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Prpowerpoint 1

  1. 1. Alumni Awards Ceremony UA Alumni Association honors the 2013 Alumni of the Year Award Winners
  2. 2. Let's Spice this Up! Our objective is to help the Alumni Association with making next year’s awards better than the last. ● We suggest that more students are invited to the award ceremony ○ Recommend: Several students from each college could be picked by their college's dean to attend the event. ● We propose the Alumni Association highlights and publicizes their winners more productively ○ Recommend: having winners somehow involved in Homecoming Activities by exposing them at the Homecoming football game and introducing the public to their achievements
  3. 3. 1. assess transportation needs for non-local residents ○ shuttle service runs every 15 minutes 2. offer incentives ○ goodie bags containing alum gear ○ redeemable at ceremony with proof of ticket 3. media kit ○ press release, magazine article, targeted media list 4. powerpoint of distinguished alumni at ceremony ○ biographical information, pictures from college How will we do this?
  4. 4. Example: Goodie Bag
  5. 5. AD Campaign ● Print Advertising Campaign ○ The Daily Wildcat and The Arizona Daily Star ● Television Advertising Campaign ○ KGUN TV, Telemundo, and KVOA TV ● Radio Advertising Campaign ○ KQTH FM and KNST AM ● Social Media Advertising Campaign ○ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin
  6. 6. Example Facebook Page
  7. 7. ● Will announce and feature one or more of the most notable Alumni Award Winners. ● The release will give a brief overview of the Alumni's background at the UA, career path and current relationship with the UA and Tucson. Press Release
  8. 8. ● To highlight the most exciting recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award ● Will discuss the prominence that the Alumni attained in his or her field. ● Also will describe their relationship with the UA and why they are a notable Wildcat for Life. Magazine Article
  9. 9. ● The targeted media identifies all of the relevant and major radio, print and TV news outlets in Tucson that we will work to secure coverage in. ● Strategic media coverage in terms of news outlet and time frame will increase publicity around the Alumni Awards Ceremony and the notable award recipients. Targeted Media List
  10. 10. Target Audience: ● age range of 31 to 49 years ● Bachelor level degree graduates specifically (in regards to alumni versus general public) Support: ● Past years attendees have mostly been under 30 years of age and those 50 and older (UAAA Membership and Profile Survey: January 2013). ● Alumni that hold a graduate degree or higher accreditation are more likely to attend (UAAA Membership and Profile Survey: January 2013). Audience Evaluation
  11. 11. Program Evaluation Measuring the effectiveness of information dissemination and the efficiency with which it produced audience awareness of the Alumni Association’s Award Ceremony
  12. 12. Methods Day-After Recall Surveys ● To evaluate the effectiveness of media materials the Alumni Association should continue to use "...systematic measures of success... such as survey research” (Watson, 2012). Pre and Post Surveys ● To efficiently measure audience attitudes and satisfaction with the Awards Ceremony event itself, these types of surveys have been documented as beneficial to data evaluation as media analysis is “enhanced by the introduction of computerized content analysis based on keywords or key phrases” (Watson, 2012).
  13. 13. ● The University Of Arizona Alumni Awards ceremony needs more recognition and publicity. ● Recommendations: ○ Exposing winners at the homecoming football game. ○ Several students from each college picked by their Dean to attend the event. ● To achieve these recommendations, we will... ○ Assess the transportation needs of the possible attendees. ○ Offer incentives at local hotels. ○ Create an ad campaign to promote the event through local media structured to the specified target audience. To Sum It All Up...