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CafeMom - MomIndex 2, Fall 2010

  1. 1. A report published by
  2. 2. contents MomIndex 2 Introduction 04 Part 1: Mom Quality of Life Index Scores & the State of Mom Five Dimensions 1. Kids 05 2. Relationships 07 3. Self 09 4. Money 11 5. World 13 Results: MomIndex 2 15 Part 2: Profiles and Paths to Better Mom Quality of Life 16 Three Paths to Happiness 1. Connections 17 2. Control 19 3. Self Expression 21 Conclusions 23 ™© CMI Marketing, Inc., 2010. All rights reserved. a report by CafeMom 02
  3. 3. introduction “Summertime and the living is easy…” as the song goes. But is it for moms? In our second MomIndex Quality of Life Survey conducted with over 2000 moms in August 2010,* the overall national MomIndex score edged down by 2 points to 75 and into the “C” grade range, driven by downward movement in the Self, Money and World categories. Kids and Relationships category satisfaction scores were notably stable, despite some new areas of concern uncovered. In Part 1, we reveal the latest information and trends in our five MomIndex sub categories: • Kids: 1 in 4 moms believe their kids are not leading a healthy lifestyle. 21% of moms with kids ages 6-18 report having overweight kids, and childhood obesity is a growing concern. A closer look at family meal and recreational time together shows some interesting patterns for families with overweight kids vs. other families. • Relationships: Couples’ time – a.k.a. “we time” -- became even more constrained over the past few months. See how little time today’s couples have together and the toll it is taking on moms’ love lives. • Self: With less time for exercise and more relaxed eating habits, summertime was hard on mom self esteem leaving fewer moms than ever happy with the way they look. • Money: Coping with more job losses and reduced incomes, moms are highly stressed about family finances. It’s no wonder 84% of moms agree their number one goal when shopping is to save as much money as possible. See how this quarter’s mom money outlook compares to that of last quarter. • World: Moms remain frustrated with the government and only 19% of moms feel the country is headed in the right direction, down from 22% in MomIndex 1. We review the top national issues for moms overall and by political outlook, and how they feel about voting in the November 2010 elections. In Part 2, we revisit lessons learned about the three paths to greater mom happiness: Connections, Control and Self Expression. • Connections: Strong relationships outside the household, including bonds with friends, extended family, local community, and online friends strongly impact life satisfaction for the better. • Control: Moms who feel they are in control of the issues they face day to day – from managing finances to disciplining kids to maintaining order in their homes – have greater life satisfaction. • Self Expression: Moms that feel challenged and that they make a difference outside their immediate families show higher levels of life satisfaction. Some distinct trends emerged from looking at how moms fare with each of the paths during different phases of motherhood as defined by child age. Lastly, we identified notable trends in what moms expect from companies and products, and how these expectations relate to their life satisfaction. These trends suggest a roadmap for the most effective ways for marketers to reach moms and add value to their lives. We are pleased to present this quarter’s MomIndex 2 report and look forward to sharing timely updates and discussion online at and @cafemomindex on Twitter. * InsightExpress programmed the survey, captured response data, and weighted the sample of the 2195 moms who completed the survey; results are representative of U.S. moms who are online. ™03 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 04
