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General knowledge quiz prakash

  1. 1. complete mba test prep TestFundaGeneral Knowledge Quizzes Book 5
  2. 2. The LEADER in Online MBA Test Prep Table of Contents Online Quiz # 80 (10-Apr-10) ............................................... 3 Online Quiz #82 (24-Apr-10) ................................................ 5 Online Quiz #84 (08-May-10) ............................................... 7 Online Quiz #86 (22-May-10) ............................................... 9 Online Quiz #88 (05-Jun-10) ...............................................12 Online Quiz #90 (19-Jun-10) ...............................................14 Online Quiz #92 (03-Jul-10) ................................................16 Online Quiz #94 (17-Jul-10) ................................................17 Online Quiz #96 (07-Aug-10) ..............................................21 Online Quiz #98 (21-Aug-10) ..............................................23 ANSWERS .....................................................................................24 Solutions of Online Quiz #80 ...............................................25 Solutions of Online Quiz #82 ...............................................26 Solutions of Online Quiz #84 ...............................................27 Solutions of Online Quiz #86 ...............................................28 Solutions of Online Quiz #88 ...............................................29 Solutions of Online Quiz #90 ...............................................30 Solutions of Online Quiz #92 ...............................................31 Solutions of Online Quiz #94 ...............................................32 Solutions of Online Quiz #96 ...............................................33 Solutions of Online Quiz #98 ...............................................34 About .............................................................35Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 1 ©
  3. 3. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepPREFACEFrom the past few years, many MBA entrance exams have shown a trend towardsquestioning a student’s general knowledge and awareness. Even if some entrance examsdo not contain GK questions directly, the challenging rounds of Group Discussion andPersonal Interviews also grill a candidate on his/her knowledge of current affairs andother useful trivia.To ace the tests and the GDPI rounds, it is imperative for a student to be well read andupdated with the events and issues shaping the world around.We, at, conduct Online Quizzes that help broaden your awareness. Thesefun quizzes are an entertaining way of updating your GK and trivia. The quizzes in thisbook are designed to give students a wealth of information.We are sure that our readers will benefit greatly from these books. They shall provide ahigh-quality cerebral recreation as well as a break from rigorous hours of study.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 2 ©
  4. 4. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz # 80 (10-Apr-10)Q1. The Battle of Britain was fought in the summer of which year?Q2. What name is given to the heavy summer rains in Asia?Q3. Whose summer palace is the Castel Gandolfo?Q4. What name is given to the longest day of the year?Q5. In Shakespeares Mid summer nights Dream, who was King of the Fairies?Q6. The summer of the shark was the original title of which novel?Q7.According to a popular proverb, what does not make a summer?Q8. What did The Queen Of Hearts do on a summer day?Q9. In the UK, what term describes the time when clocks are kept one hour ahead ofGreenwich Mean Time?Q10. Esther Summerson is the heroine of which novel by Charles Dickens? Q11. What is the collective name of a group of seventeen hundred islands between Canadaand the USA which are popular summer resorts?Q12. What does SPF stand for in sun cream - which you have to wear when its hot?Q13. When is the Christian festival of Midsummer Day?Q14. "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesnt." This is a famous tagline from whichmovie?Q15. Who wrote this sonnet "Shall I compare thee to a summers day?"?Q16. Identify the movie.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 3 ©
  5. 5. The LEADER in Online MBA Test Prep Q17. Easter gets its name from: (Choose one of the options. Also mention the entire answernot just the option number.)a. Eostre, the Anglo goddess of spring.b. Eastorus, the star that appears in the spring.c. Easton, the name of the cave where Christ was buried.Q18. According to Greek mythology, what causes the onset of spring?Q19. What volcano erupted in 1883 to cause the "year without a summer"?Q20. What star in Cygnus completes the Summer Triangle asterism with Vega and Altair?View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda users.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 4 ©
