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overview of the Cafe Justo Cooperative

overview of the Cafe Justo Cooperative

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  • 1. Just Coffee The Difference is in the Roasting Revised July 2009
  • 2. Coffee with a Conscience
    • What is Just Coffee or Café Justo ?
      • a farmer owned coffee cooperative started in 2002 that includes 45 families in Chiapas, Mexico
      • Just Coffee started as a faith based initiative dedicated to addressing the root cause of the immigration crisis through fair pricing for coffee
  • 3. Coffee with a Conscience
    • Café Justo provides a high quality product:
      • USDA Certified
      • 100 % organic
      • Shade-grown
      • Patio dried
      • High mountain
      • Estate coffee
      • Professionally roasted
      • A truly excellent, low acid and naturally sweet high mountain coffee, traditionally grown and processed.
      • Cultivated, harvested, roasted, packaged, and exported by the cooperative and its members
  • 4. Coffee with a Conscience
    • What makes Café Justo more than “just” coffee?
      • Just Coffee responds to unequal trading conditions, builds a direct relationship between growers and drinkers. EFFICIENT
      • Just Coffee is completely owned and managed by members of the cooperative and Mexican citizens. SUSTAINABLE
      • It is an excellent, fresh and naturally sweet coffee. ORGANIC
  • 5. Coffee with a Conscience
    • The Café Justo Cooperative addresses the problems of a new economic reality:
      • The Mexican Peso crisis and trade liberalization have created an unstable economic situation for many growers in the interior of Mexico (and Central America).
      • Small, unsubsidised unorganized coffee producers are being forced off of their land when unable to fairly trade with multinational coffee brokers and traders.
  • 6. Coffee with a Conscience
    • Why are small coffee growers unable to make business with Multinational coffee traders?
      • Small growers live in very remote areas making coffee transportation slow and expensive when there is no collaboration
      • Coffee brokers effectively collaborate to pay low prices to growers
      • Lots of middlemen between the growers and drinkers, no direct relationships between growers and drinkers
      • Use of lowest quality coffee and dis-incentive to grow/purchase high quality coffee
      • Lack of organization of small, disperse coffee growers living in poverty in remote coffee growing areas
      • The profits in coffee are in the roasting, unless you are very high volume
  • 7. Coffee with a Conscience
    • Café Justo, a Fair Trade Plus company, responds to unequal trading conditions by :
      • Paying the growers fair wages
      • Eliminating the middleman
      • Promoting responsible and
      • informed consumption
      • Developing a international, sustainable, grower owned roasted coffee exporting business
  • 8. Coffee with a Conscience
    • Café Justo, also enhances the Fair Trade model into what's called “Free Trade Plus” :
      • Fair Trade :
        • Cooperative is paid $1.27/lb
          • Individual Grower is paid between $.80-1.00/lb
        • The organization that roasts the coffee makes most of the money
      • Café Justo :
        • Cooperative is paid $7-$10 per pound
          • Individual Grower is paid $1.60/lb (plus medical benefits and pension plan) .
        • Completely vertically integrated
  • 9. Coffee with a Conscience
      • Fair Trade :
        • Most of the revenue from coffee sales (about $12 per pound) goes to the roaster in the USA
      • Café Justo :
        • Grower owned cooperative
        • All of the sales revenue goes to the cooperative, creating more jobs in Mexico and facilitating direct sales between the coffee growers in Mexico and the drinkers in the USA
        • The difference is in the roasting , (who roasts it)
  • 10. Coffee with a Conscience
    • Cafe Justo provides a fair and just price to the growers who provide a quality product.
      • Increased wages for growers provide possibilities for farmers to stay on their land.
      • Because there are no middlemen, the savings can be divided between the growers and the consumers of the coffee, a better deal for everyone…
      • Most Importantly
  • 11. Coffee with a Conscience
    • Positive Effects
      • Children from of the growers can study instead of working in coffee fields.
      • Those who have migrated to the United States can and have returned home to Mexico with the promise of economic stability.
      • Consumers are buy a high-quality product at a fair price and positively impacting migration
  • 12. Product Description
    • 100% Arabica
      • A low acid smooth and low acid drink all day coffee
    • Decaffeinated
      • Same as abopve, but without the caffeine
    • Robusta
      • High octane great with milk and sugar
    • Marago
      • A premium bean with a distinct rich deep flavor
    • Breakfast Blend
      • 50%Arabica50%Robusta, smooth with a jolt
    • Barb’s Brew
      • 50%Arabica50%Decaf, a great nightcap
  • 13. Questions?
    • If you have any questions,
    • please contact:
    • Tommy Bassett:
    • [email_address]
    • Or Adrian Gonzales:
    • [email_address]
    • Or visit us at:
    • www.justcoffee.org