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Facebook Brand Page Updates Feb. 2012
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Facebook Brand Page Updates Feb. 2012


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Overview of what the Timeline Brand Page looks like and an outline of features.

Overview of what the Timeline Brand Page looks like and an outline of features.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Facebook Timeline Brand Page Updates February 2012 Caitlin M. Daley @cait_daley
  • 2. Facebook Update | Overview In September 2011, Facebook revealed major changes to its interface that will redefines profile pages, brand pages, and the ways in which content is shard and displayed on the site. These major modifications were made in an effort to increase real-time sharing and the ways in which brands interact with fans on the platform. This is the biggest change to Facebook since it’s launch in 2004. Personal pages have already converted to timeline and the newsfeed has seen major modifications and will continue to update. Brand pages are also changing significantly and will be officially launched on March 30th. Changes and additions to the platform include: •  Updated Newsfeed •  Timeline feature •  Real-time Ticker •  Spotify Music Streaming •  Netflix video streaming •  Enhanced Friend Lists •  Facebook Gestures and less of an emphasis on the “Like” button •  Larger photos and videos •  Enhanced sharing options •  Friend activity on brand pagesCAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 3. Facebook Update | What this means for Brands •  The need to stay relevant and offer value to the consumer – DRIVE ENGAGEMENT AND SHARING •  The Facebook changes are meant to encourage brands to come up with compelling content and integrate themselves into their consumers’ lives. •  With the new changes, the focus is about getting people to take social actions enabled by the brand. The following slides will review the major changes to Brand Pages and provide brief descriptions of these changes and new features.CAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 4. Facebook Update | Newsfeed Overview 1. News Ticker: Shows 1! Facebook updates in real time. Hovering over the 4! 2! Ticker item allows you to read it and see comments, without leaving the homepage resulting in instant conversations. 2. More user control 3! over the newsfeed: Users will have the ability to unmark or subscribe to 5! certain stories allowing for a customized stream of information. 3. Photos gain more prominence in the newsfeed with larger thumbnails and more visually engaging display" " 4. Users can now group their friends into categories and view or share updates only from or with these groups" " 5. Ads and sponsored stories will display below the ticker and eventually be integrated into the newsfeedCAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 5. Facebook Update | Timeline Overview1! 6! 1. Cover Photo: This is the large image at the top of the page which should visually represent what your page is about. 2. Messages: Page Timelines allow users to send direct, private messages to your Page. Pages cannot proactively send messages, 2! you can only respond to users that have already contacted you. 3! 3. Brand features: This area replaces the left hand navigation where all custom tabs, applications, photos, videos, events, etc. will live. This is easily seen by the user with a pull down menu. 4! 4. Friends: Each brand page features the users’ friends who also follow the brand. 5! 5. Pins: “Pin” posts to keep them at the top of your Timeline for a certain period of time. 6. Timeline: Chronicles each step the brand has taken since it’s founding broken out by year.CAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 6. Facebook Update | Timeline Overview 7! 9! 8! 7. Navigation: It is easy-to-navigate the Brand page with ability to jump to certain moments in time, tabs or applications, and highlights (friend activity, brand activity, and others activity. 8. Photo/Video Enlargement: Photos and videos are displayed prominently on the Timeline, capturing more attention from users. 9. Friend Communication: Timeline shows when a fans friend shared something about that brand. 10! 10. Recent Posts by Others: Non-friend fans posts are displayed on the Timeline. NOTE: Visibility is based on Brand’s Timeline settings.CAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 7. Facebook Update | Timeline Overview 11! 11. Application Visibility: The action of uploading an Application to the Brand page will create a post on the Brand’s Timeline. Applications will also be 12! accessible from the top of the page. 12. Starring Posts: “Star” posts to make them expand across your Timeline as a larger piece of content.CAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 8. Facebook Update | Timeline Overview 13! 13. Events: Brands have the opportunity to fill in recent events as well as milestones throughout the brand’s history. 14! 14. Metrics: Basic metrics will be aggregated at the end of each month and featured on the Timeline at the beginning of each month.CAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 9. Facebook Update | Timeline Overview 15! 15. Offers: Facebook now offers a new offer-specific status update option to highlight your coupons/samples so that they stay separate from the other types of content on your Timeline.CAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 10. Facebook Update | ExamplesCAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 11. Facebook Update | ExamplesCAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 12. Facebook Update | ExamplesCAITLIN DALEY, 2012
  • 13. Facebook Update | Next Steps for Brands 1.  Revisit social media plan and see where Timeline can assist with any improvements." 2.  Start prepping Timeline cover photo and Thumbnail" 3.  Work session to create brand story" "CAITLIN DALEY, 2012