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Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
Intro to GoogleDocs
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Intro to GoogleDocs


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  • How many of you have heard term Web 2.0? How many of you know what Web 2.0 is? Web 2.0 is evolution of the web as we used to know it. Used to seek out information from static websites. Read it, print it, save it, reference it. Now with Web 2.0 the info is delivered to you!
  • Ever faced with the challenge of trying to collaborate with others when working on a project? Cloud computing helps to address some of those challenges. Very similar to shared folders on our network.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to Google Docs
    • 2. 21 st Century Skills
      • What are 21 st Century Skills?
      • Why are these skills critical to educators and students?
      • How can you learn these vital skills?
    • 3.  
    • 4. A Few 21 st Century Tools
      • Collaboration Tools
      • Professional Learning Networks
      • Research and Reference Tools
      • Evaluation and Assessment Tools
    • 5. Collaboration
      • Cloud Computing
        • Accessing programs, files, or resources from the Internet (in the “Clouds”)
        • Benefits are ease of access, always available, and does not use your local resources (storage space)
        • Examples
    • 6.
      • How can you access Google docs?
        • User Name is your DWS email
          • kathy.baker
        • Password is full name
          • kathybaker
          • You will be prompted to change this the first time you log on.
    • 7. Creating & Sharing in
      • 2 methods for creating
        • Upload
        • Create New
      • Sharing documents
        • Private – this is the default
        • Anyone with link – like unlisted phone number
        • Public on the web – for creating a document you want to share with many people
    • 8. Activity One
        • Log on to your Google apps account
        • Create a new document
        • Make use of 3 – 4 formatting items of your choice
        • Invite colleague to collaborate by editing document
        • Share document with several colleagues via web address
    • 9. Activity Two
        • Create a document in Microsoft Word
        • Upload the document to Google docs
        • Edit the document
        • Download the document to local folder
    • 10. Activity Three
        • Access shared document
        • Edit shared document
        • Create a new folder in Google docs
        • Save edited document to new folder