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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Google Applications Illuminate Session Wednesday, February 17th Wayne Caudle: Technology Coordinator BCSS Allen Johnson: Principal BMS Jeff Johnson: Assistant Principal BMS
  • 2.
    • To download this Powerpoint
  • 3. Google Applications Overview
    • Google Calendar:
      • Create a shared calendar with the ability to sync dates and communicate on a personal, school, or system wide basis.
      • Sync calendar with phone to enable you to make changes or receive alerts regarding upcoming dates.
      • Use as a documentation tool for numerous reasons.
    • Google Docs:
      • Create and share forms, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations with as much or little privacy as you choose.
    • Language Google Application:
      • Free tool that will translate documents or letters in a variety of language options.
  • 4. Google Calendar
    • It is key to create separate calendars so you can control who is allowed certain privileges and for documentation purposes.
    • To create a calendar pull up your calendar page. From this setting you will be walked through a variety of setting options for that particular calendar.
  • 5. Calendar Options
    • Various
    • Editable
    • Calendars
    • Various
    • View Only
    • Calendars
  • 6. Google Calendar Agenda
    • The agenda option is a great tool for documentation and is easily accessible.
  • 7. Add New Calendar
  • 8. Google Docs. Home
    • Share forms for easy documentation and organization.
    • Develop spreadsheets to use in a collaborative fashion.
    • Share documents to make distribution and collaboration of school wide documents easier and more accessible.
  • 9. Google Applications
    • Google Docs Home
  • 10. Google Doc Form
    • Go to Documents
    • Select Create New
    • Go to Form and this will come to your screen.
    • Here you have the option to create your form and to regulate who can participate on your form.
  • 11. Result of Creating New Form
    • Online Illuminate Form
    • Spreadsheet Created by Form
  • 12. Google Applications
    • Creating Spreadsheet
  • 13. Google Applications
    • Blank Spreadsheet
    • Sample Google Doc. Spreadsheet
  • 14. Google Docs. Shared Documents
    • The shared document aspect of Google Docs. makes it easy to distribute documents throughout your school or district without the hassle of having to actually put the document into the hands of others.
    • We use this tool to share our CIP as well as our needs assessment and other documents such as our library request form.
    • This is a terrific collaboration tool.
  • 15. Google Docs. Shared Documents
  • 16. Google Applications: Language Tool
    • Google FrontPage
    • Google Translator
  • 17. Sync Google Applications with Mobile Device
    • Google Docs can be very convenient when synced to your mobile device. Not only can you have e-alerts sent to you via your mail carrier, but you can also set and amend your calendar from your mobile device. The web site can be used to assist you in the syncing process.
  • 18.
    • To register your school district for Google Apps
  • 19. Google Applications Illuminate Session Wednesday, February 17 th Wayne Caudle: Technology Coordinator BCSS Allen Johnson: Principal BMS Jeff Johnson: Assistant Principal BMS