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Capco Linked In

  1. 1. The Capital Markets Company Capco LinkedIn Presentation 29 July 2009
  2. 2. Contents Capco overview Transformation What we do Segment Focus Design Build Operate Global Delivery Organization 2 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  3. 3. Capco Overview
  4. 4. Capco Capco is a global, integrated professional services firm dedicated to the transformation of the Financial Services Industry We are exclusively focused on the Financial Services Industry We integrate our Consulting, Technology and Managed Services to solve the key Focus issues facing our Financial Services clients The combination of our industry expertise and our Global Delivery results in our unique business model We combine an unrivalled expertise in our industry with innovative new thinking We deliver on the promises we make and transform the operational capabilities Uniquely and efficiencies of our clients placed It is a uniquely powerful combination that makes Capco the Transformation firm for Financial Services We deliver quality, industry content and value by leveraging a Global Delivery Model Capco is … the Transformation firm for Financial Services 4 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  5. 5. This is Capco We deliver quality, industry content and value from Design through Build to Operate leveraging a Global Delivery Model The Leading Enabler of Transformation in Financial Services Dedicated to Financial Services – Deep Domain Expertise Capital Markets Institutional & Alternative Investment Management Corporate & Transaction Banking Retail Financial Services Design Build Operate Transformation Consultant Global On/Offshore Provider of in Financial Services Technology Provider Managed Services Consulting Services Technology Services Managed Services Business strategy & operating Complex package integration Application management model design Business process & content Architect, design, plan management IT performance improvement Program, Project and Change management Global Delivery Onshore: 500+ Financial Services specialists India Global Operating Center: 2,500+ technology professionals 5 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  6. 6. Capco Global Credentials Capco represents the next generation business model of professional services firms Key players Strategy firms Advisory e.g. McKinsey, Booz Allen, BCG, Strategy firms AT Kearney Indian offshore players Core Competency Focus e.g. TCS, Wipro, Infosys Global majors e.g. Accenture, Cap Gemini, IBM Capco Capco Implementation Global majors Indian offshore players Horizontal focus Industry focus Domain Expertise Capco Analysis 6 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  7. 7. Capco Institute Innovative thinking and research in key financial services issues position us as the thought leader in our market The Capco Institute Primary research (selection) Capco London Business School Sourcing Survey US Banking Profitability Crisis Assessment Sustaining Growth in Asset Management Profitability Payments Survey Operational Risk in Hedge Fund Investments Study Offshoring FSI Operations Survey (w. Paraas Group and Baruch College) Reference Data: the Key to Quality STP (w. Reuters & Tower Group) Market Data Management: A Survey (w. Celent and Inside Market Data) Industry bodies (selection) Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (STP initiative, Advisory Committee) Asset Managers Forum Managed Funds Association ISITC - International Operations Association (President’s Advisory Committee) New York Stock Exchange (Operations Advisory Committee) 7 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  8. 8. Financial Services Expertise Within the Financial Services Industry, we serve our clients in multiple market segments Asset Management Corporate and Transaction Banking Capital Markets Retail Financial Services 8 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  9. 9. Global Footprint Capco's global organization ensures that we deliver industry based delivery know how onshore and offshore Capco’s global footprint GDM benefits London Amsterdam Frankfurt Cost Toronto Antwerp Paris San Francisco Geneva Scalability New York Bangalore Mumbai Value add / Quality Pune Regional centers Delivery centers Capco’s deep Financial Services domain knowledge across all centers for consistent high quality and value added services for client projects Capability for delivering Consulting, Technology and Managed Services solutions by integrating requirements to deliver additional value at an optimal cost point Combination of global resources and capabilities for projects ranging from onshore to offshore delivery options for achieving scalability and customer satisfaction 9 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  10. 10. What we do 10 - Capco – March 2008 - Capco confidential
  11. 11. Transformation The Financial Services industry is transforming - four interrelated themes have emerged and guide this Transformation Transformation in Financial Services A fundamental redesign of the core operating model, not just incremental change Industry challenges Result Key themes Regulatory compliance / A uniform requirement Componentization – investment for scalable operations standardization of common Major increase in volumes / that are flexible to process components for re-use need for scalability and margin change and adapt to Dynamic Sourcing - Smart compression product features, sourcing strategies that service levels leverage global sourcing Acceleration of product development The ability to meet advantages regulatory change Engineering Operations for Increased complexity of product “Process Excellence” - Industrial techniques of Client versus product centricity embedding risk and operational Merger integration controls into the operating Underinvestment in processes technologies Technology - New messaging Inter/intraday reporting of and workflow layers management information 11 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  12. 