Travel Bloggers Unite - SEO Presentation
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Travel Bloggers Unite - SEO Presentation



Travel Bloggers Unite SEO presentation by Michael Briggs (

Travel Bloggers Unite SEO presentation by Michael Briggs (

Presented on the 26th of March 2011 in Manchester.



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    Travel Bloggers Unite - SEO Presentation Travel Bloggers Unite - SEO Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • I’m mike and I’m a geek.
      Hashtag : #TBU11
      Wifi Network : thestudio work
      Password : 0123456789
    • In the Know SEO
      Travel Bloggers Unite
    • Don’t worry about taking notes
      Everything will be online next week
      Sit back and relax
    • If I were a blogger…
      and I wanted to develop a site to
      get me free stuff
      make some money
      make friends
      I’d choose SEO and here’s how I’d do it…
    • Did I say that…
      I used blogs to
      Generate an income
      That paid for my wedding in Mauritius
      Me, my wife, my wee boy
      Full board holiday (and all spending money) at one of the worlds best hotels (Le Touessrok, Mauritius)
      Wedding dress, rings, kilts everything
      Using only SEO
    • My plan
      Get online
      Develop content
      Get links
      Get social
      Build positions
    • Find out what people search for?
      Google Keyword Tool
    • From this I knew
      What were people searching for
      Patterns of search behaviour
      Modifier set
      Cheap Vs Bargain
      Sub groups of traffic for my niche
      Traffic trends through the year
    • Find the long tail
    • Now I wanted to know my competition
      Who are they
      Use Google
      Traditional search
      Google blog search
      Google alerts
      What are they
      Are they :
      travel agents?
      other blogs?
      Is it affiliates/MFA sites?
      Is it Google places?
    • Getting myself online
      Domain name
      Keywords vs brand
      Get someone good
      If my site goes down Google will trust me less
      One Click Install Wordpress
    • Fix a small server issues
      Non-www redirect
      Remove duplicate content issues
      Remove lost visitors
      Did this through .htaccess
      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteCond%{HTTP_HOST} !^www. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]
    • Configure WordPress Settings
      Settings -> Permalinks
      Nice keyword rich URLs
      URLs that look better in the search engines
      Improved click through
    • Configure WordPress Settings
      Make sure I’m pinging
      Settings -> Writing
      “update services”
      Get the strong list I can find online anywhere
      Search “WordPress ping list”
      Paste services into the field
    • Configure WordPress Settings
      Allow access from my iPhone
      Settings ->Writing
      Check Remote Publishing
    • Get myself a theme
      WordPress has some themes already
      Appearance -> Themes ->Install themes
      Download and Install themes I find in search results?
      Some SEO’s may have placed links in these
      Some themes contain malicious code
    • SEO’ing my theme
      Themes may have aspects that I may need to fix
      How are the HTML tags used?
      Is the theme widget ready?
      Can I easily change my logo?
    • Plugins to make SEO easy
      I need plugins that :
      Make my content better
      Improve the “long tail”
      Find Plugins
      Plugins ->Install
    • Plugins I always use
      WordPress SEO Plugin (Yoast)
      Fuzzy SEO Plugin
      UP Update Smart Pinger Plugin
      Contact Form 7 Plugin
      Twitter Stream Plugin
      Feedburner Plugin
      Web Ninja GA Plugin
    • Developed great content
      Created the Post title
      Included keywords in post title (Yoast Plugin)
      Keywords at the start
      Brand at the end
      Don’t overload the title
      Developed meta descriptions!
      Not going to help my rankings
      But can improve my click through
    • Wrote post naturally
      Write without thinking about SEO (much)
      Then use keywords if required
      Use “~” to find related keywords
      Use headings to block out content
      Headings give more relevance
      Use the <!– more --> function for long posts
      Ask visitors to comment
      Reply to comments where possible
    • Added other indexable content
      Hosted on Youtube (second biggest search engine)
      Did some traffic research on YouTube
    • More indexable content
      Images - Used the alt attribute
    • Even more indexable content
      Created useful downloads if appropriate
      Word Docs
      Image packs
    • Pushed the Button…
    • No rankings and no visitors
    • Great content gets rankings
    • Biggest SEO Myth
      Great content gets rankings
    • Why?
      Great content deserves rankings
      Great content without links will fail
      So I needed to start getting links
    • What’s a good link?
      Website with related content
      Strong HeartBeat
      Regular content being published on the site
      Regular tweeting
      Facebook activity
      Links to other related sites already
    • But what types of links did I want?
      Anchor text
      I use my keywords
      I use my brand
      I use my URL
      Link Types
      I want links in content
      I want a few sitewidelinks (be careful)
      Point to my homepage
      I use my website name
      I want profiles
      I want domains not links
    • Link metrics
      Links can be complicated
      large scale development
      short tail phrase optimisation
      Have you heard of PageRank?
    • PageRank
      Here’s the math…
    • “Magic Green Fairy Dust” @Google
    • There are lots of link variables…
      Domain Authority
      Page Authority
      Cache Frequency
    • But I didn’t need to worry
      I’m in a niche
      I’m not competing for the massive terms
      I have friends (real and virtual)
      I’m going to get links from them
      I have RSS
      So I can syndicate my content
      I have directories/social profiles
      So I can be seen in great places for free
    • I make friends with people offline
      Guest post (and get a link)
      Spoke to a journalist I know
      Wrote for websites that love new content
      Created/contributed to pages on wikipedia
      Useful pages
      Do not spam. Spam is the curse of the internet
    • Befriended people on Twitter
      I’m going to get important people on my side
      Located important people
      Engaged with them
      Ask important to people to guest blog on my site
      Spoke to them honestly about what I liked& didn’t like
      Be genuine & be yourself
    • I syndicated my RSS
      Every time I posted
      The post got a link
      My title tag is the link (keywords)
      I get noise about my content in the eyes of the search engines
    • I built real & useful social profiles
    • Tried online news sources
      I tried Digg/Reddit
      I wrote great content
      Appropriate for my audience (on my blog and the news site)
      Very little reward
      If I had wrote great content
      The community had voted on these
      I may have got a front page for a category
      Got thousands of visitors
      Got some links
    • Now Google goes social & personal
    • If this had been available
      Twitter would be even more powerful
      Social friends would always see my content
      I could have got even more links (hopefully)
    • I now had..
      Rankings for my keywords & traffic
      Friends helping me
      People asking me to write for them
      Bloggers ask to write on my site
      Regular and frequent real comments
    • And every time I iterated
      Things got better as I grew more long tail traffic
    • So how did I monetise this?
      Not too much , these can be a sign of low quality
      Not above the fold if possible
      Affiliate links
      Masked links; these can be a sign of low quality
    • And here I am
      I made my money
      I got married
      Great wedding & honeymoon
      I got a tan
      I made new friends (real and virtual)
    • Thank You
      Site reviews tomorrow!
      Stay in touch
      Email :
      My Twitter : @michaelkebriggs
      Company Twitter : @caliberi
    • attributation
      “Hi How are you image” -
      Unhappy post it -
      PageRank Bar -
      PageRank Formula -
      Yoda and PageRank –