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TBU - Caliberi: Blog to Brand
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TBU - Caliberi: Blog to Brand

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From Blog to Brand: Caliberi workshop presentation from TBU Rotterdam 2013 presented by Ross Burns

From Blog to Brand: Caliberi workshop presentation from TBU Rotterdam 2013 presented by Ross Burns

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  • 1. From Blog to BrandRoss BurnsContent Manager
  • 2. O wad some Power the giftie gie usTo see oursels as ithers see us!
  • 3. “O would some Power the gift to give usTo see ourselves as others see us!It would from many a blunder free us,And foolish notion.”
  • 4. Why is this so importantand what does it have to dowith travel blogging?
  • 5. Every minute:• 347 New WordPress blog posts are published• 3,125 Flickr images are uploaded• 48 hours’ worth of YouTube footage is uploaded
  • 6. By the end of our hour together:20,000+new WordPress blog posts will have been published.And that is just WordPress.
  • 7. The good news is You already have your brand You already have your nicheYou just need to emphasiseit at every opportunity sothat you stand out.
  • 8. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  • 9. Google+ is becoming importantand is your friendAuthoritative• Use rel=“author” tags• Fill out your profile in full• Use a profile image consistent with your othersocial channels that will show up on SERPs
  • 10. Facebook Graph Searchis coming soonAuthoritative
  • 11. Authoritative• Complete your Facebookprofile with as muchinformation as possibleThe more you have in there, themore people will come across you
  • 12. Make your brand voice consistentAuthoritative• Tone of voice• Spelling• Pay particularattention ifaccepting guestposts
  • 13. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  • 14. Solve people’s problemsInformative• Know whatpeople aresearching yoursite for• Use your blog tohelp answerthese commonqueries and asinspiration forposts
  • 15. Curate yourknowledge toprovide guidanceInformative• If you’ve already donesomething, compile theresources• “How to” posts are incrediblypopular• Become an authority not just aninspiration
  • 16. If you help people, they will comeback, boosting your figuresInformativeUseful posts will be• Bookmarked• Re-visited• Shared
  • 17. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  • 18. FreshUse an editorial calendar
  • 19. FreshStick to deadlines• Deadlines keepyou disciplined• Offlinepublishinggoverned bydeadlines –onlinepublishingshould be nodifferent
  • 20. FreshAutomate on social channels• Buffer• Hootsuite
  • 21. FreshRecycle/reuse/repackage• You alreadyhave a wealth ofinformation andresources(photos, etc)• Don’t be afraidto reuse this in adifferent formatas an easy wayof keeping yourblog fresh
  • 22. FreshAdopt the 80/20 ruleDoing what youalways doTryingsomething new
  • 23. Fresh• Before and After image sliders require little code and lendthemselves to travel photography
  • 24. Fresh• Interactive timelines offer a more interesting way of showingdetails of a trip or a location – can also be used to repackageexisting content
  • 25. Fresh• Polls can be an interesting way of engaging your readers and theresults offer material you can build on and publicise
  • 26. Fresh• Building a Google map is quick, straightforward and a good resource
  • 27. Fresh• Video is easier than ever to shoot and upload• YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet
  • 28. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  • 29. Engaging (and engaged)Be socially active (offline & online)
  • 30. Engaging (and engaged)Know what’s going on in your sphere
  • 31. Engaging (and engaged)Know what people are looking for• Google AdWords is quite addictive and strangely fun to play with
  • 32. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngagingA successful blog is
  • 33. How many hours ofYouTube video isuploadedevery minute?Have you been listening?Yes, 48. Have a stag!
  • 34. Introduction• To A Louse (read by RobertCaryle)• That scary infographicAuthoritative• How to use Google+author tags• Facebook Graph SearchEngaged (and engaging)• Trendsmap• Google AdWordsFresh• Buffer• Hootsuite• Simple image slider• Interactive timelines• Polling plugin• Google Maps• Vine (iOS app)• Tout (iOS & Android app)• YouTube (you probably knowwhere this one is!)Essential• The Caliber BlogThose resourcesLet me know how you get on: ross.burns@caliberi.com / @caliberi