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Partnership Scorecard - Managing the intangible aspects of business relationships
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Partnership Scorecard - Managing the intangible aspects of business relationships

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Our Methods
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The Partnership Scorecard™ assists partnering organisations to better manage and monitor their internal or external business relationships.

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  • 1. - Measure, maximise and marvel The Partnership Scorecard™
  • 2. WHY do we need The Partnership Scorecard™?
    • Organisations live and die by the effectiveness of relationships – internal or external
      • High Trust = High Speed & Low cost
      • Low Trust = Low Speed & High cost
    • Intangible aspects are often the reason relationships start to deteriorate
    • The Partnership Scorecard™ is as an ‘early warning system’ for your business relationships
  • 3. WHAT is The Partnership Scorecard™?
    • The Partnership Scorecard™ measures specific role-based flows of value within, or between, organisations
    • Value flows can be:
      • Part of the ‘contract’ - also called tangible flows
      • Expected, but not formalised – also called intangible flows
    • Specific and observable measures are included in the scorecard
  • 4. What does The Partnership Scorecard™ look like Red role: Client Organisation Blue role: Service Provider
    • Clear description of WHAT is delivered
    • Clear description of WHO is responsible for delivery
  • 5. What does The Partnership Scorecard™ look like Red role: Client Organisation Blue role: Service Provider
    • Translating deliverable to electronic survey QUESTION
    • Clear identification of WHO will determine performance
    • Rating of how WELL it is currently being delivered
  • 6. How is it developed?
    • The Partnership Scorecard™ Process
    1 2 3
  • 7. Outcomes
    • Clear agreement of what is important to all roles
      • Tangible (contractual)
      • Intangible (non-contractual)
    • Clear and actionable areas for improvement identified for each role
      • ‘ What I can do to improve the relationship’
    • A scorecard for the overall relationship
      • Clear direction of specific actions which will increase trust
      • High trust = High speed and Low Cost
  • 8. Client Feedback
    • “… m y experience with the workshop and it's outcomes is that it was a VERY worthwhile day...in that it very quickly identified gaps in relationship and value flows.”
    • “… when my colleagues in the office asked me what it was all about, I suggested it was ‘reality modelling’, that is, we were modeling what actually happens.”
    • “… this is a great way of dealing with intangibles…not just ‘tree hugging’…gets down to role level accountabilities.”
  • 9. Want to know more?
    • Visit: www.optimice.com.au
    • Ask a question: www.optimice.com.au/contact