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This is the brochure of the program of WEXPLORE China 2010.

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WEXPLORE China 2011 Brochure

  1. 1. WEXPLORE CHINA 2011
  2. 2. Invitation Letter Contents Dear students and teachers, We would like to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That is what we believe WEXPLORE China to be – an unrivalled Why WEXPLORE China? 04 learning experience, providing equal proportions of adventure, fun, an insight into international relations, language Why WEXPLORE? 04 studies, history and cultural interaction. Not to mention the personal skills that can be gained from working with students Why China? 05 from across the world and challenging yourself in a new and unfamiliar country. The Programmes 06 ‘New and unfamiliar’ definitely describes China. The World’s fastest growing economy is sometimes so new that a 15 year old WEMUNC 06 photograph is unrecognisable and last month’s road map may already be out of date! Contrastingly, another way to describe Beijing 08 China would be ‘traditional’. In one of the oldest civilisations you will catch glimpses of the past as well as experiencing cur- rent practices that can be traced back thousands of years. This huge and diverse country cannot easily be defined, but one Shanghai & Xi’an 09 word that every visitor would agree on would be ‘fascinating’. We want you to experience as many aspects of fascinating The Silk Road 10 China as possible, and this was our motivation for carefully selecting the programmes on offer in 2011. Hainan 12 • The Silk Road - a 12 day journey along the legendary trade route Programme Packages and Dates 13 • Beijing - 8 days discovering one of the World’s greatest cities Fees and Deadlines 14 • Shanghai and Xi’an - 6 days in the dynamic city of Shanghai, and Xi’an, the ancient capital of China • Hainan - 5 days in south China’s tropical island paradise Contact 15 • WEMUNC 2011 - The 4 WE Model United Nations Conference, Beijing th The WEMUNC (WE Model United Nations Conference) has matured over the past 4 years to become a truly international conference. We are honoured to invite you to a Model UN which now brings over 2000 delegates from around the world to participate in 4 days of dynamic cross-cultural exchange, team work, diplomacy and debating. This conference never fails to build strong new friendships between its delegates and helps to nurture the global leaders of tomorrow. We have designed the WEXPLORE study tours to be unique, providing experiences that you cannot normally get from a visit to China. An example of this is the EXPLORE Field Research in Beijing where students will discover the city in teams and undertake their own research on a key contemporary topic. There are dozens more exciting and unique features that we have included and we encourage you to read through this brochure to fully understand our excitement about the programmes we are offering in 2011! Finally, for us the most important thing about our programmes are the people who join, and what we are most excited about is welcoming you to China next year. We hope to see you soon! WEXPLORE CHINA Sincerely, Board of WE Model United Nations conference & Director of WEXPLORE China02 Invitation Letter Table of Contents 03
  3. 3. Why WEXPLORE? Why China?Personal Skills and Education company or organisation, and to prove • Learn about China. WEXPLORE aims Facts and Figures that we make our prices and costs com- to teach students about the history, Quoted from McKinsey Global InstituteWEXPLORE China develops personal pletely transparent. We will be willing to philosophy, culture, politics and • Over the next 20 years, Chinese cities will add more than 350 millionskills which are crucial to your future answer any queries that you may have the economy of China. people ... the population of the entire United Statesand valued by employers. In addition to about the pricing of each programme. • Actively learn about the United Na- • There will be more than 200 Chinese cities with more than a millionpersonal skill development, our pro- tions and international relations at inhabitants ... in Europe today there are only 35 cities of that sizegrammes focus on other aspects of edu- WEMUNC. • There will be up to 50,000 new skyscrapers ... the equivalent of build-cation such as economics, history, art We are