Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia


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CAFElab was asked to design the furniture of the reception room.

Enclosed between the rustication of the historical building and the new building, the room is a transition zone between inside and outside.

All furnishings are made of teak wood.
Details and panels in traditional fabrics like silk and batik.
A large table for meeting and reception masters the space, all around, wood shelves allow display of traditional objects;jewelry and silverware will be in a showcase.

The new lighting system, hidden in the ceiling, will focus on the cristal showcase on the table and on the mannequin with traditional robe, at the same time, will enhance the historic building

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Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

  1. 1. Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia the new hall STUDIO DI ARCHITETTURA
  2. 2. INDEX 1. hall plan 2. elevation A 3. elevation B 4. elevation C 5. elevation D 6. views 7. views 8. views Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia the new hall STUDIO DI ARCHITETTURA
  3. 3. The hall provides an occasion to gather the impressions of both the interior as well as the exterior space and hints at what lies beyond. As the transition zone, the hall allows for an intermission along the passage through the spaces. All the furnitures will be realized in teak wood. Details and panels in traditional tissues like silk and batik. A big table with chairs masters the space; all around, wooden shelves allow the display of traditional objects. A glass showcase will display jewelry, silver and fine manufactures. The new lighting installation, concealed in the ceiling, will focus the attention on the glass showcase, on the table and on the mannequin. The historical skin will be illuminated as well. Hall plan project with furnitures
  4. 4. A Elevation - A project with furnitures
  5. 5. B Elevation - B project with furnitures
  6. 6. C Elevation - C project with furnitures
  7. 7. D Elevation - D project with furnitures
  8. 8. Views project with furnitures
  9. 9. Views project with furnitures
  10. 10. Views project with furnitures
  11. 11. CAFElab è un laboratorio multidisciplinare di architettura, lighting design, interior design e restauro architettonico. Il nostro obiettivo è offrire ai nostri clienti un team di progettazione esperto che comprenda le complessità di ogni singola richiesta e sia dedicato ad ascoltare, sviluppare e realizzare la giusta soluzione progettuale. is a multidisciplinary laboratory of architecture, lighting design, living spaces and historic preservation. STUDIO DI ARCHITETTURA Capena (RM) - via del Mattatoio 13 Our focus is to provide clients an experienced design team who understand the complexities of each unique Roma - via Appia Nuova 992 320 0413910 348 8893421 customer requests and is dedicated to listening, discovering and delivering the right design solution. www.cafelab.it info@cafelab.it