Mercado de Cafés Especiais e a Sustentabilidade da Indústria de Café - Palestra apresentada durante o 17º ENCAFÉ - ABIC


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Palestra apresentada durante o 17º ENCAFÉ - ABIC Mercado de Cafés Especiais e a Sustentabilidade da Indústria de Café

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Mercado de Cafés Especiais e a Sustentabilidade da Indústria de Café - Palestra apresentada durante o 17º ENCAFÉ - ABIC

  1. 1. Tendências nos EUA Mercado de Cafés Especiais David Griswold, President Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers
  2. 2. A Empresa A Empresa Fundada em 1997, a Sustainable Harvest é uma das maiores importadoras em volume de cafés certificados orgânicos e fair trade na América do Norte, e os vende para os principais torrefadores de especiais. David Griswold foi presidente da SCAA no biênio 2002/2003, e no Conselho da SCAA durante 6 anos. Ele começou importando cafés especiais do México em 1990, e foi um dos pioneiros em cafés orgânicos e cafés especiais sustentáveis. Criou o termo “Café de Relacionamento”.
  3. 3. Our sources 13 paises 180,000 productores Portland, Oregon 80+ coops/fazendas (USA) 3 oficinas en origin Mexico Honduras Oaxaca, Mexico Guatemala Nicaragua Costa Rica Ethiopia Rwanda Colombia Tanzania Kigoma, Tanzania similar Ecuador Lima, Peru project Bolivia scope Peru Brazil Building a Sustainable Global Supply Chain
  4. 4. Mercado dos cafés especiais i. O mercado ii. Novas tendências no mercado iii. Lições aprendidas com os cafés especiais
  5. 5. Mercado de café dos EUA Mercado de café dos EUA é o maior do mundo; Sources: SCAA, Os cafés especiais são praticamente a metade do D. Giovanucci volume em dólares Mintel 2009 Market Size* Specialty $14 Billion $31 Billion Traditional $17 Billion Specialty Traditional *Estimativas do setor
  6. 6. Marcas de cafés especiais
  7. 7. Cresciemento Crescimento dos cafés especiais acelera Source: SCAA Taxa de crescimento 15 anual composta de 8,2% 11.25 7.5 3.75 1999 2000 2001 2002 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Cafés especiais no mercado dos EUA
  8. 8. Crescimento subjacente Tendências: Crescimento acelera Lojas/Casas Xícaras de cafés especiais/dia no mercado de Café dos EUA (em milhões) Crescimento 90.00 Compound Tendência Annual para o Growth Rate “Premium “ 7% Valor da 82 “Xícara” US$10,99/lb = 27 centavos 41 de dólar/ xícara 0
  9. 9. Principais tendências do mercado dos EUA Outlook •A tendência de aumento do consumo de cafés especiais continuará... •No varejo, a novo concorrência aos cafés especiais virá daqueles “adjacentes” à categoria • As pessoas “cresceram” tomando cafés especiais
  10. 10. Principais tendências do mercado dos EUA Outlook •O consumo da geração mais velha diminuirá; uma grande impulsionadora do consumo de café tradicionais •O consumo fora de casa impulsionará o crescimento de melhor consumo “em casa”.
  11. 11. Principais tendências: cafés orgânicos •O volume de café orgânico cresceu 12% em 2008, para quase 90 milhões de libras de importados. •O café orgânico corresponde atualmente a 3% do mercado de café dos EUA. •O valor de varejo atingiu US$1,3 bilhão, tornando- o o produto orgânico importado mais valioso importado para a América do Norte.
  12. 12. Estratégias para o café especial Ser diferente e melhor em algo que importa para uma base de clientes suficientemente ampla. Elaborar e alavancar a capacidade de o fazer melhor do que a concorrência por meio de investimento em pessoas, lugares e produtos. Segmentar o mercado e conseguir uma participação maior em um nicho menor [torta menor]
  13. 13. Quem faz o quê? US$9,95 é o preço no varejo $3.65 Parcela do Varejista $3.75 Parcela do Torrefador Diversos (perda com a torra, frete, $0.68 financiamento, aduana, custo do Parcela do importador $0.17 $1.70 Parcela do produtor Parcela dos varejistas e torrefadores com base nas estimativas do setor.
  14. 14. Nossa abordagem Estratégia: Seja diferente e melhor em algo que tem importância para uma base de clientes suficientemente ampla. Execução: Focada no café orgânico e fair trade que é o segmento que mais cresce nos cafés especiais. Com o valor de varejo de US $1,3 bilhão, o café orgânico é o produto orgânico mais valioso da América do Norte.