  4. 4. kids MomIndex Subscore: 90 Positive Influences on Children Moms continue to rate raising their kids as the most satisfying aspect of their lives, and summer offers Books 86%40 more opportunities to spend time with their children. Kid Grandparents or 82% Extended Family35 This quarter, 84% of moms indicated they spend Kid Parents 72% enough quality time with their kids, up from 81%30 71% last quarter. School/Teacher25 Friends 70% Moms recognize the many positive influences on 60% Siblings20 their kids. Topping the list – Books, which were Sports 54% deemed a positive influence by more moms than the15 impact of Grandparents and even Parents. Books Religious Leaders 47%10 also beat out other media by a landslide - TV and Neighborhood 46% Internet were viewed favorably by only 34% and Television 34% 5 23% of moms respectively. Internet 23% 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 Weekly Hours Together as a Family % Agree Hours of Outdoor Activities Hours of Games, Indoor Activities Hours Watching TV Hours Eating Breakfast Moms report that their families spend on average 28 Hours Eating Dinner hours/week of “togetherness” including time spent Meal Time eating, playing and relaxing. 85% say having their Books 86% 40 38.0 Hours children eat right is a priority, and 88% believe their Kid Grandparents or 82% kids spend enough time playing, exercising & having Extended Family 35 7.4 fun. Kid Parents 72% 30 28.3 Hours 71% School/Teacher 9.0 1 in 4 moms believes her children could lead a healthier 24.4 Hours 70% 25 5.3 lifestyle. Friends of moms with kids ages 6-18 indicate 21% 4.1 60% they have a child they would consider overweight. A Siblings 20 6.4 6.4 4.6 closer look at this group shows these families spend Sports 54% 15 6.3 on average only 24 hours/week together devoting less 1 in 4 Religious Leaders 47% 10 6.5 6.6 time to family meals and play and slightly more time 46% moms feel their Neighborhood 3.7 to TV than other families. 3.1 Television 34% kids could 5 8.7 6.2 6.6 In families with overweight children, moms are 5 times Internet 23% lead healthier 0 Moms With Moms Without Most Satisfied more likely than other moms to believe their kids do 0 20 40 60 80 100 lifestyles. Overweight Overweight Moms* not spend enough time playing, exercising and having Children Children fun, and 6 times more likely to report their kids are not happy. *Most Statisfied Mom (MSM) - moms scoring 90 or above on the MomIndex ™05 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 06
  5. 5. relationships MomIndex Subscore: 73 Most moms are satisfied with the quality of their partner relationships. 85% indicate their marriages or relationships with significant others are strong, and this holds true among moms in newer relationships to those together 5 or more years. Moms’ satisfaction with their sex lives, however, does not stand up as well to the test of relationship time. While Almost 75% of those in a relationship 0-2 years are satisfied with their sex lives and engaging in sex on average 3 times/week, those moms in relationships 3+ years are having less sex – an average 2 times/week, and only 51% are satisfied with half of moms their sex lives. feel they don’t Amount of Sex Per Week Sex Life Satisfaction spend enough 100 100 80 80 75 75%% time with their Less than once/week 100 22% 22% 29% 29% 80 70 70 % 75 partners. 80 80 22% 7% 7% 29% 37% 37% 45% 45% 70 60 60 54 54%% 80 7% 37% 45% 60 51 51%% 49 49%% 50 50 54% Once/week 21% 21% 51% 49% 60 60 27% 27% 21% 14% 14% 50 60 27% 14% 13% 13% 40 40 13% 40 2-3 Times/week 40 4040 27% 27% 27% 30 30 30 31% 31% 27% 27%27% 31% 27% 27% 27% 4-6 Times/week 20 20 20 20 2020 19% 19% 19% 17%17% 14% 5% 5%% 5 17% 4% 12% 4 4%% 312% 12% % 10 3 3%% 10 10 7+Times/week 14% 14% 0 0 00 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 6-9 Years 10+ Years 00 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 6-9 Years 10+ Years Years in Relationship Years in Relationship “We time” or quality time together as a couple became more constrained this quarter dropping 26% to just over 5 hours/ week. A mom’s work status had a significant impact on “we time” and the location of a mom’s work – inside or outside the home – was more of a factor than the amount of hours she works. Work from home moms enjoy an additional 28% of “we time” than moms working outside the home, and more than their Stay At Home and Student mom counterparts. Quality Time by Work Status 80 77% 75% 8.0 I spend enough quality time with 72% 74% 69% 70% my husband / significant other. 