Connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and LinkedIn


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Connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and LinkedIn

  1. 1. ConnectingMicrosoft Dynamics CRMand LinkedInHow combining two popular appscan enable a more powerful mobilesales force.A cafe moba White PaperApril 2013© Copyright 2013 – cafe moba. All rights reserved
  2. 2. 1 © Copyright 2013 – cafe moba. All rights reservedIntroductionData is critical to salespeople. Keeping up with cold leads and prospects can alert a salesperson tochanges or updates that may signal a shift in the purchasing environment. Has a key contact beenpromoted or changed companies? Does he or she have new projects, products, or customers? Asalesperson armed with timely data is better equipped to make valuable connections that couldultimately lead to a sale. Yet long days on theroad often make keeping up to date on such datadifficult.Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a valuable platformfor managing contacts, opportunities, andactivities associated with accounts. But from acontact details perspective, Microsoft DynamicsCRM is a backwards-looking medium; it onlyreflects information from the time it was enteredor last updated. Therefore, Microsoft DynamicsCRM data is only as good as the effort that goes into maintaining it.LinkedIn, however, is a social media platform that,for the most part, is maintained in real time byits own members. LinkedIn actively encouragesits members to update, provide details, andinform connections of work/life changes. In fact,while members only spend around 17 minutes amonth on LinkedIn, the number of members whoupdated their profiles doubled in 20121.Linking Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts andLinkedIn profiles can improve a salesperson’scontact data quality and sales productivity. Butdoing so is not necessarily easy.1“LinkedIn Blows Past Expectations; Revenue Soars 81 Percent To $304M, Net Income Up 66 Percent To $11.5M,”, February 7, 2013, Facts & FiguresAs of December 31, 2012, LinkedIn countsexecutives from all 2012 Fortune 500 companiesas members.LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billionprofessionally-oriented searches in 2012.More than 2.7 million companies have LinkedIncompany pages.There are more than 1.3 million uniquepublishers actively using the LinkedIn Sharebutton on their sites to send content into theLinkedIn platform.LinkedIn members are sharing insights andknowledge in more than 1.5 million LinkedInGroups.In the fourth quarter of 2012, an average of27 percent of unique visiting members camethrough mobile apps, versus just 15 percent in2011.Source:
  3. 3. 2 © Copyright 2013 – cafe moba. All rights reservedMethods of Connecting LinkedIn andMicrosoft Dynamics CRM AccountsThere are three primary ways a mobile sales professional can interact with LinkedIn through theirMicrosoft Dynamics CRM account:Method of Connecting Advantages and DisadvantagesAccess Microsoft Dynamics CRM on amobile browser and simultaneously openthe LinkedIn app; copy the MicrosoftDynamics CRM contact name; switch tothe LinkedIn app and paste the contactname into the LinkedIn search bar; andthen switch back and forth betweenapplications for every contact.• Doesn’t really connect the two apps—the only thing theyhave in common is that they are on the same device• Market-leading iPad, for example, does not allow two apps(including the browser) to be visible at the same time; nottrue multi-tasking• Zero additional costObtain a LinkedIn for Microsoft DynamicsCRM license• Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts are directly integratedwith LinkedIn member profiles• LinkedIn info is not shown in a dashboard; user is stillforced to shuttle back and forth between windows• LinkedIn for Microsoft Dynamics CRM license can beexpensive, potentially doubling monthly MicrosoftDynamics CRM monthly costs• Must be added by Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator• Users must be LinkedIn Premium Account holders toaccess LinkedIn profiles, but can access premium services,improving overall valueUse a native-built iPad or Windows 8 applike cafe moba for Microsoft DynamicsCRM that connects Microsoft DynamicsCRM contacts and LinkedIn profiles• Provides considerable convenience for mobile users. cafemoba dynamically displays LinkedIn profiles as MicrosoftDynamics CRM contacts are scrolled through• Integration with LinkedIn is out-of-the-box• No switching of apps or windows required, dramaticallyimproving productivity• Native iPad or Windows 8 gestures makes for a morenatural and enjoyable user experience• Available as a free app from the Apple App Store andthe Windows Store for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Onlineaccount holders
  4. 4. 3 © Copyright 2013 – cafe moba. All rights reservedAdditional Benefits of ConnectingLinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics CRMAccessing up-to-date contact information is not the only reason to link Microsoft Dynamics CRMand LinkedIn. Because of its real-time, user-generated content, LinkedIn serves as an aggregator ofimportant business information through various sources associated with a member’s profile.Information Sources via LinkedIn BenefitMembers’connections may reveal relationshipsthat are either competitive or complementary.This signals a competing interest for a prospector customer or a possible advantage to a salesproposition.Members’daily updates may provide importantinsight on interests, challenges, and milestones.Helps the sales force develop or improve rapportand the overall business relationship.Members’daily updates may provide importantintelligence on their company’s activities likeproduct introductions, personnel changes,partnerships, or financial performance.Helps the sales team formulate an approach thatwill maximize chances of a successful close.Member’s group discussions may reveal ideas theyare considering, problems they are encountering,objections they may have, or alternatives they areseeking related to a specific product or service.Provides salespeople the opportunity to craft apresentation that closely aligns with the prospect’sor customer’s current thinking.Members’recommendations from others mayreveal insights into their personalities and workingstyles.Allows sales people to anticipate and adapt to thetone of a meeting or negotiations.
  5. 5. 4 © Copyright 2013 – cafe moba. All rights reservedConclusion:The data experience within a mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment can only be improved withthe integration of real-time, user-managed contact information updates. Add the business intelligencethat comes from status updates and the online social activity of LinkedIn’s 200 million members, andthe value to a mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM account holder becomes considerable — as long as theinformation is connected in a way that is familiar, enjoyable, and productive.About cafe moba:cafe moba is a powerful mobile business platform that provides unified mobile access to and analysisof information sources that include ERP, CRM, Cloud-based apps, and even spreadsheets. cafe moba forMicrosoft Dynamics is available as a free app from the Apple App Store and the Windows Store.For more information, visit