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Highly Recommended: Harnessing WOM and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Drive Business
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Highly Recommended: Harnessing WOM and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Drive Business


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Presented by Paul Rand, President/CEO, Zocalo Group at the 2013 Racom IMC Roundtable. More info on this event at

Presented by Paul Rand, President/CEO, Zocalo Group at the 2013 Racom IMC Roundtable. More info on this event at

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Highly RecommendedHarnessing WOM & Social Media toBuild Your Brand and Drive BusinessPAUL M. RANDPresident/CEO of Zócalo Group@paulmrandComing Soon!September,2013
  • 2. 1Develop a clear and purposefulstory of how you want people torecommend you2 Live your brand3 Be human, transparent, andlive up to mistakes quickly4 Stay engaging and interesting5 Regularly evaluate and evolve –but stay true to your coreLive a recommendable life
  • 3. SocialBusinessHighlyRecommendedBusiness
  • 4. Stew Leonard’s and the30 minute recommendation
  • 5. What Stew gets right…He makes the shopping experiencepleasant and funHis employees are in on the gameHis stores have personality andcelebrate local produce and theseasonsHe’s committed to the community withregular outreach services and a varietyof holiday events.
  • 6. Why Angie and her listare worth $650 million
  • 7. “Marketing is dead,” says Saatchi & SaatchiCEO. The chief executive of one of the world’slargest marketing groups has today declaredthat marketing and strategy are dead.Marketers are moving from accumulationto advocacy and engagement
  • 8. Fixing what advertisinghas broken
  • 9. AttentionInterestDesireActionA whole new model for a whole new world…A. I. D. A.McKinsey & Co.’sConsumer Decision Journey
  • 10. Duxler Tire and theloyalty loop
  • 11. Moving Beyond NPS…Did you recommend?Where, how and why did yourecommend?Where those recommendations fromsomeone of influence in the category?How did others recommend?How do these recommendationscompare to competitors and theindustry?Did those recommendations make animpact? If so, where and how?
  • 12. The power of positiverecommendations
  • 13. Why people recommend…First to Know & First to TellSelf-validation, letting others know that you arean “early elite product tester”Favor BankingTrading currency, or sharing with others whoshare back with youCredibility Rub-OffWhen a brand has a particularly goodreputation, it can be recommended even beforeit is experiencedProjectionRecommending something to project a desiredimage of oneself onto othersGenuine Brand LoveBrand fans, generally 100% sincere
  • 14. Some recommendations aremore valuable than others
  • 15. 15Proprietary & Confidential © 2012 Zócalo Group, LLCThink of influencers as an ecosystemBrand EcosystemIndustry EminentsBrand FansDeterminedDetractorsPeer Influencers
  • 16. Understand where andhow your brand is talkedabout and recommended
  • 17. 17Formalize a sharable story to reflect how youwant your brand talked about and recommendedDescribes howbrand addressesmarket needDescribes howbrand addressesmarket needDescribes howbrand leads itsindustryDescribes howbrand leads itsindustryDefines marketdemand/customer needDefines marketdemand/customer needElaborates onmarketexpectationsElaborates onmarketexpectationsDefines howbrand ispositioned tosucceedDefines howbrand ispositioned tosucceedGoal & VisionProof Pointsand FactsProof Pointsand FactsProof Pointsand FactsProof Pointsand FactsProof Pointsand Facts
  • 18. Discover whose recommendationsinfluence your brand’s purchasedecisions
  • 19. Create compelling content andexperiences that engage
  • 20. 90When engaging with people across yoursocial networks:Follow the 90 / 10 Rule90%of your time should be spent: informing them,entertaining them, educating them, sharing with them,asking for their input, and listening.10% of your time should be spent marketing to them.
  • 21. Protect your brand byidentifying and neutralizingthreats
  • 22. The four factorsempowering badonline behavior:No guiltThe mobRelative anonymityNo accountability
  • 23. Customer service that getsyou recommended
  • 24. Seven strategies for success:Provide as many opportunities for feedback as possibleMonitor all feedback avenues regularlyRespond in a timely mannerRespond with an open mindMake the appropriate apologies and explanationsSolve the problem promptlyShow the consumer that you’ve solved the problem promptlyListen, and act on, what consumers are telling you
  • 25. Become the mostrecommended placeto work
  • 26. Five ways socialmedia has changedHR forever:Finding the Employee’s VoiceTrue TransparencyRecruitingRetentionOrganizational Branding
  • 27. Creating products andofferings your customerstell you they will buy
  • 28. The benefits ofco-creation…Frequent customer engagementFresh ideasCustomer loyaltyWOM momentum
  • 29. Built by RecommendationOmniClean
  • 30. Thank you!PAUL M. RANDPresident/CEO of Zócalo Group@paulmrandComing Soon!September,2013