70 6.2 64% 7.0 63% 77% 77% 8.0 8.0 6080 80 55% 5.5 75% 75% 55% 5.5 74%6.0 74% 58% 52% 72% 72% 69% 69% 70% 70% % Agree Hours / Week 5.0 47% I have friends I can count on. 5070 70 6.2 64% 6.2 64% 47% 4.4 4.1 4.3 5.0 7.0 7.0 63% 63% 40 4.0 60 60 55% 5.5 55% 5.5 55% 5.5 55% 5.5 6.0 6.0 58% 58% 52% 52% Hours/Week with Significant Other 30 3.0 50 50 5.0 5.0 47% 47% 47% 47% 3.1 5.0 5.0 4.1 2.9 20 2.8 4.4 4.4 2.9 4.1 2.0 4.3 4.3 2.5 2.5 2.6 40 40 4.0 4.0 Hours/Week Connecting with Friends 10 1.0 030 30 0 3.0 3.0 Unemployed Stay at Work FT Work PT Work FT Work PT Student 3.1 3.1 2.9 2.9 20 Job Seeker 20 Home 2.8 2.8 Away Away From Home 2.9 2.9 Home From 2.0 2.0 2.5 2.5 Mom 2.5 2.5 2.6 2.6 Work Status 10 10 1.0 1.0 steady at just under 3 hours/week, with less variation in social time across work status 00 Time connecting with friends held 00 categories. However, when it comes to dependability of friends, more working moms (76%) indicate having friends they can count on than other moms (69%). ™07 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 08
  6. 6. self MomIndex Subscore: 65 Moms across the country face a number of personal lifestyle challenges once the weather gets warmer and schools let out. Summer eating habits are not as disciplined as during other seasons given more backyard barbeques, summer socializing and vacations. In fact, healthy eating for moms dropped 7 points in priority with only 53% agreeing their own healthy eating is important vs 60% of moms last quarter. Moms also have considerably less time to themselves during the summer months because kids ages 5 and up are out of school. Average mom “me time” dropped 38% this quarter to just under 3.5 hours per week, and only 29% of moms are happy with the amount of free time they have for themselves, down from 39% in MomIndex 1. Less time to themselves means less time to exercise. Mom workout frequency dropped 15%, and the percent of moms indicating they rarely if ever exercise grew to 44% up 8 points from 36% last quarter. This combination of more relaxed eating habits and less regular exercise leaves many moms feeling worse about their physical appearance. Only 27% of moms surveyed were happy with how they look (down from 31% MomIndex 1), and many moms still struggle with weight. Moms on average are looking to lose 19 lbs. MomIndex 1 MomIndex 2 Mom “Me Time” 60% (Hours:Minutes/Week) 60% 60 53% 60 60% 53%50 60 53% 39% 50 40 50 31% 29% 30 39% 39% 27% MomIndex 1 40 40 31% 31% 29% % Agree 20 30 29% 27% 30 27% 10 20 Only 27% 20 0 10 of moms are happy with the 10 0 way they look. 0 Eating right is a top I am satisfied with I am satisfied with priority for me. the amount of free my physical MomIndex 2 time I find for myself. appearance. ™9 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 10
  7. 7. money MomIndex Subscore: 62 Moms around the country remain highly stressed about money. 91% of moms indicate they are often worried about the economy and jobs. Here’s how the job and income loss picture this quarter compared to last: 50 43% MomIndex 1 MomIndex 2 40 35% 35% 37% 50 43% 30 27% 27% 40 37% 21% 35% 19% 21% 21% 35% % Agree 30 2027% 27% 21% 19% 21% 21% 20 10 10 0 0 I lost my job in I am making less I am the primary My partner lost My partner is the last year. money this year. wage earner. job in the making less money last year. this year. Given these figures, it is not surprising that 45% of households confided they went through a period in the last year when they had to rely on savings or other support rather than wages. Responses to family financial health and outlook questions also came in more sobering than last time. MomIndex 1 MomIndex 2 60 60 56% 56% 53% 53% 50 50 45% 45% 40% 40% 40 40 % Agree 30 30 20 20 10 10 0 0 84% of Our family finances are on the right track. Our family’s finances are better today than they were a year ago. moms agree saving money Looking ahead, 79% of moms say “next year will be better than this year” vs. 76% last is their top survey, but it is difficult to say whether a more negative view of current circumstances or goal when a more positive perspective on the future is driving this outlook. shopping. In this value-conscious climate, 84% of moms agree their number one goal when shopping is to save as much money as possible, and 75% of moms believe price is more important than brand names. ™11 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 12
