s grid-like aesthetic, from the surface finishes to the assemblies, using black, grey, and white motifs punctuated with bold and vibrant colors common in the gaming world. The building is organized into Furnitureefficient work zones, including three team spaces, a production space, and multiple private offices, all relying on rectilinear and cubic forms to organize the spaces. Precedent Images Logo Revit and Photoshop Renderings of Interior OFFICE DESIGN
  19. 19. Ground Floor Plan N.T.S First Floor Plan N.T.SRESTAURANT DESIGN
  20. 20. This project involved the conversion of a house located in Istanbul, Turkey, into a traditional Turkish restaurant. Concept: Bir Tutam: airy; wispyThis restaurant is based in the ideals of traditional Turkish design. The features of the spacemimic the form of the typical arabesque and damask patterns of Turkey. The wispy profiles inspired the shape of the furniture, the types of finishes used, and the general space planning. Damask wall coverings and light-colored paints are applied to almost all of the walls while reflective materials cover the horizontal surfaces, mirroring the abundance of natural light across the restaurant. Overall, the space creates a light and airy feeling for patrons to enjoy while dining. Revit and Photoshop Rendering of Entry Logo Revit and Photoshop Elevation of Ground Floor Bar Lighting Materials Revit and Photoshop Renderings of Dining Rooms RESTAURANT DESIGN
  22. 22. This project was for the 2011-2012 IDEC Student Competition. My group, consisting of two other Create a Prototype which provides necessary access for the Lost Generation. This structure shall interior design students, and I were given the challenge of designing a solution to the growing have functionality, allowing for placement in any of the country’s diverse environments. AIDs epidemic in South Africa. Our project was chosen as one of the top three from our Support the community with an array of physical and emotional needs which have been university to move on to the regional competition, but did not further advance. provoked by the unyielding effects of HIV/AIDS. To Aid the victims of HIV/AIDS within the context of South Africa. By aiding AIDS we may allow for Problem the manifestation of a generation lost to become a generation found.South Africa’s Lost Generation is within the midst of an epidemic, a war with the aggressive virus that is HIV/AIDS. A lack of medical and community support has left the population without Solution guidance, to face unknown probabilities which the future holds, The Kenne Komplexs is a community facility which serves as a beacon of potential for the face of South Africa. By providing a sustained flow of HIV testing, pharmaceutical distribution, and Design Goals community therapy, we hope to provide a space which allows the needs of a community to beAdapt to the needs of South Africa’s Lost Generation. Adaptation is delivered with a design that met in full. This will help ensure that the people emerge invigorated and filled with a manifestation of knowledge and hope for a vivacious future. responds to the shifting resource requirements that give life to this complex. Poster Presentation Poster Presentation 2011-2012 INTERIOR DESIGN EDUCATORS COUNCIL (IDEC) STUDENT COMPETITION
  23. 23. Sarah K. Callaham . 6303 Olsen Lane . Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079 callahamsk@appstate.edu . 704.254.9737