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Cv English

  1. 1. Ai sensi del D. Lgs. n.196/2003 acconsento alla raccolga, trattamento e conservazione dei miei dati, anche sensibili, ed eventualmente il trasferimento a terzi, anche al di fuori della U.E., per finalità di ricerca e selezione del personalequot;. Giancarlo Veltroni CONFIDENTIAL REPORT Giancarlo VELTRONI PERSONAL DATA Year and place of birth: 1961, Sondrio Marital status: Married, 2 children (14, 11) Education: Degree in Business Economics Bocconi University in Milan, 1985 Chartered Accountant and Official Auditor Executive Master CFMT Languages: Italian: mother tongue English: fluent French: basic Present position: Director, Administration, Finance and Control Viking Office Products and Office Depot Italia Business address: Centro Direzionale Milanofiori 20090 Assago (Mi) Business Telephone: +39 02 82275.270 Mobile phone: +39 348 8732125
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1986 1989 COOPERS & LYBRAND (PWC) Senior Auditor As an Auditor, he primarily carried out auditing activities for medium-sized companies until he was appointed to Senior Auditor, co-ordinating project teams. 1989 1994 RATTI SpA Controller This Italian textile group is quoted on the Milan Stock Exchange, and is one of the leaders in the sector of printing on natural fibres, with a turnover of 205 million Euros at the beginning of the ¹90s. Mr. Veltroni joined as Industrial Accounting Manager, reporting to the Managing Director. His first mission was to establish the industrial accounting system, which had not been present in the company up to that point, and to implement, along with the Information Systems Manager, proprietary software to enable an automatic costs and profit & loss reporting, following the five company business lines. When this project was completed, he was given the task of structuring a management control department (5 people) for the seven companies of the Group and, at the same time, he was given the responsibility of setting up a monthly reporting system and introducing an annual Budget procedure. In 1995, he was offered by 21Investimenti a position as Administration Finance and Control Director, of a subsidiary company. He therefore decided to leave the company. 21 INVESTIMENTI - BENETTON GROUP a)1995 1998 ENERVIT SpA Director, Administration, Finance and Control Enervit S.p.A, the company involved in the production of sport drinks and integrators, had a turnover of 26 million Euros and a staff of 100. Mr. Veltroni joined Enervit as representative of Benetton family for 21Investimenti which had a 40% share in the company through 21Investimenti. He reported to the Managing Director, a founder-member. With the support of 4 people team, he revised the company accounting structure, developed
  3. 3. financial analyses and reporting, introduced the budget process and reorganised the cash position. In 1998, because of disagreements between the partners, 21Investimenti sold its stake and offered Mr. Veltroni the chance to take up the role of Administration Finance and Control Director in Profit SpA. b)1998 1999 PROFIT SpA Director, Administration, Finance and Control Profit SpA is the parent company of an Italian media group, 25% owned by 21 Investimenti, with 10 companies involved in production of TV programmes, sales of advertising space and in production of magnetic supports, with a total turnover of 36 million Euros. Main companies of the Group are: Radiotelevisione di Campione, Tele Reporter, VHR, Domovideo, Bravo television studios and Provid Srl. Mr. Veltroni reported to the Chairman of the company - founder and majority shareholder - and managed a team of 10 people. Beyond current Administration Finance and Control activities, he was personally in charge of the company reorganisation, with some extraordinary finance transactions, of which the most important was the merger through incorporation of the Bravo studios into Profit SpA. He implemented an AS400 system and a new corporate accounting system for the Group, centralising many of the accounting activities in the parent company. In 1999, he was offered the position of Administration Finance and Control Director of the Italian subsidiary of a multinational company, with the chance to gain international experience. He therefore decided to leave the company. 1999 2001 DADE BEHRING SpA Finance Director Italy Italian branch of Dade Behring Group, the fourth group worldwide in the sector of diagnostic machines, with a turnover of 1.3 billion dollars. It operates in Italy with a workforce of 180 and a turnover of 82 million Euros. Mr. Veltroni’s position was as Administration Finance and Control Director and he reported hierarchically to the International Vice President, and functionally to the European VP Finance. Along with the HR Director, the Sales Director and the Marketing Director, he formed the Italian Management Team which co-ordinated the Italian branch in the absence of the Managing Director a position which had not been filled since the beginning of 2000. He was a member of
