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Tid32327 supplemental1 alvar_garcia_tid32327_page_10

  1. 1. Baldwin SHS841 Ethel T. Kloberg DriveBaldwin, NY 11510October 10, 2012Dear Admissions Officer:It is my pleasure to submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of Kyle Seipp. I amprivileged to have been his teacher of Computer Math Honors, Advanced Computer Math, APComputer Science, AP Calculus BC and Computing Independent Study (a new research courseabout Scientific Computing and Linux Clusters). It has been apparent to me from the start that,in any new learning experience with which I have challenged him, Kyle takes great pride in ajob well done. For example, his is often one of the most interesting of the class solutions to aproblem.Kyle is continually challenging himself to learn more. In terms of brilliance, intuition andcreativity, he is easily one of the top 1% of all students that I have ever had in the 28 years thatI have taught Regents Math, the 24 years that I have taught AP Computer Science and the 19years that I have taught AP Calculus.Kyle has proven himself a hardworking and reliable student. He is a bright young manwhose creativity permeates the classroom. Kyle has a positive attitude with regard to learningand mastering new and challenging topics. He is a conscientious student and his attitude isinspiring to all around him.I have been impressed with Kyles many pursuits. He has found time to performcommunity services (Key Club: many charitable events, Baldwin Public Library: Volunteer). Kylealso contributes his expertise to the High School community at large (FIRST Robotics, ScienceOlympiad, Mathletes, Golden Wave). He has continually striven toward excellence in hisreputation as one who is willing to take on a leading role (Key Club President, Blue MarbleCommittee Chair, Chamber Orchestra Treasurer, Class of 2013 President). Kyle, taking everyopportunity to challenge himself academically, is the recipient of several awards (AP Scholarwith Distinction, High Honor Roll with Distinction, National Honor Society, Harvard Book Award,Long Island Math Fair Gold and Silver Medals, TriM Music Honor Society, NYSSMSA Viola SoloA+ Level 5 and A- Level 6). Kyle also benefits from the experience of several academicactivities outside of school (PROMYS, Tesseracts Math Team, BNL Mathematics Class, Institutefor Creative Problem Solving, Ithaca preCollege Program, Dolan DNA Labs, Kangeroo Math,String Quartet, East Meadow Summer Music Camp).All in all, I strongly recommend Kyle Seipp as a successful candidate for the freshmanclass of your institution. As a Cornell Alumnus (Physics Major, Electrical Engineering Minor,class of ’83) myself, I know that Kyle will distinguish himself in an institution of higher learning.Sincerely,A. Jorge GarcíaTeacher and ProfessorBaldwin SHS & Nassau CCApplied Math, Physics and Computer Sciencehttp://www.youtube.com/calcpage2009http://shadowfaxrant.blogspot.commailto:calcpage@aol.com516.377.9228