  6. 6. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #82 (24-Apr-10)Q1. Identify the logo.Q2.Where was Earth Day first celebrated?Q3. On what date was it first suggested to be celebrated?Q4. When was the first Earth Day celebrated?Q5. Who is the patron saint of ecologists? Q6. Name the worlds first national park that was started in 1872. In which country is itlocated?Q7.In which year and in which country was the first major international conference onenvironmental issues held? Q8. What are the organizations around the world whose emphasis is largely onenvironmental protection known as collectively?Q9. In 1992, the United Nations held what is popularly known as the "Earth Summit" inwhat country?Q10. In which country was Greenpeace founded?Q11. How much less energy do CFL bulbs use as compared to regular bulbs?Q12. Identify the gentleman in the picture.Q13. How long does glass take to decompose in landfills?Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 5 ©
  7. 7. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ14. What is this a symbol for?Q15. What is the full form of AQI? Q16. The rise in temperature the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmospheretrap energy from the sun to warm up the Earth. What is term used for this phenomenon?Q17. What is the term used for "the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions causedby an organization, event or product"?Q18. This year the Earth Day coincided with which conference?Q19. When is Fossil Fools Day celebrated?Q20. Identify the logo.View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 6 ©
  8. 8. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #84 (08-May-10)Q1. According to the Bible, who is the Mother of all the Living?Q2.Irene-Joliot won a Nobel Prizes for her work in the same field that her mother had won aNobel prize. Who was her mother and what field was it?Q3. What is the official flower of Mothers Day?Q4. When is Mothers Day celebrated every year?Q5. "Mothers ruin" is also known as what ?Q6. What was the name of the son that Hagar mothered through her master Abraham?Q7.Identify the famous name associated with Mothers Day.Q8. Find the phrase using the clue - A difficult to find vein.Q9. What is the mother of invention?Q10. Who was the mother of Solomon?Q11. Who is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was better known as?Q12. In which film is there a computer called Mother?Q13. Which first lady of the US was also a first mother? Q14. In the famous lunch scene in When Harry Met Sally, whose real-life mom utters theclassic line "Ill have what shes having?"Q15. Identify the movie.Q16. In the Percy Jackson series, which Greek Goddess was the mother of Annabeth Chase?Q17. In the Harry Potter Series, what was his mothers maiden name? (Full name expected.)Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 7 ©
  9. 9. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ18. Name the cartoon character of whom she is the mother.Q19. Identify this TV soap which is based on a mother-daughter relationship.Q20. Identify this ever-popular "Maa".View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 8 ©
  10. 10. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #86 (22-May-10)Q1. Name the famous writer who left money to reform the alphabet.Q2. Which Indian social reformer waged war against the practice of “Sati”, child marriageand also founded the Brahmo Samaj?Q3. This President was instrumental for abolishing slavery in the U.S.A.Q4. Who established the International Red Cross?Q5. Identify this "Ocean of Knowledge".Q6. She established the International Order of Co-Freemasonry in England and the HomeRule League in India.Q7. This architect of the Indian Constitution fought against the system of Chaturvarna anddiscrimination against the dalits.Q8. Name the founder of the Society of Nobles.Q9. Who was considered as a National Teacher of India and the spiritual successor ofMahatma Gandhi?Q10. Name the composer of Vande Mataram - Our National Song.Q11. This industrialist and freedom fighter has one of the leading B-schools named after him.Identify him. (Full name expected.)Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 9 ©
