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Synthesis questmobilelearning

  1. 1. Khanh CaoDaniel Cagley15 May 2012Note: Daniel is in the red writing, I am in the blue writing, and the group is in black writing. Describe your personal learning preferences (1 paragraph, 100-150 words for each teammember) - Answer EACH of the following questions: ● At the beginning of the class, what were your scores when you first took the learning preferences survey? ● At the end of the class, how has your thinking changed about your learning preferences?At the beginning of the semester, I took the learning preferences survey. My scores were visual(11), sensing (11), sequential (7), and active (5). By the end of the class, I would say that mythinking about my learning preferences is the same. Not much has changed about me as alearner. I did take into consideration what the learning preferences told me, but I have alwaysunderstood myself as a learner. I am a very visual person. I like when professors have visual aidsor powerpoints. It’s hard to pay attention in lecture when they only speak and don’t write on theboard. I am more prone to active preferences because I like doing hands on things. I would rathergo and do something myself to learn about it then just read an instruction sheet about it.(Word count : 138)At the beginning of the semester I was shocked by how accurate the scores were on the learningpreferences survey. I was a Ref=4, Sen=9, Vis=11, and Seq=3. I have always felt I was a visuallearner and the quiz confirmed that. I realized that I was not much of a sequential learner andnoticed it was something I needed to work on. As the semester has wore on I have realized thatmy visual learning preference has really come into play. Knowing about my different learningpreferences has made a difference in how I approach my learning in other classes. I now realizethat I am skewed preferably toward visual learning and always need to write down the lectures sothat I can see them and study them. Summarize your groups thoughts about learning preferences (1 paragraph, 100-150words) - Answer the following questions (Show how each person contributed to the answers): ● At the end of the class, how has your thinking changed about learning preferences overall? ● Does knowing about learning preferences make a difference in your personal learning success?At the end of the class, our thinking has not changed about learning preferences. We think thatthe learning preferences are a great way for some students to recognize what their strengths andweaknesses are. However, for both of us the learning preferences didn’t tell us anything wealready didn’t know about ourselves. We are both visual learners and always have been.Knowing about learning preferences has not made a different in our personal learning success.We can only attribute that to our own drive to do well in school and overcoming obstacles in ourway. To us, it doesn’t matter what our learning preferences are because you can’t always chooseyour professors or classes. I think a better way to help students would be enabling them toovercome obstacles that hinder their learning preferences.(Word Count: 135)
  2. 2. Describe the learning pathway you chose at the beginning of the class (1 paragraph,100-200 words for each team member) ● Which learning pathway did you choose at the beginning of the class? Were you successful in getting a broader knowledge of mobile technologies (Learning Sage), a deeper knowledge of mobile technologies (Learning Warrior), or opportunities to use mobile technologies to learn with others (Learning Guide)? ● Did you change your pathway? Why?I chose the Learning warrior pathway. I chose this because I feel that in able to become a guideor a sage, I would have to have a deeper understanding of the mobile technologies before helpingothers. I think by the end of the class, I did have a better knowledge of the various mobiletechnologies that can be used in an educational environment. I wanted to better my performancethis semester. I think of the mobile technologies, I used my smart phone, my ipad, and textingthe most. I didn’t use clickers this semester because I didn’t have a class that was big enough.The mobile technologies are probably the ones that I am most comfortable with. I use them everyday of my life. Things such as blogs are more for entertainment purposes. I never changed mypathway because I wanted to better myself. Also, even though there were tons of forums I didn’tknow anyone in class besides my boyfriend so it’s hard to be a guide or a sage for people you donot know. That is why I prefer in class interaction. It allows you to get to know fellow studentsand communicate better.(Word Count: 199)At the beginning of the semester the learning pathway I chose was sage for a broader knowledgeof mobile technologies. I really wanted to know about all of the different technologies thatexisted and how best to use them for my specific learning needs. As time went on and Idiscovered more about ipads and tablets and microblogs, I changed my pathway to warriorbecause I became extremely interested in these technologies and wanted to know how I coulduse them to get better grades and graduate! The activity that worked the best was when I had touse my ipad for taking notes in class instead of using a traditional paper and pen. I discoveredthat I could be much more organized and take more notes in class. Summarize how the activities you completed contributed or did not contribute to yourlearning pathway (1 paragraph, 100-200 words as a group) ● Which specific activities helped you get a broader understanding of how to use a mobile technology to learn? How did they help? ● Which specific activities helped you get a deeper understanding of how to use a mobile technology to learn? How did they help? ● Which specific activities worked best for learning with others to use mobile technologies?For this class, I think the most helpful activities were the form entries. They gave newsuggestions of ways to use our iPads. They helped because they gave us different ideas ofapplications to use. We were both pleasantly surprised when we saw apps like Evernote on there.I never knew that there were so many learning apps for the iPad. I always saw it as more of anentertainment purpose. They helped us explore our options. The note-taking apps helped usorganize our notes. Once again, the specific activity that helped us get a deeper understanding ofhow to use a mobile technology was probably the form entries. They allowed us to try newapplications and see if they applied to our learning preferences. Honestly, we hated bookmarks. We never received credit for sharing our links and the links did not