Specialists • Gain school credits. Depending on ing ten New York citiesand religion, giving an accurate view of your region and school, the WEX- • There could be up to 170 new mass transit systems ... in Europe todaylife in China today. We also believe that We do not offer programmes in any oth- PLORE China programmes may be there are about 70inter-cultural relations are an extremely er country, we specialise in China! This officially accredited and taking part • By 2025, two-thirds of China’s citizens will live in cities ... that’s nearlyimportant part of education, and we results in a unique experience where may allow you to gain credits towards 1 billion peopledesign our programmes, particularly you will feel much closer to the local your curriculum. Please contact us ifWEMUNC, with this in mind. people and culture than on any other ex- you require further details. pedition or tour. You will get the chance A Different World sic, language, food and way of life! urban and rural life and between the up- to genuinely interact and make friends per and lower classes, the blooming ofSafety First with Chinese students, and visit places Our Team China will challenge your view of the entrepreneurship, art, music and leisure that require local knowledge and con- world. A civilisation with over 5000 years Economic and Social activities as well as the destruction ofWe take safety seriously. All of our pro- nections. We believe that this results in The WEXPLORE China team is made up of recorded history, a closed society for Development tradition to move forward at an astound-grammes are tried and tested and we a more rewarding learning experience. of highly qualified, passionate people many years, language and culture bare- ing pace. Witnessing this change is sowill not lead students anywhere that has from around the world. We have vast in- ly understood by outsiders - learning Now is the time to visit China. The impressive that in the years to come younot already been checked by our staff. In ternational experience in expeditions, about China is fascinating and exciting. country has brushed off the global re- will be continually telling stories aboutthis way we give a sense of adventure, Enrich Your CV/Resume travel as well as working abroad, and cession as if it was a small flea, and the “when I was in China…”with an assurance of safety. between the members of our manage- economy continues to boom. This is a • Gain Tranferable Skills that are vital ment team we are fluent in around 10 The Richness of the Culture once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wit- for your future career or entrance to languages! We have worked extremely ness China changing right before yourBest Value University. The WEXPLORE China Pro- hard to give you the kind of internation- China is a nation of 56 ethnic groups, eyes. You will witness dramatic social gramme can teach communication, al experience that we have been lucky each of which have their own dress, mu- changes, the huge disparity betweenWe have an extensive network and ex- team-work, leadership, manage- enough to have.pertise within China allowing us to offer ment skills and inter-cultural un- Three weeks may not suffice to get to know the whole country but it’s enough to dive into an incredible culture and breathtakingmore for less. We believe that we can derstanding. landscape. WEXPLORE China program gave us the possibility to be immersed in another way of life and I will never forget aboutnot be matched for value by any other • Learn the Chinese Language. the awesome time I had in China. From Michele Dappen, Kantonsschule Zug, Switzerland WEXPLORE CHINA 2010 Participant04 Why WEXPLORE China? Why WEXPLORE China? 05
  4. 4. WEMUN EXPO Conference 2011 The WE Model United Nations Conference (WEMUNC), established in 2007 and taking place in Beijing, was the very first Model United Nations Conference in China. In its second year it already welcomed students from 27 different countries in 23 committees, and with over 2000 delegates has now grown to become the largest Model UN in Asia. The WEMUN conference is an academic simulation of the United Nations with the objective of seeking solutions to vari- ous problems of the world through discussion, negotiation and debate. The research and preparation that is required, the opportunity for debating and negotiating and adopting views or at- titudes