Betsy friends of coalition presentation - updated 7-23-10
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  • Hello – I’m Betsy Cohen, Vice President – Sustainability and the St. Louis Petlover Coalition. I’m so happy that I could join you today and share more with you about the Coalition. First, I want to say thank you for all of you. You work so hard every day to protect and care for our furry friends – and we appreciate and applaud everything that you do. And that’s the reason we’re all here today – these wonderful faces… all of the wonderful pets that live in the St. Louis region. As we all know, St. Louis is a wonderful city… and one of the things that makes St. Louis unique is that we have so many amazing animal welfare groups working to rescue, care for, and protect our pets. Having so many people passionate about pets is a wonderful thing… And yet, because we have so many groups, each of them was working separately… independent of one another. And most of the time, that’s fine. But then I started thinking, what if we worked together . Not on a day-to-day operational basis… but on a more strategic or big picture level. What wonderful things could we accomplish then?
  • We invited speakers in from similar animal coalitions in Austin and Denver, and also learned from a similar group in New York City. We listened and learned from the successes and issues these groups have had – but were inspired by their higher mission – to help the pets in their area. As we listened to these speakers, I saw heads nodding in unison around the room… and knew we were on to something. And amazingly, in less than 3 months, everyone in the working group agreed. St. Louis NEEDED coalition – and everyone wanted to be a part of it. We worked to develop a list of key topics to cover and committees to address those issues, including: Reducing dogs and cats coming into our system Education/communication Increased adoption/placement of pets. Buildings being planned Data And then we worked together to develop the St. Louis Petlover Coalition’s mission statement…
  • Not only do we have our Coalition Website at – we also are active on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We currently have 18 organizations that are members of our working group from throughout St. Louis City and County – these include those you see on this slide. Working Group members all have committed to attending our monthly meetings, as well as actively participate in the various committees. Because we are still really in the building phase of the Coalition, we are not looking to expand the working group at this time.
  • Now, when I usually talk about the Coalition, it’s at this point in the presentation when I start to have people ask me (or at least think to themselves) “How can I join the Coalition?” or “How can I help or get involved?” And I really didn’t have an answer…until now.
  • I am proud to announce today the formation of our Petlover Partners group. This group is for all the animal welfare organizations out there throughout the greater St. Louis region who would like to get involved. (We will be doing something similar for individuals who want to get involved.)
  • If you sign up to be a Petlover Partner, you’ll have access to a variety of information and materials from the Coalition, including… And in return, we hope that you’ll share Coalition news and information with your members and volunteers. Also, we hope you’ll share your information with us – case studies, stories, best practices… even videos, brochures, and ideas that have worked for you. Then we can share those things with the larger group so we can all benefit from shared knowledge.

Betsy friends of coalition presentation - updated 7-23-10 Betsy friends of coalition presentation - updated 7-23-10 Presentation Transcript

  • The St. Louis Petlover Coalition Working Together For a Pet-Friendly St. Louis Region August 2, 2010
  • Why We’re All Here……
  • The Story of the Coalition
    • Early 2009
    • April 2009
    • June 2009
    • Initial group convened, learned from groups in Austin, Denver
    • Group agreed to form Coalition; voted on key issues, monthly meetings
    • Coalition officially announced at press conference with Mayor Slay, all working group members
  • Mission The St. Louis Pet Lover Coalition fosters collaborative efforts of local animal welfare groups and the community to promote responsible pet ownership and to increase the save rate of companion animals in our community
  • Coalition Work in Progress
    • Monthly meetings with Coalition Working Group
    • Semi-annual meetings with Advisory Board
    • Committee meetings
      • Adoption
      • Education
      • Entry reduction
    • Coalition goals development
  • 2014 Goals for the Community
    • Reduce euthanasia of homeless dogs and cats by 50%, from the approximately 20,000 currently in St. Louis City and County
    • Increase number of dogs and cats adopted by 4% each year (+20% in 5 years)
    • Support community-based education, especially in the identified target areas of concern, by creating links between humane educator experts and the community
  • Angel Acres Rescue BARC St. Louis St. Louis Senior Dog Project Tara Training and Behavior Working Group Members
  • “ I’d like to join the Coalition…” “ How can I help?” “ What can I do?”
  • St. Louis Petlover Professionals Group
    • For interested individuals
    • Focus on three key areas:
      • Volunteering at Coalition member events
      • Hosting two fundraisers annually to benefit Coalition members
      • Being trained as Spay-Neuter Ambassadors for community education
    • If interested, e-mail [email_address]
  • Petlover Partners
    • What Partners Receive…
    • Access to Coalition assets, materials to share with members, volunteers, community
    • “ Petlover Partner” badge to display on website, at shelter
    • Listing as Partner on Coalition site with link to home page
    • Contact info included in Coalition “Adoption Option” brochure
    • Receive quarterly e-newsletter on Coalition events, activities
    • Opportunity to participate in one Coalition adoption event per year
    • What Partners Do…
    • “ Like” the Coalition Facebook page, follow on Twitter; repost as appropriate
    • Share information on the Coalition with members and volunteers – event dates, volunteer opportunities, etc.
    • Share info with the Coalition – case studies, regional issues, brochures, other materials/info that would be helpful for the larger group
  • Petlover Partners
    • Twice a year – in August and February – the St. Louis Petlover Coalition will welcome Animal Welfare Organizations to become Partners with the Petlovers
    • Criteria: be an AWO in good standing located in the greater St. Louis metro area
  • Petlover Partners
    • Sign up to become a St. Louis Petlover Coalition Partner today!
    • E-mail – there is an email sign-up card