  8. 8. world MomIndex Subscore: 52 Moms remain distrustful of the government. Only 15% of moms trust government to do the right thing and only 19% of moms feel the country is headed in the right direction, down from 22% in MomIndex 1. Only 15% 62% of moms feel Washington is failing to address the problems it needs to today and 35% of moms think they can run this country better than Congress does. The top three issues moms are most worried of moms trust about are (1) Economy and Jobs (91% concerned), (2) Education (83% concerned), (3) Healthcare (82% government to concerned), although prioritization of key issues varies by moms’ self-identified political outlook: help improve Key Issues for Moms Liberal Middle of the Road Conservative Overall their lives. by Political Outlook 1 Economy and Jobs Economy and Jobs Moral Values Economy and Jobs 2 Enviorment Healthcare Economy and Jobs Education 3 Healthcare Education Taxes Healthcare 4 Education Crime Education Moral Values 69% of moms agree “my vote counts,” the same percent that said they are planning to vote in the November 2010 elections. Of moms that vote, they make their voting decisions an average of 40 days before Election Day. • Moms that define themselves as “very conservative” make their decisions earliest, averaging 52 days before Election Day. • Conservatives and Liberals overall make their decisions on a similar timeframe – Conservatives make their voting decisions an average of 45 days out, and Liberals make theirs 43 days out. • “Middle of the Road” moms make their decisions last, averaging 36 days before Election Day. Moms that have a Middle of the Road political affiliation are the most likely to feel disenfranchised. Only 61% of “Middle of the Road” moms feel that their vote counts vs. the 76% of moms who picked a Conservative or Liberal political affiliation. % of Moms Agree 100 by Political Outlook 81% 80 76% 64% 61% Liberal 60 56% Middle of the Road 48% Conservative 40 32% 20 16% 15% 0 The American Dream is alive America is headed in the I feel like my vote counts. and well for me and my family. right direction. Moms’ longer term world view is also increasingly pessimistic -- 78% of moms feel the world is changing in ways that will make their kids’ lives worse, up 2% from MomIndex 1. ™13 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 14
  9. 9. And the second MomIndex Score is… profiles and paths to better mom quality of life part 2 75.0 Qualities of the Most Satisfied Moms We found that the qualities of the moms that scored 90+ (a group we call the “Most Satisfied Moms” On a scale of 100 points with 100 representing perfect life satisfaction, this quarter’s MomIndex or “MSMs”) stayed consistent this quarter. While demographics were not a strong predictor of is a 75.0, representing a “C” grade average for moms nationwide. Fewer moms scored in the life satisfaction, we confirmed that the happiest moms all scored well on three paths to improved 90’s and 80’s this quarter, while more scored in the 60’s and below. quality of life: 7% 17% 33% MomIndex 1 34% MomIndex 2 9% Δ 1. Connections: Strong relationships outside the household, including bonds with friends, extended 90’s family, local community and online friends strongly impact life satisfaction for the better. 9% 7% -2% MomIndex 76.5 2. Control: Moms who feel they are in control of the issues they face day to day have greater 80’s 34% 31% -3% life satisfaction. 70’s 33% 33% -- 3. Self Expression: Moms that feel challenged and like they make a difference outside the immediate 60’s 9% 20% 17% 33% 20% 31% 7%+3% family show higher levels of life satisfaction. < 60 7% 9% MomIndex 75 +2% Paths to Happiness and Age of Kids MomIndex 76.5 75.0 Interestingly, we found that the paths to happiness show distinct trends by stages of motherhood, 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% defined by the ages of first children. Looking across the subscores for the five dimensions – Kids, Relationships, Self, Money and World – Kids and Relationships scores didn’t change, at 90 and 73 respectively. Self, Money Child 0-5 Child 6-12 Child 13-18 and World all dropped in levels of life satisfaction, with Money and World continuing to be the Connections Above Average Average Below Average two dimensions of lowest life satisfaction. Control Above Average Average Below Average Self Expression Below Average Average Above Average MomIndex 1 MomIndex 2 100 90 90 Connections were strongest for moms of kids 0-5, and then trended down for moms of older kids, 77 with moms of kids 13-18 scoring the lowest. It is possible that as kids get older and their lives get 80 75 73 73 more involved between school, friends, and extracurricular activities, moms have less opportunity 67 65 65 to pursue their own connections as they keep up with their kids’. Moms of younger children may 62 56 also seek out connections more actively than moms of older kids, needing help from relatives and 60 52 friends as they navigate the early years of motherhood. 