other than their own and the involvement and interaction with young people from all around the world combine to provide an intensive learning platform for personal development as well as world issues and diplomacy.Who will attend? What will I be doing? Learning Outcomes Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon• Over 2000 delegates from all over • You will assume the role of a foreign • Learn invaluable communication sent the following message to WEMUNC: the world between the ages of 14 - diplomat, not necessarily from your skills - public speaking, negotia- 25 home country tion, debating “This exercise is no empty role play. Half the world’s population is under 25. You• Top MUN conferences in the world • You will be assigned to a committee • Understand the United Nations - are their representatives. Many of you will move on to positions of real leadership. will have their satellite conference in which will discuss two or three topics the most important body in interna- All of you, by your choices as consumers, by your decisions as voters, will assume China: BosMUN by Boston University, during the conference tional relations real power to shape and change our world. Hopefully your time at this Model BMUN by U.C Berkeley, HMUN hosted • Examples of committees could be • Learn research skills while prepar- United Nations will help you become the models the world needs to fulfill the by Harvard University, ILMUNC by Human Rights Council, UNICEF, ing for the sessions ideals of this indispensable organization.” University of Pennsylvania, MUNUC UNIDO etc. • Understand how to effectively work by University of Chicago, NAIMUN by as a team to complete a project Duration: 4 Days (4th - 7th August ) Georgetown University etc. THIMUN • Learn how to interact with people by THIMUN Foundation from all around the world Price• Experienced MUN delegates and School application fee per delegation (at least 7 students): USD: 200; EUR: 175; GBP: 155 teachers will support the students Participation fee* (per person): USD: 450; EUR: 394; GBP: 350 throughout the conference *If participant is an individual, not coming as part of a delegation, the fee is USD 47006 The Programmes The Programmes 07
  5. 5. WEXPLORE Beijing: Where Tradition Meets Modernity WEXPLORE Shanghai & Xi’an China’s capital, and the country’s political, cultural and educational centre is one of the most exciting cities in the world. If China is a country of contrasts, then Beijing is its perfect microcosm. Traditional alleyways called Hutongs lie in stark contrast with sprawling boulevards and highways, while ancient architecture sits next to giant postmodern creations. One thing is certain, Beijing has a buzz - artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs and expats increasingly appear to live alongside the traditions of a 2000 year old city. These multiple personalities in addition to stunning historical sites make sure that Beijing’s visitors are intrigued, entertained and constantly in awe. It was not a regular tour but a tour where we had think, innovate and analyze. From Rohan Shah, The Calorx School, India WEXPLORE China 2010 participantHighlights Learning Outcomes Shanghai: The Pulse Quickens out the city, which could be called a “liv- Learning Outcomes Example Agenda: ing history book”. It is also the starting• EXPLORE Field Research - One of • Team-working, leadership and Beijing day 4 Shanghai is not like Beijing, in fact, Chi- point of the silk road, which led to the • Understand the economic develop- our most challenging activities – plan research skills during the EXPLORE na’s largest megalopolis is not like any- inevitable consequence of having a mix- ment of China 05:30 - Wake up before dawn and your route around Beijing in teams Field Research and the Great Beijing where. One commonly used adjective ture of different cultures, religions and • Understand the history of trade pack up you tent after camping at the to discover the city and Chinese cul- Race foot of the Great Wall of the atmosphere in Shanghai is “pul- food. One of the greatest archaeological with China - Shanghai as the colonial ture in-depth. Stretch your leader- • Chinese Language and Calligraphy sating”. A city that, since the economic finds was also in Xi’an – the incredible trading hub, and Xi’an as the silk road 06:00 - Climb to the Wall as the sun reforms, gathered the collective