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Theme3 part1

  1. 1. The Portuguese Empire Theme 3 (Part 1) Kendra LacasellaHistory of the Americas Online October 26, 2011
  2. 2. History of Portugal 1400-1800 • In the 15th and 16th centuries Portugal ascended into the status of a world power, during the “Age of Discovery”. • It built a vast empire that included possessions in South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. • But slowly after the 16th century… Portugal began to loose the status of a world power and their decline started. And after the death of young King Sebastian it lead to a dynastic crisis.
  3. 3. History of Portugal cont. 1400-1800• July 25th, 1415: The • 1580- Crisis struck when beginning of the Portuguese King Sebastian died in battle Empire. with no heir.• There was a period of – Shortly after this… the discoveries (1415-1578) for Spanish and Portuguese Empires came under one rule. Portugal. They were a – This is how Portugal slowly leading power in the terms declined and lost the world of economic, political, and power. cultural influence. – The discovered a trade route with India – And also they discovered Brazil.
  4. 4. Portuguese Empire• The Portuguese Empire • Age of Discovery was the first global (1415-1542) empire in history. – 1488: Bartolomeu• It was also the longest- Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope lived of the modern on the southern tip of European colonial Africa. empire. – At this same time• It spanned for 6 PerodaCovilha centuries. reached Ethiopia, and a sea route to the Indies would be forthcoming.
  5. 5. Portuguese Empire cont.• In 1534, John III • Then in 1755 Lisbon organized the suffered from a terrible colonization of Brazil earthquake that killed through land grants. more than 100,000• Then in 1663-1822 was people. the Imperial decline. – There were a loss of colonies. – Gold was discovered in a Brazilian region.
  6. 6. Colonial Brazil • The Sugarcane Cycle• The economic (1530-1700) exploration: – Sugar became the most – Brazilwood extraction important Brazilian (16th century) product until the early 18th – Sugar Production (16th-18th century. centuries) • The Gold cycle (18th – Gold and diamond mining century) (18th century) – Gold was used to pay for goods (textiles and weapons) – Diamond deposits were also found in 1729.
  7. 7. Colonial Brazil cont.• Jesuit missons: – Tome de Sousa (1st governor of Brazil), brought Jesuits to convert the indigenous peoples. – They were then converted to Catholicism and brought and understanding to the language and culture.