40 Control also trended down with age of kids, as moms cede control of health, discipline and more as kids become more independent. 20 Fortunately for moms of older kids, not everything trends down with the age of child. Self Expression improves with the age of child, suggesting moms have more time to pursue hobbies and interests 0 as kids get older. MomIndex Kids Relationships Self Money World ™15 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 16
  10. 10. connections path to happiness: Child 0-5 Child 6-12 Child 13-18 Moms of Connections Above Average Average Below Average Preschoolers Moms’ connections appear to become less strong as her children get older. Most notably, moms belong to 36% more om with older kids are less likely to have other mothers to rely on. While 2 out of 3 moms with kids 0-5 agree they have a network of other mothers that improve her life, less than half of moms online mom groups on rM with kids 13-18 agree. Moms of kids 13-18 are also less likely to feel supported by extended average than Moms cto family and networks of online friends. ne Age of First Child of Teens. on 0-5 6-12 13-18 aC 80 Sara first experienced the power 70% et 70 66% of online connections while on 63% 63% Me 60% 58% 58% 6 months’ bed rest with a rare 60 55% pregnancy condition. “I wasn’t going 49% to randomly meet someone locally who 50 % Agree had experienced what I had experienced,” 40 says Sara. “The women I met online became my very close confidants and helped me get 30 through some very tough periods.” 20 Sara is now involved in multiple online communities 10 and in-person local groups, including health-related 0 groups, a working moms group, and a special needs I have a strong extended I have a network of online I have a network of other family that improves the friends that improves the mothers that imroves the parenting association, which all help her as she keeps quality of my life. quality of my life. quality of my life. up with her 4 young children and a demanding job in the wireless communications industry. “It is so much easier to tackle a problem knowing you’re not alone in facing it,” says Sara. Her online connections have helped her through dealing It is possible that moms are more proactive about seeking advice and support through the early with her 5 year old son’s developmental delays, adopting years of motherhood, even as parenting teens and school aged kids present their own sets of her 2 year old Chinese daughter, and more. challenges. “I really enjoy the all of the various connections that It is important that moms continue to prioritize connections -- whether networking with other I’m able to make, both online and off,” says Sara. local moms, finding online friends with shared interests, getting involved in the community, or “My communities provide me invaluable advice simply making more time to connect with existing friends, strengthening connections can greatly and support from others with the same interests improve life satisfaction overall. and challenges.” ™17 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 18
  11. 11. control path to happiness: Moms of Teens are 25% more likely to Child 0-5 Child 6-12 Child 13-18 have a “very messy” home than m Control Above Average Average Below Average Moms of Preschoolers are. ol Mo n tr a Co t ee As kids get older, moms cede control in a number of areas of their lives. Efforts towards healthy lifestyles for themselves and their kids wane over time. Additionally, moms seem to M feel less control over managing family finances as their kids get older, perhaps caused by kids’ escalating expenses as they learn to drive or get ready for college. Perhaps the best evidence that moms become gradually resigned to having less control is As a part-time Pediatric Occupational Therapist how they evaluate the statement “I am the master of my fate.” More moms with preschool and mom to 4 boys under 6 years old, Katie has to children agreed with that assertion (69%), which drops to just 61% of moms of teens who be hyper-organized just to keep up. “Having kids agreed. makes me feel less in control because everything is so unpredictable,” says Katie. “That is why I always try to be organized in areas I do have Age of First Child control over, like scheduling my patients, having 0-5 6-12 13-18 100 my meals prepped and keeping up with laundry.” 