energy army of Terra-cotta Warriors. starting point ship, team-work and planning skills • Cultural awareness - meeting and rises over one of the most memorable to the maximum as your team tries talking with local people and work- of its 20M+ residents to shake off every • Compare modern developments views of your life. Hike along the Wall, to undercover the reality behind your ing with international students dur- passing through 12 ancient guard tow- speck of its colonial, imperial and com- in China with the past to understand chosen topic (for example: economic ing team activities. ers. munist past, Shanghai has never looked Highlights the way China is heading in the future development) • Chinese contemporary issues - visit back even for a second – because in this 11:00 - Have a local home-cooked• Great Wall of China - Camp at the village to learn about rural/urban dif- city there isn’t a second to lose. Sur- • Boat Trip Around the Bund - the Duration 6 Days brunch at the nearby farmhouse before foot of the wall and have a campfire ferences and income disparity. Learn taking the bus back to the city. rounded by old canal towns known as most spectacular views in Shanghai Price USD: 1100; EUR: 960; GBP: 855 at the nearby village before hiking about topics such as economic de- the “Venice(s)” of China, Shanghai is an • Visit to a Factory - A glimpse into Shanghai or Xi’an only is 14:00 - Visit a tea house to learn island of commerce, finance, trade and how a joint venture is run in China USD 720/ Euro 630 /GBP 560 along the Wall! velopment, Chinese art, religion about different Chinese teas while tak- an un-matched energy that gives a con- • Trip to One of the most beautiful Ca- Dates Round 1: 29th Jul- 3rd Aug 2011• The Great Beijing Race - compete and education during the EXPLORE ing part in a tea ceremony stant feeling of opportunity to anyone nal Towns Near Shanghai Round 2: Shanghai/Xi’an, in teams and use your Chinese lan- field research. 8th - 10th Jul. 2011 guage skills to race around the city, 17:00 - Watch an extraordinary per- who lives there. • Terra-cotta Warriors - One of Chi- formance of Chinese acrobatics completing tasks at different loca- Duration 8 Days na’s most impressive attractions * Xi’an is also included at the begining/ tions Price USD: 1280; EUR: 1040; GBP: 925 19:00 - Dinner: the local delicacy of • Cycling on the Ancient City Wall - end of the Silk Road tour• Tiananmen Square, Forbidden Dates Round 1: 15th - 22nd Jul. 2011 Peking Duck Xi’an*: The Ancient Capital the largest and best preserved city City, the Olympic Village and the Round 2: 21st - 28th Jul. 2011 wall in China 20:00 - Chinese Language Class China’s most historic city, Xi’an, was the • Visit to the Muslim District and the Traditional Hutongs - discover the Round 3: 27th Jul. - 3rd Aug. 2011 extraordinary history of Beijing Round 4: 8 - 15 Aug. 2011 th th political centre for more than 12 dynas- Mosque in Xi’an ties, and evidence can be found through-08 The Programmes The Programmes 09
  6. 6. WEXPLORE The Silk Road: The Meeting of Civilisations The very name of the legendary trade route connecting China with the West arouses the senses. It conjures visions of camels winding through arid desert, burdened with the treasures of the Orient mixed with the riches of western civilisa- tion – pearls, gold, musk, jewels, satin and silk. You can almost smell exotic spices, perfumes and hear the bartering at the bustling oasis towns, filled with strange travellers from all over the continent and beyond. The importance of this link between east and west, however, goes far beyond legends, romanticism, and the trade of luxury goods. Over thousands of years many different people, cultures and religions lived in harmony along the silk road, happily sharing their food, art, music and philosophy. The effects of this melting pot of culture and unique chapter in history can still be discovered in China today. Highlights of the Silk Road Learning Outcomes unique. Duration 12 Days • Learn Chinese language interactively • Visit the crystal clear Tianshan Lake • Learn team-working skills while mak- in a challenging environment Price USD: 2300; EUR: 1955; GBP: 1737 • Visit the ancient Buddhist City of Jiaohe, the elegant Emin Minaret, and witness the crossing of religions at Turpan, ing a video documentary • Understand how different cultures an oasis town on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert • Understand the history and impor- and religions mixed in the past com- Dates Round 1: 23rd Jul.