  4. 4. the Board of Directors. With at team of around 10 people, he oversaw the areas of General Accounting (management accounts, statutory financial statements, and tax), Accounts Payable and Receivable, Cash, Credit & Collecting (partially outsourced to primary Company in the sector) and Management Reporting – US GAP - and Controlling. When he joined the company, he founds a high critical situation with respect to the fulfilment of corporate and tax obligations, due to the inaccurate management of Dade Behring merger, which had taken place before he arrived, and to an uncompleted migration of the information system onto the new SAP application. Together with the parent company , and according to the International Executive Team, Mr. Veltroni launched the BIBOT (Bring Italy Back On Track) project, which enabled the situation to be regularised before the closing of 1999 accounting year. At the same time, he worked with the parent company on a bad debts recovery project (particularly important for some customers such as Public Hospitals) which led to the sale of 39 million Euro pro soluto credits out of the Italian subsidiary with a great impact on the International Working Capital for the period. He was a member of an international team that co-ordinated the implementation of a centre for international services (Share Service), aimed at the centralisation in Brussels of part of the administrative activities (Accounts Payable and Receivable, Credit Collection, Management Reporting of the European subsidiaries). Tool SAP 2001 2002 LONGONI SPORT CFO Longoni Sport Group, with a turnover of over 132 million Euros and 900 workers as of 28.02.2002 the date of closure of the accounting period was one of the leading companies in Italy in the retail sector for sports equipment and sportswear, with 23 sales points of which 12 were opened in the last 18 months. In January 2001 the new reference shareholder, the British investment fund Bridgepoint Capital, called on Mr. Veltroni to take up the position of Financial Director, reporting directly to the Managing Director (Mr. Walter Benati, the same one he worked with in Enervit Spa in period 95-98) and the shareholders Bridgepoint Capital UK equity. He co-ordinates a team of 13 people and is a member of the Board of Directors of 2 companies in the Group. During the first six months of 2001, Mr. Veltroni supervised and completed the Administrative department restructuring project, in line with the company’s needs for development. At the same time, he overhauled the Group’s financial and corporate position, with the creation of operational leasing contracts for opening new sales points and structured financial operation and merger operations between the Group companies, reducing the legal entities from 7 to 2. By
  5. 5. means of a restructuring of the cost structure, he managed to reduce the corporate debt, thereby contributing to improving the company’s profitability. He was involved in the m&a when Bridgpoint decided to dismiss the asset and prepared the Business Plan and the Financial return of the operation. In July 2002, the company was taken over by Giacomelli Group – one of the principal sector competitor - and Mr. Veltroni was confirmed in his previous charge, but due to the non- consistency of the new shareholders has decided to proceed his professional carrier elsewhere and left the group at 2002 year end. Tool AS400 since 2003 OFFICE DEPOT-VIKING OFFICE PROUCTS Director, Finance Region South (Italy and Spain) Italian branch of Office Depot, the first global supplier of office products and services with 13,6 billion dollars in revenue and 45,000 employees worldwide. Office Depot is quoted at NYSE. The Italian affiliate of Office Depot operates with a workforce of 250 employees and 100 Agenti and a turnover close to 100 million euro. The business is run with three different channels, direct (mail order), internet (e-business) and contract and this structure is reflected also into the two legal entities Viking Office Product Italy and Office Depot Italia with a turnover of 100 millions of Euro. Mr. Veltroni’s position is as Administration Finance and Control Director and he reports hierarchically and functionally to the International Finance Vice President, based in the Nederlands. He is a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of 2 Companies. With at team of around 31 people, including the 4 four managers reporting directly to Mr. Veltroni, he oversees the areas of general accounting (management accounts, statutory financial statements, and tax), supplier/account payable, treasury, account receivable, management control & reporting and credit collection. He’s also in charge for any legal task needed as at local as at International level with country impact. He’s covering all the legal aspects and contract interfacing with the International VP Legal. The Company went through a significant acquisition of an international competitor in Europe, during 2003, and Mr Veltroni was responsible of the successful integration project locally that brought the Company to m&a and other extraordinary operations. In 2007 he leaded a case study to implement the Retail channel in Italy with the implementation of stores; the business case was submitted to the Board of the Company but at the moment is in stand-by due to the initial loss foresee for the new project.
  6. 6. In 2007 he introduced the procedure and the process to obtain the certification for ISO9001 and ISO 14001 for the Italian entities In 2007 he has applied to Law 231 and implemented the ‘Comitato di Vigilanza’ for Office Depot Italia srl In team with the country manager for Italy, who leads the commercial side of the local entities, Mr Veltroni has contributed to reduce costs and implement efficiency of the Italian Companies and able to reach the country profit at Consolidate level On 2008 he migrates all the transactional Finance activities for his Region to the new Office Depot Share Service in Romania as part of an European Finance project to contribute with efficiency to the Company tasks. On November 2008 is promoted Finance Director for the Region South and Board Member for the Spanish legal entity. Tool JDE/Comshare