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  • 1. Audio Story
  • 2. Starter: Spooky Script Read the ‘Spooky Script’ document which is in the Sound Editing Folder in Groupwork. Audio Story
  • 3. In this lesson you will learn how to record a sound clip. You will use a collection of sounds effects and a recording of your own voice to create a 90 second spooky audio story. Lesson Objectives  Be able to use a microphone  Be able to record a sound clip  Understand the importance of sound effects  Be able to create your own audio story Audio Story
  • 4. Task 9: Script Recording •Absolute silence during this task •Using the microphone record the ‘Spooky Script’ •If you are interrupted, or need a break, hit the pause button; to resume recording, click on the pause button again. Audio Story
  • 5. Task 10: Clean Up Your Recording •Delete any mistakes or gaps in your recording •Remove any background noise •Edit your recording or apply further sound effects to clean up the file •Do not apply silly effects – its needs to be realistic and sound like you! Audio Story
  • 6. Task 11: Creating Gaps for the Sound Effects •Use a combination of the ‘time shift’ tool, selection tool and the ‘Split Cut’ tool from the “Edit” menu, to add in gaps where the sound effects are going to be placed. •Keep referring back to the script Audio Story
  • 7. Task 12: Add the Sound Effects •Import the sound effects – They are saved in the Special Effects Folder which is in the Sound Editing Folder Groupwork. •You only need to import each sound effect once •Using copy and paste and the selection tool move the effects to the correct parts of the story •The sound effect below plays 5 times Audio Story
  • 8. Task 13: Finish and Export •Finalise your audio story – you may like to add some fades etc. •Export your audio story as an MP3 naming it ‘Spooky Story’ Audio Story
  • 9. Submission of Work This is the end of the unit. Your teacher will tell you what files you need to submit for marking. Audio Story
  • 10. Plenary: Interview •Listen to your elbow partners audio story. •Provide them with some verbal feedback Audio Story
  • 11. Is that the End Completing this unit doesn’t mean to say that it’s the end of sound editing using Audacity. You can download audacity from www.audacity.sourceforge.net Audio Story
  • 12. Keywords  Be able to use a microphone  Be able to record a sound clip  Understand the importance of sound effects  Be able to create your own audio story Objectives  Microphone  Input  Audio Story  Effects  Selection Tool  Split Tool  MP3  Time Shift     Audio Story