Ravva Reservoir Simulation


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Ravva - Cairn’s first development success story has been the bedrock of innovation, and the foundation of our success story in the country and the region. Ravva, which in Sanskrit and Telegu means “diamond” showcases the journey of growth that Cairn has been able to achieve in its business. Incidentally, Ravva is the only field in India to get such a unique name indicating the belief of the nation in it.


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Ravva Reservoir Simulation

  1. 1.               RAVVA Celebrating 16 Years of Technical Excellence Innovating Development | Reservoir Simulation
  2. 2. Ravva | Innovating DevelopmentReservoir SimulationReservoir Simulation Studies have been a critical tool to understand the performance of the field anddevise methods for optimum development and exploitation of the reservoirs. Reservoir simulations help inidentifying any deviations from the predicted path of reservoir performance and help in fine tuning theexploitation strategy to make mid-course adjustments to achieve the ultimate target of achieving theprojected recoveries from the oil fields. The first 3D simulation studies for Ravva were carried out in 1996 soon after the PSC was signed and it was used for the initial development planning. This study was based on the limited data available at that point of time. With additional data being available, revised simulation studies were carried out in 1997, which recognised that the field could be produced at higher offtakes and recommended the increase in the oil production plateau rate from 35,000 bopd to 50,000 bopd. Again, in 2004, based on revised geological modeling, reservoir simulation studies were conducted which formed the basis for infill and further appraisal drilling in theRavva field. The results from the infill drilling / workover programme of 2007 were as per expectations.Based on the results of the last drilling campaign, the geological model for Ravva has been further revisedin 2008 and is currently being evaluated for identifying further infill and workover opportunities in the field.The field has so far been performing as per expectations and predictions from the previous reservoirsimulation studies.The performance review and monitoring are warranted due to the availability of additional data, possibledeviation from the recommended path of development, new set of exploitation conditions and advances intechnology. The critical element in creating a representative dynamic model of the reservoir isrepresenting the technical character of the field/ reservoir with a comprehensive geological model. This isa pre-requisite for the formulation of a viable and effective exploitation strategy. The realisation of theeffective yield from the field would ultimately depend on the best design and timely execution of thedevelopment plans. Ravva reservoir models are created using state-of–the-art modeling tools likePETREL and ECLIPSE reservoir simulators.Through repeated cycles of model building and reservoir simulation, the performance and the potential ofRavva field is being continuous evaluated and appropriate steps taken to achieve the ultimate objectives.