Andhra Pradesh Self Employment Programme


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Cairn India is committed to conducting its operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This commitment is fundamental to the long term success and focus on creating value and making a difference where Cairn India operates through various community development initiative in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore an integral part of Cairn India’s business strategy. Cairn India’s success is guided by the CSR vision, which is encapsulated in the 3 Rs – Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

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Andhra Pradesh Self Employment Programme

  1. 1.   Corporate Social Responsibility Respect | Relationships | Responsibility Andhra Pradesh | Self Employment Programmes
  2. 2. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityOur Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes strike a balance between addressing the unique needs of various communities while partnering the state and central agenciesto help strive for the betterment of the social indicators of the regions. This journey from micro to macro makes the CSR initiatives more effective and sustainable. For every life touched there is a larger story of the community and the village.
  3. 3. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility
  4. 4. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibility
  5. 5. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityEast Godavari is primarily an agricultural district and is among the most prosperous districts inthe state. Statistically, it is a potential hinterland for hydrocarbon reserves in the country, asmany locations in the Godavari Basin have been identified as rich sources for oil and natural gasin the country.In sharp contrast to the district, Surasaniyanam is one of the most backward villages. Itspopulation is mainly engaged in agriculture, prawn fishing and petty labour.
  6. 6. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityFor most women in rural Andhra, difficulty in making ends meet is a way of life. They believethat poverty is something pre determined by fate and exists life-long.Self Employment ProgrammesWomen’s employment through social mobilisation is one of the effectual ways to tackle ruralpoverty. Female entrepreneurship not only empowers the rural women, but also provides themwith the opportunity to augment the family income. Lack of co-operation from the family,insufficient managerial skills, apathy, sense of fear, high degree of illiteracy, rigid social customsand traditions are some of the major hindrances in the way of female entrepreneurship.Cairn’s focus in Surasaniyanam is skill development of community members, especially women.The company initiated a sustainable livelihood programme for the village women, and set up atailoring centre. This was followed by the formation of a Self Help Group (SHG), that nowsupports and runs the centre by engaging women to stitch coveralls, wind socks and schooluniforms. Cairn also organised a lace training programme to provide the women with a new
  7. 7. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | Responsibilityavenue of income generationand reduce their dependencyon seasonal employment.Collaboration was formed withthe Byproduct Society inUppalaguptam for providingassistance to the women bysupplying the raw material andpurchasing the finishedproduct. The company alsosupported establishment of coirunits to add to the localemployment opportunities.
  8. 8. Cairn India – CSR InitiativesRespect | Relationships | ResponsibilityThe work day of a woman agricultural labourer during the agricultural season lasts for about 15hours. Her male counterpart works for 7 to 8 hours.