12. Transformation We apply our competencies and methodologies to transform entire enterprises, product areas, departments as well as single processes Capco Transformation Methodology Capco services Business Design the Target requirement Operating Model by Business requirements Business model Business service framework Market assessment developing a set of strategic Fig ure 1 5: Trea sury & m a rke ts a pp lic atio n arc hite ctu re (Eva SG ) Draft – w ork in pro gre ss principles to ensure Current state architecture 2 Op e ra ti o s a n te c h o l o y b l e p ri n t d o c u me n t Ap p n d i x A.3 Di a g ra a p p e n d x – O cto b e r 2 0 0 - Ca p co c o n f d e n ti l n d n g u e m i 3 i a alignment of the Target “As is” processes Existing organisation Application architecture Functional model Project list Operating Model with the desired business goals Future state Build the optimum solution transformation Functional model Process overview Technical architecture Operating model Organisation model by assembling components and orchestrating them Benefits & business case through rich workflow Road map Program schedule & plan Key assumptions & drivers Benefit statement ensuring integration and abstraction Implemen- tation Operate the complex and Execution and delivery approach Sourcing options Quality program Financial case results Workflow heterogeneous application environments in an onshore Management Data Process Control Sourcing Technology Clients Quality offshore model and deliver best in class TCO 12 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  13. 13. Segments focus Capco’s proposition is segment based, focused on core industry issues and differentiated by deep industry content Segment focus A primary focus on addressing the complex trading environments cross asset class Capital Markets Key topic areas are Derivatives, Securities, Commodities, e-commerce, Client Management, Market Infrastructure A primary focus on supporting buy side clients in dealing with the Institutional & introduction of structured products and derivatives into their portfolios Alternative Investment management Key topic areas are Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Fund Administration A primary focus on margin management, both revenue enhancement and Corporate and cost efficiency against a backdrop of continuous margin erosion Transaction Banking Key topic areas are Payments, treasury, lending, trade finance A primary focus on wealth management and the support of a major Retail Financial market expansion Services Key topic areas are customer data, Distribution, Sourcing, Mortgages, Savings & Investment, Cards 13 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  14. 14. What we do Capco integrates Consulting, Technology and Managed Services in a Global Delivery Model to create superior value for its clients Capco’s key business activities Redesign our clients’ business strategies, operating models, IT strategies and architectures Deliver industry content to ensure robust solutions to major business problems Apply leading management techniques to achieve scalability, agility and process excellence Exploit and implement technology to drive efficient Transformation Deliver value by deploying a world class, content-led Global Delivery Model Design Build Operate Transformation Consultant Global On/Offshore Provider of in Financial Services Technology Provider Managed Services Consulting Services Technology Services Managed Services Business strategy & operating Complex package integration Application management model design Business process & content Architect, design, plan management IT performance improvement Program, Project and Change management 14 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  15. 15. Core Competencies - Design Capco’s consulting offerings are designed to drive business, operational and IT change in the financial services domain Design core competencies We combine Financial Services know how, business consulting, process engineering and Business strategy and technology skills operating model design This enables the optimization of the design of business and operating models, and associated detailed functional models, process and technology architectures A structured, yet practical and pragmatic approach to developing architecture driven roadmaps in complex FSI environments Architect design plan We have a toolset to support road mapping and scenario planning, experience across all segments and a repository of benchmark architectures that is utilised to accelerate delivery We enable step change performance improvement of IT through a particular focus on the IT performance quality of service, of IT delivery and cost, generally through enabling successful off-shoring Improvement We have full suite of industry specific methods, tools, processes, best practice frameworks and people qualified in industry standards to ensure high quality deliver 15 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  16. 16. Core Competencies – Build & Operate Capco’s technology offerings focus on domain specific, high expertise areas of technology implementation and support Build core competencies Deep understanding of the Financial Services functional process and technology environment enriches our ability to implement and integrate complex vendor technology Complex package In Capital Markets and IAIM we support Murex, Openlink, Sophis, Calypso, Fidessa, integration Advent In RFS, focused on wealth, we support Odyssey, Simcorp, Temenos Process excellence via the design and implementation of workflow technology, common Business process and process components, intra and inter day metrics for cost, quality and control content management Generally applicable with focus on CTB document intensive processes (eg Lending) Key partners are Lombardi, Documentum, Systar, ILOG Operate core competencies Deliver of best in class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the complex and heterogeneous applications environments in an onshore offshore model Application management Primarily focused on the complex trading environment of the capital markets Packages currently supported include Murex, Openlink, Sophis and Calypso 16 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential
  17. 17. Global Delivery Model (GDM) Capco has built a GDM to combine the best of offshore delivery with the best of onshore deep industry expertise Capco Global Delivery Model components GDM value proposition Financial Services We lead with deep industry expertise expertise We integrate all our resources in a domain Global Delivery Organization We operate a world class Global Global Delivery Operating Center Organization engagement Global model (GDO) Capco We deploy a global engagement GDM model that integrates our industry expertise with our Global Delivery, in all our locations We provide a ‘one-stop shop’ to meet Global Operations complex client requirements in the Center Financial Services Industry (GOC) The new Global Delivery Model is core to Capco’s own Transformation 17 - Capco - July 2009 - Capco confidential