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Question 6

  2. 2. In the process of creating my magazine pages I used Adobe Photoshop CS3, AdobeIllustrator CS3 and Adobe InDesign CS3.Adobe Photoshop CS3: was the main software I used for my contents page and frontcover. It showed me how to manipulate images by using air brush to get rid ofblemishes, change the colour of the models lips or hair and intensify them. On mymagazines front cover I changed the models lips colour to make them a bolder colour inorder to link them to the colour scheme of my magazine shown on cover lines and mymasthead.You could also create a drop shadow behind the image to help intensify the effect which Iused on the image shown on my DPS, this helped blend the image on the page and make itstand out.On each image of my model I used on the front cover, contents page and DPS I used thepen selection tool on Photoshop to crop around the image to get rid of the originalbackground. By being able to do this I made my images look a lot more professional andhelped draw attention to the model and blend them onto the page.I also used the pen tool to help change the colour scheme of certain aspects of the model.For example; on my front cover I used it to change the model’s eyebrows to help themlook bolder. I also used the brush to add the colour of black to them to help create this.
  3. 3. In this print screen of how I cut around my shape, I did so by making an intricate path; whichtook a while as I had it to keep zooming in and out of the picture in order to see it clearly andmake sure to not cut of any vital pieces of hair that would make the image look unprofessionaland badly cut out. Then I made sure to rasterize the layer , right clicked on the picture andclicked selection; this then made the line start to move, to show it was active. After this, I hadclicked select and ‘inverse’ to make sure I cut the background image rather than the actualimage. After that the background image that I didn’t want was deleted and I was left the image Iused for my front cover.
  4. 4. This print screen shows how I changed the colour balance of my picture; shown from my frontcover, I decided to tint the final image’s colour in order to make it darker and seem less bright. Idid this to allow the dark red masthead to stand out against it. I was able to create this tint byselecting the whole image and clicking on colour balance. After I did this I was able to playaround with the dials, shown in the print screen below, to decide on what overall tint I wanted.
  5. 5. This print screen shows how I edited the models lips; I did the same technique with hereyebrows and eyes to allow a clearer, bolder colour for all aspects. For the lips I cut around thelips with the pen tool, I then selected this by right clicking; which made the line move, showingit was activated. I then clicked on colour balance to allow me to change the certain dilution ofdifferent colours of cyan, magenta and yellow to get the correct balance for them. In the end Ipicked a red that wasn’t too dark but wasn’t too light that it wouldn’t go unnoticed.
  6. 6. Adobe Illustrator CS3: This helped me edit my text, especially the cover linesor my masthead. I was able to create a border around the text, to make it bold, orinsert a type of font to stand out amongst the rest of the text and change thecolour of certain bits. I especially used this software in creating my masthead andthe headline of my DPS.When creating my masthead I was able to use this Illustrator to help create a darkred border around the word ‘Interlude’which further followed the colour schemeof my magazine. Furthermore, this software gave me a choice of many differentfonts for my text so I was able to use two different fonts for my masthead inallowing a difference between the starting letter and the rest of the word; to helpshow originality for the masthead to be recognised from.
  7. 7. Adobe InDesign CS3: I used this software to create my DPS as it helpedme create it by allowing me to insert columns and set out the text of thearticle in a neat ordered column of the same measurements. On the secondpage of the double page spread I was able to place an image of mymodel, that was edited in Photoshop, and arrange it to sit next to the article.I was then able to insert a masthead for the page of ‘Elle Goes Solo’ overthe two pages, to make them seem connected.
  8. 8. Also, through the planning and construction of my coursework I learnthow to use websites like Prezi, Slideshare and Wordpress; which I canthen use in other subjects when I need to present to the class. Thesewebsites help allow me to set my work out in a different way then from anormal powerpoint; making them more interesting.Wordpress is a blogging site for all of my work which can be viewed byanyone online which helps make my coursework more accessible and canbe used for any other subject.