  15. 15. Our business model O modelo de relacionamento • Rastreamento The 5 Ts • Transparência • Treinamento • Tecnologia • Apoio ao negócio
  16. 16. Cupping Reports Taste Calibration
  17. 17. Financial Data
  18. 18. Important Trade Documents Natural Capital Center 721 NW 9th Ave. Suite 235 Portland, OR, 97209 (503) 235-1119 (503) 296-2349 Date of Contract 01/30/09 Invoice Date No. 721 N.W. Ninth, Suite 235 Roaster Coffee Contract - SH - Contract # GURA05-1-DL9 Cafe Moto Inventory February 13th, Portland, OR 97209 02/11/09 Phone 503.235.1119 Buyer: 51956 Seller: Report 2009 Fax 503.296.2349 Dillanos FDA Food Facility Registration Number: Sustainable Harvest 12267991116 1607 45th Street East 721 NW Ninth Street, Ste 235 FLO ID: 1195 Sumner, WA 98390 Portland, OR 97209 United States Current Inventory U.S.A. Contract Description Qty Marks Qty Qty Price Updated Landed Warehouse Purchased Released Remaining / Lbs price Approval incl. F & Bill To Date : 01/30/09 Ship To S CRCO03- Costa Rica Reserva Llano Bonito SHB 250 bags 0005- 130 bags 120 bags 1.8800 2.1000 04/04/08* SLO - Green Mountain Total Quantity : One hundred Green Mountain 69 kg bags approximately 152.145US pounds and forty (140) 1-MO8 FT 0139- Annex 0010 Warehouse 33 Coffee Lane 33 Coffee Lane ETYG03- Ethiopian 2270 Fair Trade , Current Crop 150 bags 0010- 134 84. Description : Guatemala Rio Azul Huehuetenango SHB EP FLO ID Waterbury, Vermont 05676 Waterbury, VT 05676 Yirgacheffe-2 . Target score is bags 16 bags 2.0500 2.3700 10/18/07* SLO - 3-MO7 FTO 0150- Annex 0044 Warehouse Price per lb * : $ 2.2000/lb NISO04- Nicaragua Las Hermanas 250 bags 0017- 91 bags 159 bags 2.1575 2.3575 04/30/08* SLO - P.O. No. Terms Due Date 1-MO8 FOB D.O. No. FTO 0171- Annex Price per bag : $ 334.72 USD 0007 Warehouse PEAT02-B-GM9 Net 20 03/03/09 NJ - Continental PECS10- Peru Casil "Los 12 Apostoles" FLO 3651 2874 FTO 228 bags 0030- 67 bags 161 bags 2.0600 2.1200 11/25/08 SLO - Value of the Contract : $ 46,860.66Terminals USD B-MO8 0621- Annex 2041 Warehouse Delivery : May 2009 to Seattle TZKY12- Tanzania Arabica AA Kanyovu Specialty Gombe Reserve (no primary defects) 22 bags 0033- 16 bags 1-MO7 CONV 0060- 6 bags 2.3500 2.6100 05/19/08* SLO - Annex ITEM MARKS, NUMBER AND DESCRIPTIONS QTY RATE AMOUNT 0001 Warehouse Payment : Net 30 PEAT02-B-GM9 030-0683-0261 278 235.82 your 65,557.96 * These coffees have been in inventory position over 10 months, we ask you to pick up the remaining coffee balance at your earliest convenience. All (FTO) Peru Tabaconas FLO ID 20327 Sustainable Harvest coffees are of the highest quality standard and are expected to be picked up by the buyer within a 10 month period to retain their quality attributes. Bags weigh 152.145 Lbs, Green Coffee Moisture content should fall within SCAA standards that define a minimum of 10% and maximum of 12% for washed Producer Coffee price $1.55/Lb for naturals. coffees, and 10%-13% ** This Contract is fixed at the Fair TradeIn Transit floor price. Contract Description Supplier Approval BL Date Marks ETA Date *Contracts of fair trade coffee are subject to the financial terms and conditions as set forth by FLO and TRANSFAIR USA. Shipping & $0.2050/lb, Reflects price of $ 2.2000 applies when the NY C Arabicaor below $ NA . If the Reserve (nofixes above $ NA , theCoffee The coffee the cost of shipping, TZKY12-1- 8,670.74 Kanyovu Specialty Gombe shipper primary defects) Kanyovu difference Tanzania is at AA 8,670.74 10/27/08 01/05/09 0033-0060- Feb 28 MO8 CONV Curing Coop 0003 Importing Fees drayage, customs, the fix level and $ NAfrom be added to the sales price of this contract. The shipper must exercise its price fixing between and financing coffee will origin to USA of no later than and B/L date or First Notice Day, in which case the buyer will be duly notified. option $0.1400/ lb. the Sustainable Harvest at Origin cost of Forward Contracts $0.0650/lb, to support farmer capacity Contract Description Supplier Original Qty Price / Lbs Approval Notes delivery Purchased Date The signing of this contract signifies the acceptance of all the terms herein, as well as the terms stated. In the event we building at origin. month do not receive a signed contract or objections to the terms herein within 5 business days, you will be deemed bound by CRCO04-3-MO9 Costa Rica Reserva Llano Bonito SHB FLO ID 718 Coocafe R.L. April 2009 250 bags Fixed -- ETA Select if the terms of this contracts. FT 1.9400 difer/ 02/11 CSPaz: We are a certified organic coffee importer under CCOF, and registered certified under the USDA National Organic Program wait info in two weeks for the law. All products sold as organic are “Organically Grown and Processed” in accordance with the California Organic Foods sample of this Act of 1990." We are a certified importer of Fair Trade Coffee under TransfairUSA. contract. NISO05-2-MO9 Nicaragua Las Hermanas UCA Soppexcca May 2009 250 bags Fixed -- FTO 2.2900 Late payments incur interest charges of 1.5% per month (18% annually). Customer is responsible for warehouse charges. Unpaid coffees remain property of seller until payment received. This contract incorporates the provisions, terms and conditions of the spot, ex-dock, ex-warehouse coffee contract ofN.W. Ninth, Suite 235 •Association 97209 • Phone 503.235.1119 • Fax 503.296.2349 721 the Green Coffee Portland, OR (GCA) of New York City, Inc, including all rulings, bylaws, and arbitration procedures in effect on the date thereof. | ©2005 Sustainable Harvest Coffee Co.