- 3rd Aug. 2011 • Discover the largest repository of ancient Buddhist art at Mogao Caves in Dunhuang. tance of the Silk Road, and the effect pared to modern China and discover Round 2: 8th - 19th Aug. 2011 • Ride camels through towering sand dunes and camp in the desert. it had on China as well as the West how people managed to live harmo- • Climb the Western end of the Great Wall of China at Jiayuguan. • Understand the cultural differenc- niously. • Witness life in a Tibetan Village and one of the largest Buddhist temples in Xining. es between China’s various ethnic • Learn about the major religions and • End the journey in Xi’an, visit the Terra-cotta Warriors and cycle around the city walls. (same as Xi’an trip below) groups, and experience the diver- their followers, historically and today. • Put together your own video documentary that you have been working on throughout the trip sity which makes western China so Make your own Silk Road documentary We designed the WEXPLORE Silk Road trip to be an exciting and interactive learning experience, and what better way to learn than being the director of your very own documentary movie! You will be provided with a camera-man and professional video camera equipment for the duration of the journey, and you will act as a film crew making a documentary about the Silk Road. You can choose which topics to focus on, such as trade, religion, food, economic development or any other aspect of culture. You will edit the docu- mentary and present it at the end of the trip!10 The Programmes The Programmes 11
  7. 7. WEXPLORE Hainan: Tropical Haven Programme Packages and Dates The Island of Hainan, with its palm-fringed smooth sandy beaches, fresh coconuts and grilled seafood is China’s truly trop- ical paradise. For years considered a backwater to banish poorly performing government officers, the Island has escaped the rampant development of nearby Guangdong Province, accordingly preserving its traditional ways of life and the cleanliness of its waters. Although still predominantly an Island of farmers and rural villages, there have been many recent developments in the tourism industry, with luxury hotel complexes sprouting up along the beautiful coastline in Sanya. Month Day Beijing Shanghai Xi’an Silk Road Hainan Day Month Jul 15 15 Jul 16 16 July & August 17 17 Jul 15 Packages 18 18 - As displayed on 19 19 Jul 22 the diagram, most 20 20 combinations of pro- 21 21 grammes are avail- 22 22 able, and the same programme may 23 23 have different dates 24 Jul 21 24 to choose from. - 25 Jul 28 25 All programmes take 26 26 place between 15th 27 Jul 23 27 July and 19th August 28 - 28 2011. 29 Aug 03 29 Jul 29Highlights Duration 5 Days Example Agenda: 30 Jul 27 - 30 - October (Mid- Hainan days 3 and 4 Jul 31 Jul 31 31 Jul autumn Break)• Experience Rural China - Help with Aug 03 Jul 30 Price USD: 850; EUR: 728; GBP: 648 Aug 01 - 01 Aug Packages farm work and home-stay with local 07:00 - Get up early for a breakfast Aug 01 before helping the farmer pick rice from 02 - Aug 03 02 1 week package: farmers his fields. Dates Round 1: 30th Jul.- 3rd Aug. 2011 03 Aug 03 03 Beijing or Shanghai• Volunteer in a Rural school - Help Round 2: 8th - 12th Aug. 2011 12:00 - grab some lunch, before + Xi’an. 2 weeks 04 04 to teach a class to the local children heading to the school in the afternoon package: Silk Route, Round 3: 11th - 15th Aug. 2011 to be a volunteer teacher. 05 05 or Beijing + Shanghai• Beach - Sip a coconut, relax in the WEMUN Conference 2011 06 06 + Xi’an. sun, or try water sports at China’s 14.:00 - Run an English class at the school. 07 07 best beaches Programmes can start 08 08 18:00 - Relax in the evening, and Aug 08 Aug 08 between 10th and 22nd say goodbye to the children at the vil- 09 - - Aug 08 09 October 2011. lage as it is your last night. Aug 10 Aug 10 -Learning Outcomes 10 10 Aug 12 07:00 - Get up early again the next 11 Aug 08 11 morning to head to the tropical para- - Easter/Spring• Understand rural Life in China – Al- dise of Sanya. 