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Presentation housekeeping

  1. 1. Presentation onHouse keeping By:- Kritika Pal 01-Batch
  2. 2. House keeping• Housekeeping is the department that deals essentially with cleanliness and all ancillary service attached to that.• The standard plays an important role in the reputation of the hotels. One feels comfortable only in the environment which is clean and well ordered, so cleanliness is important for health foremost also for well being.• Accommodation in hotels tend to be the largest part of the hotel, it is the most revenue generating department, the housekeeping department takes care of all rooms is often largest department in hotels.• The rooms in hotels are offered as accommodation to travelers/ guest as individual units of bedroom. Some interconnected rooms are also made which will be helpful to the guest and families. Many hotels offer suits to the guest.
  3. 3. House keeping• Hotel offer laundry, dry leaning facilities for guest clothes, shoe polishing facilities also.• Hotel aims to make environment comfortable and offer specialised service to the guest.• Hotel offer guest the choice of specialty restaurant, coffee shop. The bar also sells liquors which generate the revenue of the hotel. They are available in banqueting, meeting and private party facilities.• Revenue can be generated from conferencing, meeting, seminar etc.
  4. 4. House keeping• These days shopping arcade also found in hotels.• A health club is a part of facilities of most large hotels especially resort hotels this also include swimming pool and spa facilities.• Hotels try to make the ambiance as pleasant as possible by nice colour scheme, attractive furnishing and a well kept efficient staff.• House keeping is the department determine to a large extent whether guests are happy during stay and in turn mankind they return to the hotel.• The fine accommodation and service are provided to the guest so they are pleased with the hotel. The guest satisfaction is its primary object and the hygiene factor must always be present in the hotel.
  5. 5. House keeping• In hotels major part of revenue comes from rooms, rooms which is not sold on any night losses revenue forever and reason for poor occupancy can be anything like hygiene factor, cleanliness, lack of modernizing etc. hence main purpose is to improve whole appeal of the room. A guest spend more time alone in his room than any other part of the hotel, so he can check up the cleanliness he wishes to as some of the guest are more health conscious these days.
  6. 6. House keeping• He may check up dusting, in-depth cleaning and losses confidence if properly not done e.g. If drawers are not cleaned he may generally wont feel like putting his clothes down. Decent room supplies are service like quick laundry and dry cleaning service shows guest that hotel is considering his comfort and wishes to please him. not only this from the cleanliness of lobby, public area, restaurant, cloakrooms, the state and cleanliness of uniform the guest can judge a lot about hotel. it can be positive or negative judgement we can conclude that housekeeping department contributes greatly to all guest impression of the hotel.
  7. 7. House keeping• Cleanliness is the Vital factor to gain trust from your occupants. In hospitality industry, the individuals who were into it, are looking forward into the utmost of the service they can render to there clients.How can a businessman sell its product without proper label?or without captive packaging?Same as on the hospitality industry, the image of a certain Hotel is with in its people,its premises,its ambiance and on how they treat their guests.The lines that says "a home away from home" is the most popular tag in Hotels.So,how can you provide someone a "home away from home" when you cannot even deliver the most basic requirement of a home? Housekeeping plays an important role in the reputation of the hotels because one feels most comfortable only in the environment which is clean and well ordered, it is important for health foremost also for individual well being. Thus, housekeeping is as crucial as the business itself.
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