  19. 19. 21 OF SEPTEMBER, MEXICO The 21 de Septiembre cooperative recently broke away from a larger organization that mixed high altitude, high quality beans with lower grade coffee, preventing members from receiving the full value of their coffee. Independence the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. All the coffee is shade grown, with fruit and Ingas trees providing a shade The 21st of September is a small cooperative that canopy. Farmers also produce staple crops like corn, broke away from a larger coffee exporting beans, and bananas for family consumption. organization in Oaxaca, Mexico. Now, as an As an independent coffee organization, the 21 of independent entity, the 21st of September sells its September is realizing the true value of their high coffee via Sustainable Harvest to specialty roasters quality coffee. They sell to several of the most with a more direct and transparent business selective coffee roasters in the US market. The relationship. growers have chosen Sustainable Harvest as their exclusive buyer and Sustainable Harvest provides the The Story co-op with farmer training and logistical support. In December 2005, the 21st of September cooperative became an independent coffee producers’ Location organization. When the co-op was founded in The 21st of September cooperative is located in the September of 1992, it choose its name because it town of Putla in the western, mountainous region of represented 21 coffee producing communities. It has Oaxaca, Mexico. The farmers grow their coffee on since increased to 23. The majority of the co-op’s land near the small towns of Santa Lucia, Monteverde, members are of the Mixteca indigenous group. Thirty- Santa Cruz Itundujia, Santiago Ixtalyutla, La Reforma, five percent of the members are women. The farmers and Santa María Zacatepec. are from communities near Putla, where the co-op is headquartered, and they manage small plots of land in what many roasters consider the best coffee region in
  20. 20. KANYOVU, TANZANIA Sustainable Harvest has established an Origin Africa office in Kigoma in order to ensure that the unique KAN- YOVU coffee maintains high quality, and to connect this remote region to new markets Promoting a Sustainable Living relatively young cooperative’s inexperience and remote location formerly hindered its access to KANYOVU represents 4,000 Tanzanian markets. farmers who work in one of the world’s most Sustainable Harvest became involved in the threatened eco-systems. Sustainable Harvest is project to help increase farmer incomes in the region, improving coffee quality there in order to increase while reducing activities associated with deforestation farmer profits, and decrease pressures on the and the bush meat trade. The project represents a landscape, and provide Tanzanians with a sustainable unique opportunity to protect one of the few remaining income. chimpanzee populations in Tanzania. Over the past year, Sustainable Harvest has The Story provided much needed farmer training and In 2007, Sustainable Harvest began a new infrastructure development to ensure that KANYOVU Relationship Coffee project to link specialty coffee coffee can reach its full quality potential. roasters with the KANYOVU Coffee Curing Joint Enterprise. KANYOVU is an umbrella organization Location that represents ten smaller primary societies in the KANYOVU is located in the Kigoma Region Kigoma Region in Tanzania, on the border of the in the westernmost part of Tanzania. The mountains Gombe National Park. that extend north along the shore of Lake Tanganyika Kigoma, one of the most remote and to the Burundian border are part of the Great Lakes impoverished regions in Tanzania, possesses all the region, a place where East and Central African eco- essential elements needed for quality coffee: high systems converge. Because of its position, the area altitude, good soils, and heirloom varietals. But this
  21. 21. Carrier 12:34 PM Carrier 12:34 PM Sample #0456 Sample #0456 Flavor 8.50 Body 8.50 0 10 0 10 Intensity Aftertaste 8.50 0 10 Comments Potato Qualities Floral, Chocolaty
  22. 22. Carrier 12:34 PM Carrier 12:34 PM Back Qualities Done Sample #0456 New Defects 2 Nutty Comments Potato Chocolaty Floral Clean Peanuty 1 Cup Taint Earthy 2 Fault 3
  23. 23. “Making coffee the currency of hope”