12 12 Aug 15 Aug 08 Break Packages most 60% of the population live in ru- 13 Aug 11 13 12:00 - You spend the day lounging - - We can create custom ral areas, this is crucial to understand- on the beach or swimming, taking a well 14 Aug 19 14 deserved rest. Aug 15 packages depend- ing the economic and social issues 15 15 ing on your holiday in China today 18:00 - In the evening you go for a 16 16 dates. Contact us for luxurious seafood dinner at the unique more details.• Learn how to farm in tropical cli- seafood market 17 17 mates, with crops like pepper, coco- 18 18 19:00 - As the sun sets on Sanya you nuts, bananas and rubber trees reflect on all the amazing people you Aug 19 19 Aug• Learn how to teach English in a local have met and remarkable things you have done on your trip to China. Month Day Beijing Shanghai Xi’an Silk Road Hainan Day Month school12 The Programmes Programme Packages and Dates 13
  8. 8. Programme Fees Included in Price: Contact Us • All travel within China (flights, RMB USD EURO GPB trains, buses etc) Weland International Conference 3,060 450 383 340 • Accommodation (3/4 Star hotels, Room 2802, Shangdu International, camping, etc.) Beijing+Conference 11,628 1,710 1,454 1,292 No.8 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang district, • Breakfast, lunch and dinner + Beijing, China Beijing, Shanghai+Conference 16,524 2,430 2,066 1,836 bottled water Tel: +86 1058701599 • All activities (inc. Chinese class- Beijing, Shanghai, xian+ Conference 19,108 2,810 2,389 2,123 Fax: +86 1058701560 es, entry fees etc) www.wemunc.org/wexplorechina Beijing+Hainan+Conference 17,204 2,530 2,151 1,912 • Basic healthcare insurance • Advice and support before the Beijing, Xian+Conference 16,524 2,430 2,066 1,836 trip Silk Road+Conference 18,700 2,750 2,338 2,078 Not Included in Price: Beijing+Silk Road+Conference 27,268 4,010 3,409 3,030 • International flights from your Silk Road+Conference+Hainan 23,596 3,470 2,950 2,622 home country Conference+Hainan 8,636 1,270 1,080 960 • China Visa application fees • Travel Insurance (for property, Airport pick up & send off 270 40 34 30 cancellations and serious acci- * Conference fees are USD 20 more for individuals not coming with a delegation/school dents) ^ A one-off fee of USD 200 should be paid by schools who wish to register for the conference • Inoculations (we suggest you Yichan Yuan Sara Enstedt consult your local doctor for de- Board of WEMUN Conference Vice Director of WEXPLORE China & Eu-Above are the suggested packages, but customisation may be possible tails) & Director of WEXPLORE China ropean/Middle East Regional Manager– contact us for information. • Bank transfer fee for payments Email: yichan.yuan@wemunc.org Email: sara.enstedt@wemunc.org Tel: +86 10 5870 1599 Tel: +86 10 5870 1599 Registration and Payment Deadlines Mobile: Fax: +86 1348 869 6159 +86 10 5870 1560 Mobile: Mobile: +41 764 887 273 (Swiss) +86 1369 118 1492 (China)Registration• REGISTER AT http://www.wemunc.org/wexplorechina• REGISTRATION FEE: $200* per person*an advanced payment to be paid by each person attending the programme, it is non-refundable but will be deducted from the overall cost.Payment Deadlines For 2011• DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION FEE: 30th March 2011* Josh Rennie Jose Feliciano Stepan Plokhotnov• DEADLINE FOR REMAINING PAYMENT: 30th May 2011 UK & Ireland Regional Manager Latin America Regional Manager Russian Regional Manager• REFUND DEADLINE: July 1st 2011 (no refund will be given to any group or participant if they do not inform WEXPLORE before this date of their intention to withdraw from the programme) Email: josh.rennie@wemunc.org Email: jose.feliciano@wemunc.org Email: stepan.plokhotnov@wemunc.org Tel: +86 10 5870 1599 Tel: +86 10 5870 1599 Tel: +86 10 5870 1599*Places on WEXPLORE 2011 are limited, we recommend that you pay the registration fee early to secure your place. If you pay the registration fee Mobile: +44 776 1301 754 (UK) Mobile: +511 991 271 221 (Peru) Mobile: +7 913 969 3838 (Russia)before 31st Dec 2010 we offer you free airport pickup/drop-off, we guarantee you a place on the programme and we guarantee a good country Mobile: +86 1343 635 9374 (China) Mobile: +86 1531 173 3905 (China)assignment for the WEMUN Conference.14 Fees and Deadlines Contact 15
  9. 9. Weland InternationalAll original materials in this document © 2010 by the Beijing WELAND International Ltd., except as noted.Any reproduction of original material, by any mechanical or electronic means, is prohibited without theexpress written by the Beijing WELAND International Ltd.