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CSU Social Media Workshop 2011

CSU Social Media Workshop 2011






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    CSU Social Media Workshop 2011 CSU Social Media Workshop 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media Workshop DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Outline1. Social media 1012. Social media marketing3. CSU and social media DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • What is social media? DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • DefinitionsSocial mediaWebsites and applications used for social networking http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/social+mediaSocial networkingThe use of dedicated websites and applications to communicateinformally with other users, or to find people with similar interests tooneself http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/social+networking DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Definitions cont.Social webCurrently used to describe how people socialize or interact with eachother throughout the World Wide Web. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_web( Web 2.0 Commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centred design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0 ) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • All mean the same thing social media = social networking = social web = web 2.0„Social‟ is the current dominant paradigm for usingthe internet. DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media is communicationSocial media is conversation DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • If it‟s online, its social media DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Maybe a better question is…What isn‟t social media? DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • The nitty gritty DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Technologies •RSS •Blogs – comment, share, tag, rate •Wikis •Proprietary technology •Data integration DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Types of interactions •Easy •Participatory •Conversation •Sharing (bookmark, review, rate) •Collaborate/community DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Buzz words •Create •Animate •Share •Profile •Tag •Comment •Vote •Rate DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Websites Site Size Facebook 600 million users Twitter 200 million users LinkedIn 100 million users Youtube 35hrs uploaded per minute Flickr More than 5 billion images Foursquare 7 million users DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Other social media site types •Bookmarking •Media aggregation – Digg •Daily deals •Location-based •Niche e.g. fitness, mommybloggers DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Why should I care? DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media is #1!It is bigger than•Porn•Online dating•Gambling•… even Google! DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media revolution•96% of millennials have joined asocial network•1 out of 8 couples married in theUS met via a social network•Ashton Kutcher and BritneySpears have more Twitterfollowers than the populations ofSweden, Israel, Switzerland,Ireland, Norway and Panama. DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media is the future •More than „what‟s hot‟ •Bandwagons will change •Shift in thinking •„Social‟ is here to stay •Social = human •Think social now DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Everyone else is doing it •„Like us‟ and „Follow us‟ is mainstream •10 million Australians active on FB (50%). 6.6M check FB every day! •40% of Australian‟s online interact with companies in social media DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • 2010 Social Media BusinessBenchmarking Study•Before 2009, 40% of AUS businesses were participating insocial media•During 2009, 60% of AUS businesses participated•During 2010, 71% of AUS businesses participated•During 2011, what % will participate?•A global study recently found that 66% of companies willbe investing in Social Media Marketing in 2010 DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Same study – Aus consumers• 86% read online consumer reviews about products, services orbrands• 75% belong to a social media site• 63% interact with others via social networking sites• 59% have a profile on Facebook• Twitter saw 979% growth in audience levels in 2009• Australians are global leaders in the time spent on social mediasites DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media is our job •90% indicate that social media is important for their business •58% are using social media for 6 hours or more each week •Number 1 advantage of social media marketing is generating business exposure (88%) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Anyone still not convinced thatsocial media is important? DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • What SMM is NOT •NOT a new channel •NOT an advertising opportunity •NOT a campaign DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • The back story •A call to action for businesses to understand the „new‟ marketplace •„Markets have become conversations‟ •A powerful global conversation has begun DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • How do you market in social media? It happens naturally: •Conversations •Recommendations •Community •Shared experiences and ownership DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • But what can a business do? •Stop thinking like a marketer; •Think like a publisher and socialiser •Look, listen, learn •Know your audience •Only then respond •Quality is no longer a differentiating factor •Authenticity is the only real unique message DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Reality check: Influence! 1. Reciprocation 2. Commitment and Consistency 3. Social Proof 4. Liking 5. Authority 6. Scarcity DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • The law of social proof DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • To influence in social media1. Give high-value content and be really nice2. Be consistent in your activity. Reward committment3. Show off followers4. Target specific audiences with the right message5. Dress for success. Use credentials6. Limit your offershttp://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/6-powerful-social-media-persuasion- techniques/ DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Practical simple step approach 1. Listen 2. Establish voice 3. Plan 4. Connect 5. Content strategy DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Where in the marketing mix? DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • http://www.hubspot.comTraditional marketing (outbound) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Inbound marketing (includes SMM) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • SMM budgetsIn 2010, budget airline Jetstar announced itsdecision to redeploy 40% of its marketingbudget to social mediaReference:http://mumbrella.com.au/jetstar-to-switch-40-of-marketing-budget-into-social-media-21152 DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • In 2009, 44% of large Aus businessesreallocated budget to social media from…Community Engine 2010 Social Media BusinessBenchmarking Study DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Among organisations wholeheartedly engagingin social media, the majority say they willallocate between 5 and 20 per cent of theirmarketing budget in 2010 to social media.Community Engine 2010 Social Media BusinessBenchmarking Study DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Return on investment 33% of all social media marketers want to know how to monitor and measure the ROI Reference: 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, SocialMedia Examiner DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media used by marketers DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • SMM toolshttp://www.cmo.com/social-media/cmos-guide-social-media-landscape DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Loss of control •Negative •Unauthorised •Not ours/theirs •User-generated •Not brand DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • How to manage •Which department is „social media‟? •Social media is not for marketing •What is the cost/ROI? •What is the cost of inaction? DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • 10 trends to watch for 2011(Or „What the cool kids are doing) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • 1. Video 7. Gamification2. Ubiquitous geo- 8. Data. Visualized. location http://feltron.com3. Always-on consumer 9. Virtual influence4. Content curation impact5. Cloud computing 10.Digital detox6. e-Book readers DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Gamification example “We believe that the easiest way to change peoples behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory” DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Social media at CSU DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • 2011 Online Marketing Plan DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Currently doing PlanningFocusing on 3 sites Action planDaily publishing content Start bloggingConnecting Involve Contact CentreResponding Create „portal‟Listening Expanding (Flickr)Creating presence Mobile DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Facebook6th most significant referring site of traffic tocsu.edu.au (April 2011) DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Deferred campaignSubscribe or „Like‟?•14 subscribes•52 „likes‟ DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Twitter•http://twitter.com/#!/mentions•http://twittercounter.com/compare/CharlesSturtUni/3month/followers DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • Youtube•21,000 total views•40-50 views per day•Discovery is 30% by youtube search, 26% byyoutube related videos, only 9% direct fromchannel DIVISION OF MARKETING
    • How do we measure?•Reach (followers, fans, views, members)•Traffic (visits from social media to csu.edu.au)•Conversions•Buzz (mentions)Monthly web activity report DIVISION OF MARKETING