Future GIS - Where Next?
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Future GIS - Where Next?



A high level overview of where GIS technology is today and where it is going.

A high level overview of where GIS technology is today and where it is going.



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    Future GIS - Where Next? Future GIS - Where Next? Presentation Transcript

    • The Future of GIS james fee rsparch.com Where Next?
    • GIS is…
    • everywhere!
    • and GIS is…
    • difficult to use
    • why is it this way?
    • Where we are today? Proprietary Systems ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk, Oracle Spatial Open Source MapServer, PostGIS, GDAL/OGR, OpenLayers, QGIS Service Based GIS Google Maps API, Microsoft Virtual Earth, OpenStreetMap
    • Proprietary Systems ESRI ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcInfo) ArcGIS Server (ArcIMS, ArcSDE) ArcGIS Online (Services)
    • Open Source Web Mapping MapServer GeoServer MapGuide Open Source OpenLayers PostGIS Desktop Applications GRASS GIS OSSIM Quantum GIS (QGIS) gvSIG uDig Geospatial Libraries FDO GDAL/OGR GEOS GeoTools MetaCRS
    • Service Based GIS
    • Web APIs
    • Stacks Microsoft Linux Desktop Windows Perl, PHP Microsoft or Python Exchange Microsoft MySQL or SharePoint PostgeSQL Microsoft SQL Apache Server 2008 Microsoft Linux Server Server 2008
    • GIS Stacks QGIS or ArcGIS Desktop uDig STOVEPIPE ArcGIS Explorer OpenLayers ArcGIS Web MapServer or Service APIs GeoServer PostgreSQL w/ ArcGIS Server PostGIS ArcSDE Linux (Geodatabase)
    • Mixing Stacks Google Earth Google Maps ArcGIS Server Microsoft VE ArcSDE ArcGIS Desktop (Geodatabase) PostgreSQL w/ OpenLayers PostGIS Microsoft Server 2008 Microsoft Windows Open architectures, combined with an dual vendor strategy keeps options (both technical and budgetary) open.
    • Neogeography Databases OGC Interoperability Crowdsourcing
    • Neogeography Mixing Silos Geographical techniques and tools used for personal activities or for utilization by a non-expert group of users; not formal or analytical. Andrew Turner
    • VGI Michael Goodchild @USCB Volunteered Geographic Information
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Interoperability
    • The ability to use, manage and share spatial data…. which eliminates barriers for data sharing
    • • Efficiently extract spatial data from a desired datastore • Transform it into the requested format and data model • Load it into a target system and present it to end users
    • Spatial ETL Extract T ransform L oad
    • Databases
    • What Database? Proprietary Systems Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 Open Source PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite Service Based Google BigTable, Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition
    • SpatiaLite: Open source OGC Simple Features for SQL Supports standard WKT and WKB formats SQLite database is simply a file
    • Open Geospatial Consortium • Standards Organization • Responsible for OpenGIS Standards • WMS, WFS, KML, GML, WCS, …
    • xml-based (GML) 3D city models web services using WFS
    • CityGML
    • Where are we headed?
    • Pay As You Go GIS Pay for what you use Enable ArcInfo for ArcView users Pick and choose the best solutions
    • Cloud-based Services Google Data APIs Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google App Engine
    • Server Appliances
    • Sharing of data
    • GIS Developement
    • Old and Busted
    • New Hotness
    • New GIS Frameworks
    • JavaScript APIs
    • Flex and Silverlight APIs
    • .NET and Java ADFs
    • Ruby and Python
    • Model Builders
    • Using Open Source with ESRI
    • OpenLayers and ESRI • JavaScript Library • No server-side dependencies • Free Software, developed for and by the Open Source software community
    • OpenLayers Basics
    • Example: Identify • Instantiate Layers to Map Canvas
    • Example: Identify • Create Identify Task
    • Example: Identify • Create Identify Callback
    • Code http://www.mkgeomatics.com/apps/REST_Dev/
    • PostgreSQL and ArcSDE
    • ESRI Servers with Linux • Support for RedHat Enterprise and SUSE • Data cannot be stored as Personal Geodatabase • All web based management (can remotely manage via ArcCatalog on Windows) • 64-bit support (ArcSDE)
    • Open Standards
    • James Fee james.fee@rsparch.com Twitter: @cageyjames