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Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
Wrath of grendel
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Wrath of grendel


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  • 1. Wrath of Grendel
    Grendel –monster who attacks and kills solider and anyone else in there sleep.
    King Hrothgar – kings of the Dane’s in Herot
  • 2. The coming of Beowulf
    Beowulf – A great hero who comes from his home land to kill Grendel.
    Danish Watcher – lets Beowulf and his men in to Denmark to see king Hrothgar.
    Edgetho –Father of Beowulf famous warrior friend of Hrothgar.
    14 soldiers – Beowulf strongest and bravest men.
  • 3. The Battle with Grendel
    Grendel- kills one solider then fights Beowulf and ends up losing his arm and runs away.
    Beowulf – is laying down waiting for Grendel, the monster attacks him and Beowulf rips his arm off.
    Beowulf men – when the fight starts they try to fight Grendel but there weapons can not hurt him.
    Hrothgar- awakens and see’s Grendels arm and
    rejoices over the victory.
  • 4. The monsters Lair
    Beowulf –listens to Hrothgars story about two monsters and soon finds out he must kill Grendels mother.
    Hrothgar – tells Beowulf about the two monsters that live in the lake.
  • 5. The battle with Grendels mother
    Hrothgar – was with Beowulf before he jumped into the lake
    Beowulf – jumps into the lake and battles monsters and then reaches Grendels mother and has a epic battle and kills her with magic sword.
    After the battle he soon leaves and goes back home and then becomes king.
  • 6. The last battle
    Beowulf - he is now older and still seeks a fight so he goes out with his men to slay a dragon that guards a tower. After the battle Beowulf dies a hero.
    Dragon- protects a tower full of treasure.
    Wiglaf- solider who stays and helps fight the dragon with Beowulf and kills it.
  • 7. The spoils
    Beowulf- beowulf is hurt and tells wiglafto go to the tower and bring its treasure, then cuts out the dragons heart.
    Wiglaf- goes to the tower and brings back some of the treasure to his king.
    Before the Kings death he praises to god and thanks him, then when returns Wiglaf he soon becomes king.
  • 8. The Farewell
    The Geats build Beowulf’s tower and buried all the treasure he had gained from killing the dragon.