  11. 11. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ12. This "Great Soul" had four children namely Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas.Q13. Baba Amte was an Indian social worker known particularly for his work for therehabilitation and empowerment of poor people suffering from leprosy. What was his fullname?Q14. Identify this pioneer of womens education in India.Q15. Siddhartha renounced the material world and became the enlightened one. Identify him.Q16. Identify this social activist.Q17. The chief disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa founded of Ramakrishna Mission.Identify him.Q18. Gurudevs Gitanjali won him the Nobel Prize. Identify him.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 10 ©
  12. 12. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ19. Identify the social movement.Q20. This German social reformer is called the “Father of communism’.View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 11 ©
  13. 13. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #88 (05-Jun-10)Q1. What volcanos explosion caused a local war?Q2.Which natural disaster can produce the fastest winds on Earth?Q3. What does the Richter scale measure? Q4. What effect is referred to when we say the phrase "a minor change in circumstancescausing a large change in outcome"?Q5. What is the deadliest natural disaster in recorded history?Q6. The center of a hurricane is called the what? Q7.Which island has been nearly destroyed by its currently active volcano, wiping out thecapital and forcing thousands to evacuate?Q8. What are large, dangerous ocean waves produced by hurricanes called?Q9. In which country is Chernobyl, where the nuclear reactor had exploded, located? Q10. The last voyage of this luxury liner ended at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It wasdescribed as a floating museum and guaranteed to be unsinkable. Fifty-two passengersdrowned, yet even today the ship continues to claim victims—more than ten hapless fortuneseekers have lost their lives hunting for sunken treasure aboard the...Q11. Name the toxic gas that caused the Bhopal Gas tragedy? Q12. This attack on the American Naval forces resulted in the Hiroshima-Nagasakiretaliation. Identify.Q13. What was this wrestler known as?Q14. Identify the producer/director of this disaster at the box office. (Full name expected.)Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 12 ©
  14. 14. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ15. Identify this movie. Q16. Identify the political slogan that led to the fall of the BJP in the 2004 parliamentaryelections. Q17. In the bible, two cities were destroyed by "brimstone and fire" by God. The fall ofthese cities is synonymous with a proverbial manifestation of Gods wrath. Identify the cities.Q18.A recent drink by Pepsico was accused of causing High bone fever. Identify it.Q19. Name the airlines involved in the recent air crash in Mangalore.Q20. Who was the chairman of Satyam Computers when the controversy came to light?View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 13 ©
  15. 15. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #90 (19-Jun-10)Q1. Identify this operating system that flopped.Q2. Name the cyclone that was threatening to hit Gujarat recently.Q3. Identify this spiritual teacher. Q4. This Indian social activist and former IPS officer recently hosted a popular TV seriescalled "Aap Ki Kachehri". Identify her.Q5.What is the day household servants returned home to be with their mothers known as?Q6. The Villain of the Ramayana, Ravana was a stauch devotee of which God? Q7.Many churches in the United States have begun to celebrate a semi-religious holiday onthe Sunday before Earth Day to inspire parishioners to "celebrate and protect Gods creation".What is this holiday called?Q8. Identify the logo.Q9. Who had first suggested to be held on March 21, the day of the March equinox?Q10. Complete the popular phrase: April showers bring May ___Q11.Where was the first share market in India established.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 14 ©
  16. 16. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ12.Identify the lady in the picture.Q13. Ron Dennis has been the manager for many years of the team behind which FormulaOne motor racing car? Q14. Who is the current the President of Entertainment and Sports Programming Network(ESPN)? Q15.A famous inventor applied for a patent on Valentine’s Day in 1876. Name him and theinvention.Q16. Who is awarded the Dronacharya Award?Q17. Which is the first state to be formed on the basis of language? Q18.This child of midnight has a fatwa against him for penning his thoughts about radicalislam. Identify him. Q19. This lady weaved a magical world that resulted in the highest grossing movie series inthe history of Hollywood. Identify her. Q20. A certain telecom co. was in the news for launching a net service that rudely askedpeople to "get a life". Name the company.View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 15 ©
