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為恭醫院 20070913
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為恭醫院 20070913


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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  • Thank you everyone for you time. My name is Kang Ping Lin. It is a pleasure for me to be here to present to you the importance of using home use handheld devices, especially ECG, to monitor your health and heart on a regular basis. This is one of the major health trend now. As I will show in the following slides.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Kang-Ping Lin Dept. of Electrical Engineering Chung-Yuan Christian University Handheld ECG A new step in Home care
    • 2. Background on health management
      • FACTS:
      • High “medicare” cost and lower government coverage are the major trend now.
      • Ageing population in advanced economies show more occurrence of death threatening diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).
      • Current health care system is complex, costly, inconvenient, passive (not active and not easy in implementing preventive medicine)
      • The need for a new model of high quality health care system that is simple, remote monitoring capability, self-manageable and affordable.
    • 3. Current Status - Taiwan
      • Currently, government, research institutes and private organizations are supporting projects that are developing innovative
        • - Simple Home Use Medical Devices
      • - Remote Health Service System
          • - New Wellness Service Model
      • The above projects leverage on the advanced IT, electronic and medical management experiences in Taiwan
      • Creating a successful health & service model for implementation locally and internationally
    • 4. Importance of Monitoring Heart Function Problems: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is the second leading cause of death in the world, right behind cancer. There is no simple way to monitor heart function (ECG) easily except in hospital because traditional ECG require technicians to perform while Holters and event recorders are an inconvenience. They are only recording for a short term. It is difficult for users to monitor their ECG for a long term because there is no home use ECG tool available.
      • Demands:
      • New device and tool to monitor ECG easily
      • Server System to collect data for long term wellness management
      • A more convenient medium for users and physicians to
      • manage health condition
    • 5. Need
      • Currently, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, pulse oximeter are readily available by home users. However, the most important information of heart function lacked is electrocardiogram (ECG)
      • The purpose of this project is to
        • Develop a medical device for users to record their ECG data easily, anywhere, anytime
        • Implement a workable health service model in the monitoring of heart function
        • Market of this new ECG device and model to health care providers
        • Implement active preventive medicine focusing on heart function and CVDs
    • 6. Purpose Create a new health and wellness management system - Focusing on Heart Function (Handheld ECG) Health Care provider Ageing Society
    • 7. Before: ~100 years ago Handheld ECG recorder Now: Hospital Grade ECG
      • High Tech
      • Hospital Quality
      • Home -Hospital Linkage
      Home Care Medical Devices With 3H Now: Home Use ECG
    • 8. Features of Handheld ECG Handheld ECG and its Operation
    • 9. Data Storage and ECG review software
      • Features:
      • Self record and storage of heart function
      • Health and wellness management of cardiac activities
      • Data to be provided to physicians as important reference
      Features of Handheld ECG
      • Questions to ask user
      • Do you have regular heart beat? Good rhythm?
      • Do you have the right waveforms?
    • 10. Features of Handheld ECG 1) Easily operated 2) Measure anytime and anywhere 3) Event recording and data storage 4) Health and wellness management 5) Telemedicine capability
    • 11. Clinical Study I: Measurement accuracy (1) Correlation between handheld ECG & GE MAC-5000 Heart rate QRS interval CC=0.99 CC=0.98 Correlation between handheld ECG & GE MAC-5000
    • 12. Clinical Study I: Measurement accuracy (2) Correlation between handheld ECG & Marquette CASE-8000 Heart rate ST segment CC=0.99 CC=0.97 Correlation between handheld ECG & Marquette CASE-8000
    • 13. Clinical Study II: Focus on Transmission Purpose: Cardiovascular Wellness Management To verify the tele-transmission function of handheld ECG
      • Trial Location: Hospital-A
      • Cardiovascular Department, VIP Center
      2. Device & System Provider: Handheld ECG and database system. ReadMyHeart V2.0 Mini-HCC Software Material and Methods :
    • 14. Record ECG Data Tele-Transmission Health Service Interpretation 3. Operation Step: Material and Methods : via internet or Modem Clinical Study II: Focus on Transmission
    • 15. Result: Subjects Information: Clinical Study I: Focus on Transmission 5376 times (48 times per subject) Trans. number
      • Male(49) Female(63)
      • 19 from VIP center,
      • 37 from outpatient clinic,
      • 56 of normal volunteer
      Subjects 47.7y (range: 6 ~79) Average age ~96% Trans. success rate 2006/08/01 ~ 2006/12/31 Trail Period
    • 16.