90% 86% 79% Katie finds balance in her life by planning ahead: 80 making the whole week’s dinner menu when food 67% 69% 67% 64% shopping, staying on top of the daily household 59% 61% 60 55% Moms of Preschoolers spend 32% chores, and scheduling time to spend alone with % Agree 48% her husband and each of her boys. Katie also 44% 40 more time eating family meals with makes organization a family affair, giving her oldest sons small chores, and letting her husband their kids than Moms of Teens do. step in when needed. Says Katie, “I am fortunate 20 to have a very supportive husband, who can see when I need time to myself or time together.” 0 I lead a healthy lifestyle. Having my kids eat right Our family does a good I am the master of “Having balance and control in my life allows me is a top priority to me. job managing our my fate. to conquer the day’s many challenges, both big finances from month to month. and small,” says Katie. “I feel like when Moms of Teens I control what takes place in our Moms of Preschoolers house, it makes me a better Meal Time Meal Time Moms that feel more control have greater life satisfaction overall. Ways moms can take mom.” Hours:Minutes/Week Hours:Minutes/Week charge more include prioritizing their own diet and exercise habits, sticking to a budget, maintaining discipline with kids, and keeping a clean home. ™19 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 20
  12. 12. Activities moms wish they had more time for: self expression path to happiness: Sewing Gardening Knitting Yoga Art Piano Cooking Writing Music Crafts Photography Scrapbooking Swimming Child 0-5 Child 6-12 Child 13-18 Self Expression Below Average Average Above Average Fig. 1 Baking Dancing Reading Running om Free Time by Age of Child Self Expression is one path that moms do rM better in over time, counterbalancing declines in Hours of “Me Time”/Week Connections and Control paths. One key factor at I am satisfied with amount of free time I find for myself. so work here is leisure time. As children get older, 40 4.5 es 37% moms regain more “me time” each week. In fact, pr 35 40 4.0 4.0 4.5 moms of teens generally enjoy 23% more free time 37% Ex 30% than moms of kids 12 and under. 30 35 4.0 3.5 4.0 3.2 elf (Fig. 1) % Agree 3.3 30% 25 30 24% 3.0 3.5 aS 3.2 Cecilia worked for years as a manager 3.3 Moms address their need for self expression in a 20 25 24% 2.5 3.0 in a hair salon, but never felt creatively et variety of ways, including creative outlets like satisfied. “There just weren’t enough hours 15 20 2.0 2.5 Me photography, writing, music, dancing, and cooking. in the day for self expression,” says Cecilia. Other moms focus on areas of personal challenge 10 15 1.5 2.0 Then, when she was pregnant with her son, she by participating in a new hobby or taking a class. found a creative outlet that she could also use 0 10 1.5 Ages 0-5 Ages 6-12 Ages 13-18 to make money. “I started making diaper cakes Professional opportunities that are personally rewarding can also contribute to self expression 0 after receiving one as a gift,” says Cecilia, “I thought, satisfaction levels. ‘There has to be a market for these.’” Fig. 2 Finding Time to Help Community 50% Now Cecilia does brisk business selling custom More moms get involved in helping others in their 50 47% diaper cakes, felt cupcakes local communities as their kids get older, with half 50% 50 47% for party favors, and more. of moms of teens regularly participating in such 39% 40 She makes time for everything outreach efforts. 39% by making lots of lists and involv- (Fig. 2) 40 30 ing her 4 year old son in the crafts. “I like to include my son, Brayden, 30 in as many projects as I can,” says % Agree 20 Cecilia. “We are always creating things together!” 20 10 Another benefit of Cecilia’s creations is getting to see others enjoy 10 them. Says Cecilia, “The best part is creating 0 something for someone and seeing how much they 0 love it. I love that!” Ages 0-5 Ages 6-12 Ages 13-18 ™21 MomIndex a report by CafeMom 22