  3. 3. help us throughout this course. The forums worked best for learning with others to use mobiletechnologies. This allowed us to share our ideas with one another.(Word count: 171) Using one or two paragraphs each, describe the top mobile technologies you explored forlearning (1-2 paragraphs, 100-150 words each for each team member) ● Name a mobile Technology Quest and how you explored it for your own learning. How well do you think the mobile technology accommodates one or more of your learning preferences? Which preferences? How does the mobile technology accommodate each preference? (Dont just say "Im a visual learner, so it helped me to see it." Thats not good enough.)The mobile technology Quest that I explored the most for my own learning was the iPads andtablets. I think that this mobile technology accommodates a lot of my learning preferences, butthe one it applies to the most is my visual learning. I cannot function without physically seeingwhat I am learning. The visual aspect of my learning is insane because I sometimes have aphotographic memory. Visually, the ipad was able to lay out all the materials I needed for myclasses. The applications that I downloaded for learning allowed me to be interactive whichplayed into my active learning preference. As for my sensual learning preference, I think that theiPad was able to play into my senses. I was able use the iPad and touch the surface and movethings around. I was able to type with my attachable keyboard. Honestly, the iPad justcompletely changed my learning experience. I feel that it enabled me to use many resources allin one convenient location. I have been marked down before for the convenience of the iPad.However, I don’t learn well at a library and it is pretty cool when I am able to open pdfs or booksonto my ipad. One quest that I didn’t enjoy was podcasts. They didn’t help me at all.The microblogging quest was extremely useful as a quest. I explored microblogging by findingpopular sites and searching them for my interests. At first I started out searching motorcycles andmy Yamaha R6, but as I began to dive deeper into the sites, I realized that I could search themfor communities of people who have similar interests. By using microbloggs I was able to getlinks to videos and other forums where I could communicate and see how different motorcycleriders had maintained and upgraded their R6’s. I could also post my own feedback and blogabout what I was doing and planned to do to my bike. This quest helped me to learn a lot andgave me connections to seek people’s help when I needed advice about my motorcycle. Synthesize your groups experience investigating the use of different mobile technologiesfor learning (2 paragraphs, 100-150 words each as a group) ● PARAGRAPH: Which mobile technologies interested you the most as learning tools? Which mobile technologies surprised you the most as learning tools? Which mobile technologies do not seem to work as learning tools? What mobile technologies do you want to explore further to improve your learning? Why? ● PARAGRAPH: Which mobile technologies worked best for your learning preferences, if any? Why? (Dont just say things like "Im a visual learner, so it helped me to see it." Thats not good enough.)Our group enjoyed the Ipad and microblogging quests as learning tools. I would say that thesetwo mobile technologies surprised us the most as learning tools. Daniel didn’t think thatmicroblogging would help him out as much as it did to find a motorcycle. I figured that the iPadwould be helpful in my education, but I didn’t know to that extent. There are a few mobiletechnologies that we hated as a group. We were unable to understand why they were even
  4. 4. learning quests. Those were podcasts and vlogs. I think that these were not realistic to us becausenot everyone is able to have access to these things. Not everyone has a camera or an ipod. I thinkwe just want to continue exploring our ipads and tablets. They are the future of technology so wewant to use them as much as possible to further our learning. We want to learn all the apps wecan use for classes.Word count: 162The mobile technologies that helped us the most were the Ipad and the microblogging. Theyhelped our visual learning preferences greatly. These two quests displayed the information for usso that we could understand them better for class. The Ipad was very interactive so this helpedour sequential learning preferences. These devices also helped us look at the way we perceivethings. They allowed us to reflect on the learning materials and they played into our active andreflective learning preferences. I think that the hardest thing sometimes is learning about ourlearning preferences. During the metacognition quest, it was frustrating at times because I don’tthink that you can just label people with learning preferences. Everyone is different. Sometimeswe even surprise ourselves as learners and are able to learn with devices that don’t match ourlearning preferences. I would say that we are very adaptive learners.Word count: 148 Summarize how you will use what you learned in this class after this semester (2paragraphs, 100-150 words as a group) ● PARAGRAPH: What mobile learning strategies will you continue using after this class? How can they be used when you are learning at a job (or outside of school)? ● PARAGRAPH: Which mobile technologies will you continue using for learning after this class? Why? How can they be used when you are learning at a job (or outside of school)? Which mobile technologies will you continue using for non-learning purposes? What are they? Which mobile technologies will you avoid using after this class? Why?I think that mobile learning strategies that we will continue using after this class are themicroblogs as well as the Ipad. Like we said before, those are the only learning strategies that wereally connected with. A lot of companies have begun to use the ipad and tablets in theirbusinesses. Currently we both work at In n Out burger, so I think that we can’t really use any ofthe mobile learning strategies at work. Our work is more about labor than using devices such asthe ipad or microblogging. I think that we both want to explore internships outside of school soboth of these could help us learn about our internships. They also will help us figure out organizeour materials and reflect on how we are doing in the internship.Word count: 135Everything that we have learned in this course about mobile learning has allowed us to continueusing these tools. I think that it’s a great skill to be able to operate these devices. I will definitelyuse the ipad to continue taking notes. That is the greatest function for both of us. We love thatyou can highlight and write notes on pdfs. Particularly we enjoy apps like OneNote or Evernote.We can use them outside of school to help with our internships as we stated above. For non-learning purposes we can use many mobile strategies. We will use things like texting, andmicroblogging. Micoblogging is a way to express how we feel and it is like a personal onlinediary at times. That’s pretty awesome. We will use to the ipad to play games. I think we justwant to avoid podcasts and vlogs because they have no use to us. I don’t really care to become ayoutube guru or something like that.Word count: 165