      • Normal,
      • Abnormal ,
      • (3) Noise (defined as the waveform noise, meaning not interpretable)
      Classified: Result: The group of subjects and category of transmission results Clinical Study II: Focus on Transmission 47.7 (6-79) 63 : 49 5151 671 (12.9%) 764 (14.8%) 3716 (72.3%) 112 Total 41 (6-79) 25 : 31 3767 418 (10.9%) 404 (10.9%) 2945 (78.1%) 56 Volunteer 44.3 (29-68) 25 : 12 1282 235 (18.5%) 312 (24.3%) 735 (57.2%) 37 OPD 55.7 (30-79) 13 : 6 102 18 (17.6%) 48 (47.1%) 36 (35.3%) 19 VIP Center Age (range) M : F Trans. Number Noise (%) Abnormal (%) Normal (%) Subject number
    • 17. Purpose: Cardiovascular Wellness Management To record ECG data for screening in clinics
      • Trail Place: Hospital-B
      • Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
      2. Device provider: Handheld ECG (InstantCheck V4.0) Material and Methods : Clinical Study III: Clinical Screening
    • 18. Record ECG Data Interpretation 3. Operation Step: Material and Methods : Clinical Study III: Clinical Screening Record 3 sets for Lead I and Lead II Data
    • 19. Result: Subjects Information: Clinical Study III: Clinical Application 171 Male(119) Female(52) Subjects 64.4y (range: 33 ~87) Average age 2007/03/01 ~ 2007/6/30 Trail Period
    • 20. Clinical Study III: Clinical Screening 13 25 40 150 Total Subjects 0 1 1 6 Noise 0 0 2 4 Abnormal waveform 0 0 0 1 Arrhythmia, Inverse T-wave 0 0 0 1 ST segment depression, Inverse T-wave 0 0 0 4 ST segment depression 0 0 0 2 ST-Segment Elevation 2 1 1 3 Inverse T-wave 5 11 13 44 Arrhythmia 0 0 0 1 Deep Q 6 12 23 84 Normal Category First visit CAD+DIA Diabetes Cardiovascular Disease
    • 21. ITRI Wellness Center Home & Office Background of ITRI : The largest industrial research institute in Taiwan with around 6,000 employees.
      • New model for employee benefits
      • Create brand new business
      • opportunities in health prevention
      • Wellness management of
      • vital signals for company VIP
      • Build awareness in daily
      • health monitoring
      Telemonitoring and e-Health Service Health Prevention for high-tech workaholics
    • 22.
      • Responding to ITRI Health Management Plan:
      Telemonitoring and e-Health Service EKG Health Care
    • 23. Handheld ECG and its Applications Case A Case B
    • 24. Handheld ECG and its Applications Case A Case B Normal subject Workaholic
    • 25. Applications: Telemonitoring JMS, Japan : Many private health service providers only offers blood pressure, glucose meter, weight, etc as they are widely available in the market. Accurate, portable, easy to use personal ECG recorder is required to upgrade their current service system.
    • 26. Handheld ECG and its Applications Applications : For Doctor For User Arrhythmia Control Drug evaluation Off-hospital monitoring Screening Health Management Health Prevention Prevention and Wellness Management
    • 27. Conclusion
        • DEVICE: A handheld ECG device is developed successfully for that allows recording of ECG data by any user without the help of professional technicians
        • 2. SYSTEM: A workable remote monitoring of heart function is achieved through the portable ECG device and IT management structure
        • 3. BUSINESS: Many health care providers have now implemented ECG into their system. Their business scope has increased significantly due to the additional data. It allows physicians have the most critical data on heart and thus tighten the bond between physician-patient relationship.
        • 4. PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: With the availability of handheld ECG to complete the monitoring system, health care providers and physicians can more effectively execute preventive medicine on heart problems.
    • 28. Thank you & Have a good day!