Pakstan media n channels


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Pakstan media n channels

  1. 1.  1 Umair Qayyum 10050616-123 2 Wasiq Tahir 10050616-125 3 Zeeshan Ali 10050616-121 4 Haseeb 10050616-122 5 Tassaduq Hussain 10050616-124
  2. 2. Types of Media:1- Electronic Media (News Channels).2- Print Media (Newspapers and Magazine).3- Static Media (Pamphlets etc).
  3. 3.  The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA, formerly RAMBO - Regulatory Authority for Media and Broadcast Organizations) was formed in 2002 to "facilitate and promote a free, fair and independent electronic media", including opening the broadcasting market in Pakistan.
  4. 4.  issued 78 satellite TV licenses; issued "landing rights" to 28 TV channels operating from abroad, with more under consideration; issued licenses for 129 FM radio stations, including 18 non- commercial licenses to leading universities offering courses mass communication and six licenses in Azad Jammu and Kashmir; registered 2,346 cable TV systems serving an estimated 8 million households; and issued six MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service), two Internet protocol TV (IPTV), and two mobile TV licenses, with more under consideration.
  5. 5. ContThe first television station began broadcasting fromLahore in 26 November 1964. Television in Pakistanremained the governments exclusive control until1990 when Shalimar Television Network (STN) andNetwork Television Marketing (NTM) launchedPakistan’s first private TV channel. Foreign satellite TVchannels were added during the 1990s
  6. 6. Traditionally, the government-owned Pakistan TelevisionCorporation (PTV) has been the dominant media player inPakistan. The PTV channels are controlled by the governmentand opposition views are not given much time. The pastdecade has seen the emergence of several private TVchannels showing news and entertainment, such as GEO TV,AAJ TV, ARY Digital, HUM, MTV Pakistan, and others.Traditionally the bulk of TV shows have been plays or soapoperas, some of them critically acclaimed. Various American,European, Asian TV channels, and movies are available to amajority of the population via Cable TV. Television accountedfor almost half of the advertising expenditure in Pakistan in2002.
  7. 7. 1. PTV (Pakistani Television News) (1964)2. ARY Digital (2000)3. Geo News (2002)4. Ajj News (2005)5. SAMAA News (2007)6. DAWN News (2007)7. Royal News (2007)8. City 42 News (2007)9. Khyber News (2007)10. Indus Media Group And News (2007)11. News One (2007)12. Express News (2008)13. Dunya News (2008)14. Waqt News (2008)15. Azaw TV (2009)
  8. 8.  Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Launched November 26, 1964 Network PTV Network Owned by Government of Pakistan Slogan Hamara Pakistan Country Pakistan Headquarters Islamabad Availability Terrestrial PTV Terrestrial Service Available in Pakistan only
  9. 9.  Launched 2000  Satellite Network  Pehla (Middle East) ARY Digital Network  Channel 31 Owned by  Sky (UK, Ireland) ARY Group  Channel 791 Country  Virgin Media (UK) Pakistan  Channel 818 Headquarters  Dish Network (USA) Karachi  Channel 746 Website  Cable  E vision (UAE)  Channel 38
  10. 10. World TV  Europe(Europe) Geo TV  Channel 14 Owned by  Big TV (India) Mir Shakil ur Rehman Channel ??   Pehla (Middle East) Slogan  Channel 44 Har Pal Geo/Geo or  Sky (UK, Ireland) Gene Doo  Channel 815 Country  Aora TV (Indonesia) Pakistan  Channel 832 Headquarters  Indovision (Indonesia) Karachi  Channel 340 Satellite AsiaSat3S (Asia)
  11. 11.  Launched 2005 Owned by Business Recorder Group Slogan Pakistan Ki Awaz(Voice of Pakistan) Country: Pakistan Headquarter KARACHI Sister channel(s) Play TV (Pakistan) Website
  12. 12.  Launched  Broadcast area December, 2007  Pakistan and Owned by Worldwide Jaag Broadcasting  Headquarters Systems (Pvt.) Limited  Karachi, Sindh, Slogan Pakistan "Sansani Nahi, Sirf  Website Khabrein"  Country Pakistan Language Urdu
  13. 13.  Launched  Dish Network 2007 Channel 748 Network  Intelsat 10 Dawn 3255-3/4 Owned by  Pehla Dawn Media Group Channel 53 Slogan Aap Ka Aitabar Country Pakistan Headquarters Karachi
  14. 14.  Royal News is a specialized 24/7 News Channel. Royal News is a Lahore-based Pakistani news channel, owned and controlled by Royal Group and Leads Group. Royal News started its broadcasting in August 2007 and has millions of Urdu-language viewers around the world. Some of the popular programs of Royal News are Halqa-e-Yaaran, News Today with Khalid Minhas and a lot of programs. Royal News head office is situated in lahore and controlled by its Chairman Mian Abdul Ghafoor Wattoo, Chief Executive Mian Zahoor Wattoo, Managing Director Khizer Hayat Wattoo , director Mian Abu-Bakr Wattoo and Royal News team. Royal News is soon starting a Urdu News Paper "Pyaam-e-Mashriq"
  15. 15.  Launched 2008 Owned by  Language Television Media Network Urdu (Private) Limited  Broadcast area Slogan  South Asia, Middle East, Har Khabar Par Nazar America, UAE, UK, Ireland Country  Headquarters Pakistan  Lahore - Punjab/ Pakistan  Sister channel(s)  Express 24|7, Entertainment  Website 
  16. 16.  Launched  Broadcast area December 1, 2008 South Asia Owned by  Headquarters Mian Amir Mahmud 8-A, Abbot Road, Lahore Slogan  Website Khabar Ki Dunya  Country Pakistan Language Urdu
  17. 17.  Launched 2008 Owned by Hameed Nazami Slogan Karo Waqt Ka Samna Country Pakistan Language Urdu Broadcast area South Asia Headquarters 23, Queens Road, Lahore Pakistan Website
  18. 18.  Launched  Broadcast area 27 November 2007  South Asia, Middle East, Owned by Central Asia, Far East & Air Waves Media (Private) Australia Limited  Headquarters Slogan  Karachi - Sindh/Pakistan Such Ki Lagan  Sister channel(s) Country TV One Pakistan  Availability Language  Satellite Urdu Asia Sat 3S(Asia)
  19. 19.  Country  Satellite Pakistan Free-To-Air Broadcast area  on Paksat 1 at 38.0°E South Asia Free-To-Air Headquarters  on AsiaSat 3S at 105.5°E Karachi Free-To-Air Website  on Measat 3 at 91.5°E