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3BAcs Filo Presentation Esupport


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  • 1. e-Support of research actions
    Peter ACS – Csilla FILO
    University of Pécs
    24-25-26. March 2010
    Nantes - Rennes
  • 2. 2
    Aim of presentation
    The presentation aims to understanding a competitive research system which is regarding the long-term maintenance IT systems opportunities for economic consortiums and research base and to unite the individual fields to be implemented in the longer term economic - particularly competitive - research effective supporting.
  • 3. 3
    Objectives of system development
    • To support the work of researcherand the coordination of research groups, work coordination, technical cooperation stimulation
    • 4. To inform the other groups about detail ofresearch processing andthe transfer of research results and their promotion of sciencein the sector public and businesses
  • 4
    According of the research framework,the following services:
    Research functions:
    Knowledge and competency maps
    Group support functions
    Support the research process
    Research methodology descriptions
    Joint research database
    other community functions
    Information functions:
    Thematic research reviews
  • 5. 5
    Research background – e-neighbourhood
    The neighbourhood is a system of relations, which connect the potential opportunities offered. The relationship with the neighbourhood as the knowledge about the world, and about the space where we know each other’s presence, and behaviour. The family-relationship and workplace relations are important context. In additional the neighbourhood also important safety consciousness. The space usesfor activities of daily living, like the neighbourhood of relations of performing. When you imagine a route, the objects appear to be linked to it. Landmark decisions are not abstract directions, but the surrounding objects of known space. Therefore, this knowledge is of great importance.
  • 6. 6
    Strategy of e-neighbourhood
    The e-neighbourhood performs a strategy, in which the virtual reality space based on the locality and thus to interpret the prospect of becoming a real neighbourhood. The e-neighbourhood is particularly important to build a communication space for the local participants, in which the natural reference point exists like a real conditions.
    We started our research and developing
    action from this conception.
  • 7. Schema of process
  • 8. Development of CooSpace
    New extension:
    GOP 13.1
    Operative program of
    Economic development
    Decision (june)
  • 9. CooSpace Project extension
    CooSpace works well in education
    Project support could be used for:
    Project work in education (PBL)
    Project running in higher education
    Project running in international research
    It should be able to integrate independent project parts (subprojects)
    It should help in planning, following, and evaluation of the project
    It should be integrated into a normal communication environment.
  • 10. CooSpace Project extension
    Hierarchical planning
    CooSpace Tool extension
    Project (CooProject)
    Task or
    (sub)project with reference, to a project handled by others
    Start, end, aim, objectives, description
  • 11. CooSpace Project extension
    Levels of participation
    Project membership (general communication frame)
    Description of participant
    File attachments
    Task association (responsibilities and roles)
    Work amount plan (eg. PM)
  • 12. CooSpace Project extension
    Responsible, reporter and confirmator persons
    Planed start and deadline
    With warning message to participants involved
    Preparedness (percentage)
    Result or result reference should be attachable
    Status-Dialogue on correction, confirmation and evaluation
    Descriptions: Plan of work, description of work, evaluation of work, QM decisions.
    List of resources needed
  • 13. CooSpace Project extension
    Reporting and view-s
    Gantt view
    Problem monitor (Missed deadlines)
    Work plan (core and detailed (with descriptions))
    Resource plan
    Description of work
    Evaluation, quality management actions