  17. 17. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #92 (03-Jul-10)Q1. What year did The American Revolutionary war begin and end? Q2.Who was the President of the United States Congress when the Declaration ofIndependence was signed?Q3.Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?Q4. How many delegates signed the Declaration of Independence? Q5.The Declaration of Independence proclaimed the independence of the how manycolonies in America?Q6. New York was at first under the _____.Q7.Who was ruling Britain during the American War of Independence?Q8. Which American harbor was originally called New Amsterdam?Q9. What are the two places that the "shot heard round the world" refer to?Q10. Who was the youngest member to sign the Declaration of Independence?Q11.What resolution actually occurred on July 2nd, declaring the formal break from GreatBritain?Q12.What was the location of a series of battles that became the turning point for theRevolutionary War?Q13. Which American general turned traitor and joined the British?Q14. America received foreign aid from what country?Q15.Some German mercenaries fought for the British. What are they usually called?Q16. What is known as the last battle of the American Revolution?Q17. Most of the signers actually signed the Declaration of Independence on what date? Q18.Who said this: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels wereto govern men… [no] controls on government would be necessary."?Q19. When was the 2nd Boston Tea party held?Q20. Who said: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."?View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 16 ©
  18. 18. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #94 (17-Jul-10)Q1.Q2.Q3.Q4.Q5.Round 2: Identify the Websites from the logos.Q6.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 17 ©
  19. 19. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ7.Q8.Q9.Q10.Round 3: Identify the Brands from the logosQ11.Q12.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 18 ©
  20. 20. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ13.Q14.Q15.Round 4: Identify the Banks from the logos.Q16.Q17.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 19 ©
  21. 21. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepQ18.Q19.Q20.View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 20 ©
  22. 22. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #96 (07-Aug-10)Round 1: Identify the Banks from these taglines.Q1. Bank of Opportunity.Q2. Dont leave home without it.Q3. A tradition of trust.Q4. One Family One bank.Round 2: Identify the International Brands from these taglines.Q5. We bring good things to life.Q6. Wassup?!Q7. Finger-lickin good!Q8. Play. Laugh. Grow.Q9. Slightly ahead of its time.Round 3: Identify the Cars from these taglines.Q10. For Life.Q11. The Ultimate Driving Machine.Q12. Dont dream it. Drive it.Q13. Think small.Round 4: Identify the FMCG brands from these taglines.Q14.Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.Q15.The mark of a man.Q16. Were behind you every step of the way.Q17.Because Im worth it.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 21 ©
  23. 23. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepRound 5: Websites/ IT Brands from these taglines.Q18.Software powers the InternetQ19.Must see TV.Q20.Whats happening?View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 22 ©
  24. 24. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepOnline Quiz #98 (21-Aug-10)Q1.Who was the president of the Constituent Assembly that held the IndependenceMeeting?Q2.Who was the first viceroy of Independent India?Q3.Who was the last Governor General of Independent India?Q4.Who sung the “Vande Mataram” song during the special session of Parliament onAugust 14, 1947?Q5.Who was Independent Indias first external affairs minister?Q6.Who was the first Chief Justice of India?Q7.Who designed Indias Parliament Building?Q8. Who founded the Independent Labour Party?Q9.Who wrote the book Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence?Q10.Who said "Swaraj is my birthright, and I will have it!"?Q11.What is 16th August 1946 known as?Q12.Which was the first Indian state to be formed on the basis of language?Q13.Who was the Speaker of the Lok Sabha before he became the President of India? Q14.In 1997, the year of 50th anniversary of Indian independence, the US Senate passed aresolution, designating it as a National(US) Day of celebration of...Q15.From which state has Nagaland been separated?Q16. Which former Indian Prime Minister’s birthday is on December 25? Q17.Who was the Governor General of India at the time of the opening of the Parliamentbuilding on 18th Jan, 1827.Q18.Mahatma Gandhi was referred to as the “Father of the Nation” first by?Q19. Who composed the famous patriotic song “Sare Jahamse Acha”?Q20.“Vanar Sena” which participated in freedom struggle of India was led by?View the solutions of this quiz.Discuss the quiz with TestFunda usersBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 23 ©
