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GEOAlberta conference May 12, 2010

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Geo alberta2010 ppt_template

  1. 1. SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE How is the Public Sector leveraging the location enabled Oracle platform? 2010 GIS CONFERENCE Paul  Bekker   Oracle    
  2. 2. How  is  the  Public  Sector  leveraging  the  loca7on  enabled   Oracle  pla;orm?   Paul  Bekker   Oracle     2010 Conference
  3. 3. 2010 Conference
  4. 4. Agenda   Oracle  Overview    Capabili(es,  Use  Cases,  Examples,  Features,  Benefits   Demonstra.on   Next  Steps   2010 Conference
  5. 5. ?! 2010 Conference
  6. 6. What  goes  in:  Na.vely  Manage  All  Data   Types   “Lines” “Points” “Polygons” Oracle database Data e1 Rasters f1 e2 n2 e3 3D n1 f2 e4 Topologies Networks 2010 Conference
  7. 7. What  goes  out:  Analyses   Location-enable ANY business application Spatial analysis through standard SQL queries SELECT  a.owner_name,  a.acquisi.on_status   FROM  a   WHERE  sdo_within_distance  (a.property_geom,  project_geom,                            ‘distance  =  .1  unit  =  mile’)  =  ‘ TRUE’;   Proximity Raster Management Address Geocoding Oracle database Network Tracing Spatial relationships Nearest Neighbors Routing Data Linear Referencing 2010 Conference
  8. 8. Who  can  use  it:  Open  and  Interoperable   Data 2010 Conference
  9. 9. How:  Use  Cases   GIS system(s) Consolidation Location-based COTS Apps Data Line-of-Busn Apps Web Services Integrations 2010 Conference
  10. 10. What is Oracle’s Location Platform? 2010 Conference
  11. 11. Loca.on-­‐enabled  Oracle  PlaXorm   CRM, ERP… Enterprise Oracle EBS, PSFT… Applications Dashboards, Portal, Integration Platform Fusion Middleware Services Fusion MapViewer Middleware Oracle Application Server Spatial Locator Database Oracle Database Oracle core technology Oracle location technology Oracle location integration 2010 Conference
  12. 12. Oracle  Database  11g  Locator   ROADS Abstract Data Type Included  in  Oracle  Database  -­‐  ALL   RNAME ID TYPE LANES GEOMETRY Edi7ons   M40 140 HWY 6 Support  for  all  geometry  types   M25 141 HWY 4 • 2D  data  support   •  Operators   • Distance  and  valida.on  func.ons     • Full  Coordinate  Systems  support     X Y • U.lity  &  tuning  packages   x1 y1 • Long  Transac.ons     x2 y2 x3 y3 • Parallel  query  &  index  builds   x4 y4 • Table  Par..oning*   • Object  Replica.on*   x5 y5 2010 Conference
  13. 13. Oracle  Database  11g  Spa7al     Linear Referencing Spatial Web Services 3D, Point Clouds, and LIDAR (55,20,60) (50,15,53.8) (30,10,27) (5,10,0) (45,10,44) Geocoding & Routing Planar Networks Raster Data 2010 Conference
  14. 14. Intermap  Technologies  (CA  HQ  in  Calgary)   The world leader in digital elevation products Oracle Spatial DEM, DTM, Orthophotography ~170,000 GeoRaster objects Automated raster data order fullfilent 15 TB GeoRaster Warehouse* 10-20 Georaster objects per tile 2010 Conference
  15. 15. City  of  Edmonton:   Spatial Land Inventory Management System (SLIM) Intergraph GIS MS/Google Busn Systems Mashups Handhelds Inspections Assements SAP Location Services Oracle Workspace Manager - Native Versioning Parkland Assets Streets and Sidewalks Commercial corridors Zoning and Land Use Road structure/condition Inspection areas Underground utilities Buildings, entryways Traffic districts / zones Street Lights and Trolley Demographic data Parcels Addresses Administrative areas Civic holdings 2010 Conference
  16. 16. Busn Systems City  of  Vancouver   Community Services Zoning Housing Permitting …others URISA, 12/2007 2010 Conference
  17. 17. 2010 Conference
  18. 18. Federal  and  Provincial  Agencies   Infrastructure Mgmt System (IMS) Autodesk Google Maps UMN Mapserver ESRI ArcGIS Suite for GIS GeoMedia SQL Federal Infrastructure Federal Parks Public Works and Parks Canada General Services Canada Highways Infrastructure Management Registry eCommerce Ownership Mapping GeoMedia SQL Transaction Manager TERANET Provincial Hwys Infrastructure ~5M provinial land parcels 2010 Conference Sask Highways Ontario Parcels
  19. 19. Municipal  U.lity  Asset  Management   2010 Conference
  20. 20. Dept.  of  Transporta.on:  Examples   2010 Conference
  21. 21. Add’l  CA  customers   •  City  of  Winnipeg  MB     •  City  of  Toronto     •  Toronto  Pearson  IA  ON     •  City  of  Montreal  QE     •  Quebec  Natural  Resources   •  INAC   •  Industry  Canada   2010 Conference
  22. 22. Look into the Silo 2010 Conference
  23. 23. Summary 2010 Conference
  24. 24. So  what…   While  preserving  all  exis7ng  GIS  investments…   •  Unlock  data     •  Maximum  flexibility  in  leveraging  data   •  Maximum  agility  in  leveraging  products   •  Harness  mainstream  Oracle   •  Apply  IT  best  prac.ces  to  data   •  Liberate  GIS  from  ‘everything  to  everybody’   2010 Conference
  25. 25. To  find  out  more...  Google  Oracle                    hdp://   Examples,  white  papers,  downloads,  discussion  forum,  sample  data,     customer  successes,  partner  informa.on,  more   2010 Conference
  26. 26. + = 2010 Conference
  27. 27. <Insert Picture Here> Paul Bekker 403 775 2846 2010 Conference
  28. 28. Hero  –  SoKware,  Hardware,  Complete   Paul  Bekker   Oracle     2010 Conference
  29. 29. ArcGIS  Geometry  Storage  in  Oracle   Web Clients ArcGIS Clients Insulated from storage format ArcGIS Server ArcSDE ArcSDE supported storage formats: Oracle Spatial (native database type) ESRI Binary (propietary) ESRI Well-Known Binary (proprietary) ESRI ST Geometry (proprietary) 2010 Conference