Liturgy for primary schools


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Liturgy resources for reflections at Harvest Fast Day - using the words of a poem from Brazil, prayers and images, these resources will help you think about why we are fundraising.
Produced for Harvest Fast Day 2009

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Liturgy for primary schools

  1. 1. Harvest Fast Day Friday 2nd October 2009 Collective Worship for Primary Schools
  2. 2. I want young people to live in hope I want my steps to mark this earth I want countries and communities to join hands I want to change my world Can I count on you? I want the right to be a child, and to be the hope of a better world I want to grow up like other people I want a different world Can I count on you? I want somewhere I can play I want a school where I can study I want the right to have my home I want the right to have my bread Can I count on you? I want a smile from someone who knows how to love I want a hand to show me the way I want a world that is fairer and friendly I want happiness that is born from peace Can I count on you? I want life, I just want to love I want to live happily all day I want to hear children singing Can I count on you?
  3. 3. We pray for CAFOD’s work in places like Brazil Lord Jesus, we remember Victor and his family and pray that they continue to find happiness and peace. Lord, hear our prayer!
  4. 4. We pray for those who are in need today. Lord Jesus, we pray for the hungry, the poor and for those who are facing problems. Lord, hear our prayer!
  5. 5. We pray for our world’s leaders. Lord Jesus, encourage them to work together so that everyone may enjoy the opportunities that we do. Lord, hear our prayer!
  6. 6. We pray for our own school family. Lord Jesus, inspire us this Fast Day to make our money count! Lord, hear our prayer!
  7. 7. <ul><li>Play together </li></ul><ul><li>Pray together </li></ul><ul><li>Fundraise together </li></ul><ul><li>… and “make your money count”! </li></ul>