  25. 25. The LEADER in Online MBA Test Prep ANSWERSBook 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 24 ©
  26. 26. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #80Answer 01: 1940.Answer 02: Monsoon.Answer 03: The PopeAnswer 04: Summer solstice.Answer 05: Oberon.Answer 06: Jaws.Answer 07: A swallow.Answer 08: She made some tarts.Answer 09: British Summer Time (BST) or Greenwich Daylight Saving Time (GDT).Answer 10: Bleak House.Answer 11: Thousand islands.Answer 12: Sun Protection Factor (SPF).Answer 13: 24th June.Answer 14: (500) Days of Summer.Answer 15: William Shakespeare.Answer 16: I know what you did last summer.Answer 17: a. Eostre, the Anglo goddess of spring.Answer 18: Persephone, queen of the underworld, returns to her mother, Demeter, thegoddess of the harvest.Answer 19: Mount Tambora.Answer 20: Deneb..Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 25 ©
  27. 27. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #82Answer 01: Earth Day 2010.Answer 02: It was first celebrated in San Francisco, California.Answer 03: March 21, the day of the March equinox.Answer 04: April 22, 1970.Answer 05: St. Francis.Answer 06: Yellowstone National Park in U.S.Answer 07: The first major international conference on environmental issues was held inStockholm, Sweden, in 1972 and was sponsored by the United Nations.Answer 08: Green parties.Answer 09: Brazil. The UN Conference on Environment and Development was held in Riode Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, and was the largest gathering of world leaders in history.Answer 10: Canada. Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in1971.Answer 11: CFL bulbs use 30% less energy than regular light bulbs.Answer 12: Senator Gaylord Nelson.Answer 13: Around 1 million years.Answer 14: Recycling.Answer 15: Air Quality Index (AQI). It is a brief, easy-to-read report of daily air quality. Ittells you how clean or polluted your air is, and about health effects that might be a concernfor you.Answer 16: Green house effect.Answer 17: Carbon footprint.Answer 18: World Peoples Conference on Climate Change.Answer 19:1st April. Fossil Fools Day is an environmental demonstration day. It occurs onApril 1st. The name is a play on the term fossil fuels and April Fools Day.Answer 20: Earth Hour logo.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 26 ©
  28. 28. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #84Answer 01: Eve.Answer 02: Marie Curie - Radioactivity.Answer 03: Red Carnation.Answer 04: On the second sunday of May.Answer 05: Gin.Answer 06: Ishmael.Answer 07: Anna Jarvis.Answer 08: Mother Lode.Answer 09: Necessity.Answer 10: Bathsheba.Answer 11: Mother Teresa.Answer 12: Alien.Answer 13: Abigail Adams. Abigail was the wife of the second president, John Adams, andthe mother of the sixth, John Quincy Adams.Answer 14: Rob Reiners mother.Answer 15: Mother India.Answer 16: Athena.Answer 17: Lily Evans.Answer 18: Johnny Bravo.Answer 19: Gilmore Girls.Answer 20: Nirupa Roy.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 27 ©
  29. 29. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #86Answer 01: George Bernard Shaw.Answer 02: Raja Ram Mohan Roy.Answer 03: Abraham Lincoln.Answer 04: Henry Dunant.Answer 05: Ishwar C Vidyasagar.Answer 06: Annie Besant.Answer 07: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.Answer 08: Swami Dayanand Saraswati.Answer 09: Acharya Vinobha Bhave.Answer 10: Bankim Chandra Chaterjee.Answer 11: Jamnalal Bajaj.Answer 12: Mahatma Gandhi.Answer 13: Murlidhar Devidas Amte.Answer 14: Mahatma Jyotirao Phule.Answer 15: Gautam Buddha.Answer 16: Medha Patkar.Answer 17: Swami Vivekananda.Answer 18: Rabindranath Tagore.Answer 19: Chipko Movement.Answer 20: Karl Marx.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 28 ©
