BIM - what do architects need from product manufacturers?


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Building Information Modelling is a hot topic, with government and the construction industry shouting its benefits. This presentation explores what architects want from product manufacturers, referencing research and interviews with industry leaders.

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BIM - what do architects need from product manufacturers?

  1. 1. Building Information Modelling: What do Architects need from product manufacturers? Chris Ashworth
  2. 2. Adoption of BIM: 2013 Building Information Modelling is a hot topic, with government and the construction industry shouting its benefits. The problem for the manufacturer, with hard pressed budgets, is will I get a return on my investment? Adoption of BIM: 2013 Adoption of BIM: 2013 has been researched and written to help you answer that question and then make the right implementation choices. This presentation references some of the findings from this report. Find out more or purchase the report online now!
  3. 3. For manufacturers BIM is an opportunity to be secure specifications and keep them firm during the construction process. This eBook aims to provide: • A picture of how the UK Construction industry is adopting BIM now and into the future • An overview of the benefits of BIM and how the product manufacturer can take advantage of these • Insight into how BIM affects product specification • Ideas on how to incorporate BIM into your specification sales strategy Find out more or purchase the report online now!
  4. 4. National BIM Library usage Dec 2012 – Dec 2013 (13 months) • 7,890 users registered • 4,105 objects created • 2,712 proprietary objects • 1,393 generic objects Source: National BIM Library LinkedIn Group 7/1/14
  5. 5. Why should Building Product Manufacturers Support BIM? How do I make sure the right level of detail is provided? How do I support it properly? How do I justify the cost to the Finance Director? How do I select the right software? Feedback from over 100 architects Research conducted July 2013 Published August 2013
  6. 6. BIM’s affect on Product Selection of architects using BIM think the availability of BIM objects is important when designing Bathroom & Kitchen, Building Frame, Cladding, Drainage, Flooring, Fire & Security, Glazing, HVAC, Insulation, Ironmongery, Landscaping, Lighting, Partitions & Ceilings, Roofing
  7. 7. BIM – Rate of Implementation • By 2016 the value of work BIM is used for will be 14 times greater
  8. 8. Provision of BIM Objects • Not about providing one object for each details – more is needed
  9. 9. David Philp, Head of BIM Implementation Cabinet Office • Many manufacturers are providing digital representation of their products, yet it is essential they provide context, with classification, as is the case with traditional libraries • It is also important to provide the right object, with the right level of detail at the right time Source: Reaping the Benefits of BIM – An Interview with David Philp
  10. 10. Different Levels of Detail
  11. 11. Rebecca De Cicco, DMA • The industry is still getting to grips with the level of detail required at the various stages of the design process • The next step for the manufacturer will be the provision of a series of varied levels of detail in their content • Not overloading the early stage model with memoryhungry data Source: Reaping the Benefits of BIM – an interview with Rebecca De Cicco.
  12. 12. Provision of BIM Objects • Manufacturer websites preferred location to source BIM objects
  13. 13. Selecting the Right Software • Propriety software not required by all architects
  14. 14. Providing Support
  15. 15. Summing Up • Manufacturers need to be offering BIM objects • The industry is still learning how to use them – think carefully before making a choice • When you do invest do it in depth • Ensure your sales team understand BIM and how it is used
  16. 16. Chris Ashworth @CompetitiveA companies/competitive-advantage Mobile: 07747 626095 cadvantagemarketing Fax: 01252 836850 user/CadvantageConsult/videos Competitive Advantage Consultancy Limited Growth through customer focus