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  1. 1. Wind Water cycle Rain Gauge Weather Unit Temperature 2nd grade -students will design a device -Students will know and that will be useful in solving -Students will know and observe that the movement observe that wind has -Students will conduct an indoor problems. of water from one place to -build the device using the direction and force air temperature experiment another affects the weather materials and tools provided -Wind comes from different -Students will conduct an body -Water moves from the -Build the device and record directions at different times temperature experiment ground into the air, forms the results -Wind has force and can -Students will know and observe clouds high in the air, and push things, the amount of that temperature is a term we use then falls back to the forces is different at to talk about how hot or cold ground as some form of different times something is. precipitation -Students will design a wind -A thermometer is used to -The teacher will make a measurement instrument measure temperature water bowl model that will How I am going to modify -Teacher will lead a class -Higher numbers on a prove the water cycle. the unit to address other discussion about wind thermometer correspond to -Teacher will lead a class leaners needs hotter temperatures and lower discussion about the water numbers correspond to colder cycle temperature The strengths of the unit Explicit: I will model each experiment and activity for the students. This is one way I will help enhance the unit. Instead of just explaining to the students how they should conduct the activity I will modelExplicit: with the materials and draw pictures on the electronic white-One strength of this unit is that it board of what I expect from each student and group. Different types of learners in theis very hands on. Students make Non-Explicit:and test two weather instrument classroom -The journals I create for the students will allow them to expressdevices. By designing their own their creativity. Instead of just recording their observationsdevices, students meet state through writing, I will have the students draw their standards related to - Throughout the weather unit I will allow students to practicedesign. Visual learners their math skills. During the temperature and thermometer- This unit requires children to lessons I will ask students the difference in degrees between the Kinesthetic learnerschart their observations. Students cold water temperature and the hot water temperature.record weather observations for 2- Students will also get to sharpen their math skills because I will3 weeks. require students to write down the procedure they followed to- This unit has a list of text that can Autistic student conduct each lesson. Students must write down the first, second,be read to the students that can third…etc for all the enhance each lesson and the -I will show videos throughout the unit that will help studentsunderstanding of each lesson. Student with Aspergers understand the water cycle- This unit is great for visual -I will hang charts up in the classroom that will show the waterlearners and hands on learners. cycle.Non-Explicit: Student who is cognitively disabled -During calendar in the morning I will have students read the-The unit encourages group work. outside air temperature and chart it on a graphThis unit allows children to share -I will allow students to bring in materials from home to makeideas and materials. their rain gauges and wind vanes. This will give the students an opportunity to become more excited and engaged in the experiments -I will have students write out the step by step procedure of Will have an aide and every experiment they conduct in their weather journal. I will have students write out the procedure they will follow to create scribe who will assist them their rain gauges and wind vanes before they conduct the experiment versus after they create their device. This will help students when they come into the classroom the following day. They will know the exact steps they are going to take to create their device -I will take pictures of their rain gauges so that we can discuss their device after we have conducted the experiment -I will have students present their device and explain why they created it the way they did to the whole class -I will allow students to work in groups of two for most of the experiments