  30. 30. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #88Answer 01: Khaled Hosseini.Answer 02: JRR Tolkien. Lord of the Rings.Answer 03: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, was an Englishauthor, mathematician, logician, anglican deacon and photographer. His most famous writingsare Alices Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass as well as thepoems "The Hunting of the Snark" and "Jabberwocky", all examples of the genre of literarynonsense.Answer 04: Dan Brown.Answer 05: Jhumpa Lahiri.Answer 06: Shantaram.Answer 07: Stephanie Meyer.Answer 08: Leo Tolstoy.Answer 09: Arundhati Roy.Answer 10: A Suitable Boy.Answer 11: Train to Pakistan.Answer 12: The Diary of Anne Frank.Answer 13: Gone with the wind.Answer 14: Sherlock Holmes.Answer 15: Sidney Sheldon.Answer 16: The Godfather.Answer 17: Kane And Abel.Answer 18: The Fountainhead.Answer 19: Aravind Adiga.Answer 20: Five Point Someone.Answer 21: Salman Rushdie.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 29 ©
  31. 31. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #90Answer 01: Windows Vista.Answer 02: Phet.Answer 03: Osho.Answer 04: Kiran Bedi.Answer 05: Mothering Sunday.Answer 06: Lord Shiva.Answer 07: Earth Day Sunday.Answer 08: Earth day Network logo.Answer 09: John McConnell.Answer 10: Flowers.Answer 11: Mumbai.Answer 12: Martha Stewart.Answer 13: McLaren.Answer 14: George Bodenheimer.Answer 15: Alexander Graham Bell. The patent was for the telephone.Answer 16: Sports Coaches.Answer 17: Andhra Pradesh.Answer 18: Salman Rushdie.Answer 19:J.K. Rowling.Answer 20: Bharti Airtel.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 30 ©
  32. 32. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #92Answer 01: 1775-1783Answer 02: John Hancock.Answer 03: Thomas Jefferson.Answer 04: 56.Answer 05: 13.Answer 06: Dutch.Answer 07: King George III.Answer 08: New York.Answer 09: Lexington and Concord.Answer 10: Edward Rutledge.Answer 11: The Lee Resolution.Answer 12: Saratoga.Answer 13: Benedict Arnold.Answer 14: France.Answer 15: Hessians.Answer 16: Yorktown.Answer 17: August 2, 1776.Answer 18: James Madison.Answer 19: March 7, 1774.Answer 20: Benjamin Franklin.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 31 ©
  33. 33. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #94Answer 01: BMW.Answer 02: Toyota.Answer 03: Chrysler.Answer 04: Mazda.Answer 05: Audi.Answer 06: Linked In.Answer 07: MSN.Answer 08: Altavista.Answer 09: CompuServe.Answer 10: Creative Commons.Answer 11: Marriott.Answer 12: Disney.Answer 13: Motorola.Answer 14: Xerox.Answer 15: Nike.Answer 16: Barclays.Answer 17: Standard Chartered.Answer 18: HSBC.Answer 19: Citibank.Answer 20: Paypal.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 32 ©
  34. 34. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #96Answer 01: Bank of America.Answer 02: American Express.Answer 03: Allahabad bank.Answer 04: Bank of Maharashtra.Answer 05: GE.Answer 06: Budweiser.Answer 07: KFC.Answer 08: Fisher-Price.Answer 09: Panasonic.Answer 10: Volvo.Answer 11: BMW.Answer 12: Jaguar.Answer 13: Volkswagen.Answer 14: M&Ms.Answer 15: Old Spice.Answer 16: HuggiesAnswer 17: LOreal.Answer 18: Oracle.Answer 19: NBC.Answer 20: Twitter.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 33 ©
  35. 35. The LEADER in Online MBA Test PrepSolutions of Online Quiz #98Answer 01: Dr. Rajendra Prasad.Answer 02: Lord Mountbatten.Answer 03: C Rajagopalachari.Answer 04: Sucheta Kripalani.Answer 05: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.Answer 06: HJ Kania.Answer 07: Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker.Answer 08: B.R. Ambedkar.Answer 09: Jaswant Singh.Answer 10: Bal Gangadhar Tilak.Answer 11: Direct Action Day.Answer 12: Andhra Pradesh.Answer 13: N. Sanjeeva Reddy.Answer 14: Indian and American Democracy.Answer 15: Assam.Answer 16: A.B. Vajpayee.Answer 17: Lord Irwin.Answer 18: Subhash Chandra Bose.Answer 19: Mohammed Iqbal.Answer 20: Indira Gandhi.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 34 ©
  36. 36. The LEADER in Online MBA Test Prep About is an initiative by Enabilon Learning Private Limited. Enabilon is a sister-concern of Zeus Learning, an e-learning solutions company. Products designed and created byus are currently being used in thousands of US schools and colleges. Clients include some of theworld’s largest publishers and developers of educational software: Discovery Education,Reader’s Digest, Pearson Education, is managed by four IIT-IIM Alumni. It has an 85+ member team ofEducationists, Instructional Designers and Systems Architects with vast experience in MBACoaching and Computer-Based Training and Testing. The TestFunda Team has 9 years ofexperience designing and creating international award-winning eLearning courses.Book 5 – General Knowledge Quizzes 35 ©