Andrew goodwin’s theory


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Andrew Goodwin's Theory for music videos

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Andrew goodwin’s theory

  1. 1. Andrew Goodwin’s TheoryApplied toNaughty Boy – La La Laft Sam Smith
  2. 2. The TheoryAndrew Goodwin’s theory consists of 5 mainaspects that all contribute to creating asuccessful music video.These are: -• Thought Beats• Narrative and Performance• The Star Image• Relation of Visuals to Song• Technical Aspects.
  3. 3. Thought BeatsThought beats refer to theaudience ‘seeing the sound’,most commonly used when asection of the video is repeatedon choruses. By doing this theaudience can identify that thissection is the chorus or aparticular line in the song. InNaughty Boy – La La La ft SamSmith this has been done whenthe repetitive La La La is sungthe boy in the video covers hisears and mimes the words. Thishas been done in most caseswhen this line is sung howevercloser to the end there is anoccasion where it does not.
  4. 4. Narrative and PerformanceAndrew Goodwin believes thatmusic videos do not presentthe audience with thecompleted story instead theymust interpret it and finish thestory themselves. Whenwatching the La La La video itcan be seen as a re-enactmentof the popular film Wizard ofOz, with a more modern spinon it. There is a man whoreceives a heart and also aman dressed almost like ascarecrow. The lion in thisadapted story is instead aChow Chow dog.
  5. 5. Narrative and PerformanceAlthough in the Wizard of OzDorothy wishes to go home,from the video the audiencegets the feeling the boy doesnot. At the beginning of thevideo it shows an abusive dadand it does not show the boyreturning home. This leavesthe audience to decidewhether or not he has returnedhome. Despite the act that thevideo portrays the story of TheWizard of Oz it is in act basedon a 19thcentury ‘word ofmouth Bolivian legend’. ( Goodwin also says thatmusic videos should have acombination of performance andshots of the artist singing/miming. Inthis particular video it is all narrativeand the artist is not shown.
  6. 6. The Star ImageAndy Goodwin says that: The creation of characteridentities for stars provides a point ofidentification for the audience/spectator which isespecially important when lyrics often lackdepth.By becoming a particular character it detractsattention from the lyrics and allows the audienceto focus and relate to what the artist is doingrather than singing. In the Naughty Boy – La LaLa video the artist is not shown and thereforethere is not a star image. However the audiencefeel for the young boy and he becomes thecharacter that some may be able to relate with.
  7. 7. Relation of Visuals to SongWhen creating a music video it is importantto get the best possible response from theaudience as possible. There are 3different ways in which to do this.These are: -• Illustrate• Amplify• Disjuncture
  8. 8. IllustrateThis is when the visuals inthe music videocorrespond/illustrate thelyrics of the song. In thisvideo it has been donewhen the boy mimes “Lala, la la la”. This is theonly piece of illustration inthe video as it follows thestoryline of both theWizard of Oz and theBolivian legend ratherthan a storyline basedaround the lyrics of thesong.“La la, la la la...”
  9. 9. AmplifyThis is when the emotion/mood of the song isrepeatedly put into the audience’s head. It ismostly based on the visual aspect rather thanputting emphasis on the lyrics.This is what has been used in the Naughty Boyvideo as the lyrics of the song have notinfluenced the narrative. Instead the meaning ofthe video can be understood without hearing thesong, the audience can see that the boy is tryingto escape and wants to help others escape too.
  10. 10. DisjunctureDisjuncture is when the performance/narrative inthe video has nothing to do with the lyrics of thesong. It is often referred to as being ‘abstract’.An example of this can be Rudimental – Waitingall Night as the video is based around BMXtricks and stunts whereas the lyrics of the songare “Tell me that you want me, tell me that youneed me” which are not usually associated withBMX bikes. However the genre is Drum andBass so the pace of the BMXs help to amplifythe bass in the song.
  11. 11. Technical AspectsThe Technical Aspects of music videos include lip-syncing,close ups of the artist and the artist looking into thecamera. The only one of these used in the Naughty Boy– La La La video is lip-syncing when the boy is mimingthe words “La la, la la la”. Other than this the technicalaspects are missing as the artist is not in the musicvideo.It is most often that close ups and looking into the cameraare used in music videos for more well known artists as itis the artist that will sell the song. For exampleBeyonce’s Single Ladies music has all of the focus onher as she lip-syncs the song as well as close ups andher looking straight into the camera.