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Information and instructional session teaching staff how to interact with our new Drupal staff intranet.

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  • This presentation can be found at:S:NJMHSLCOMMONCarolStaff.lib.presentation.pptx
  • Staff.lib menus – in a state of transition and will change as further development work is done on Drupal.Keyword search (more on this later).Links & Resources – quickly review links and encourage people to try them out laterPersonal Tools (primary point of interaction with staff.lib)Home – returns you to opening screenMy blog – connects you with your personal blog (you can use or not if you wish)My account – is your profile (we’ll be looking at this more closely later)Workflow summary – listing of what has been published on staff.lib and what state it is in.Create content – is where you can add new content to staff.libLog outRecent commentsYour available signups – events that you could potentially register forCurrent signups – things that you are registered forHealth Sciences Libraries Menu (appears on Home page and on the Health Sciences Libraries page under Units & Departments)Tried to mimic as much as possible the menu on the current UMHSL staff pages.Visible only to HSL staffUpdated a few linksRemoved access to experimental contentForms are still all on the old staff pages (temporarily)
  • Some of you have already added in this information. However, let’s go through the process of adding in more details to your staff profile.My AccountEditContact Information – add in your phone number and your e-mail aliasEmergency Contact Information – please consider adding this information to your profile. Please note that this information will be kept confidential and only visible to those with designated disaster planning roles.Liason responsibilitiesOn leave – could be addedPersonal information – add in your title, rank and Library. Consider copying over your bio from your UMHSL staff page.
  • Exercise Post a new blog entryReview the following briefly.TitleVocabularies Units drop down menuTags (comma separated)Menu settings (don’t recommend setting these)Body (Wysiwyg editor) - can use plain text editor if you chooseInput Format – Full HTML is goodPublishing options (draft, published, published to front page)Comment settingsFile attachmentsPrinter, e-mail and PDF versionsAuthoring informationPublishing Options
  • Go to Carol Cooke’s post at: “Would anyone come…”To get there by clicks. Staff Directory. Select Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library from “Library/Department”. Click apply. Click on “Carol Cooke”. Scroll to bottom of profile and click on “View recent blog entries”.Encourage people to comment on the blog (click on Add new comment). So that they can see what it looks like and how they can provide feedback. Mention how comments can be added to pages to solicit feedback from groups or individuals and they can easily be turned off.
  • Subscriptions – allow you to keep up to date with a particular page, concept or person.Click on blogs, content types or categories (in the menu area next to “overview”) to browse for things that might interest you and subscribe to them.Show how to sign up for this session.
  • Explain the different types of pages in staff.lib (Drupal). Each has different attributes as to where and how it is published. Have students click on “Create Content” and show them the different types. Focus on the ones listed above.Do an assignment. This is necessary to lead into a discussion about Access ControlAssignmentCreate a Page.Work through editingTitleTagsMenu settingsBodyTeaserInput formatBook outlineRevision information (could be used to track document revisions in committee work).Printer, e-mail and PDF versions (can be turned off)File attachments (limited in the type and size of file which can be added)Comment settings (can be turned off)Authoring information (can be anonymous)Publishing optionsAccess control – who can see your page and how you can control it. Once the page is published. Click on Access Control. By default the following “roles” or groups are set to view any newly created page (Editors, Forum Moderator, library_staff, sub_admins). This can be modified so that only you can see the content of your page. Uncheck all. Greyed out areas indicate where you do not have the rights to change. Grant view access to hsl_staff. Save.There is a great deal of potential here to be able to control who has editorial rights to what. The hsl_staff role is currently used to keep hsl staff pages only available to hsl staff. Other users can’t see these pages. Committees could limit view and editorial capabilities only to certain committee members. Delete the page. Edit page. Scroll to bottom. Click Delete.
  • Further discussionNeed to discuss future of the staff wiki.Need to discuss Access Control (perhaps create a policy and procedure).Potential space for Committee Work. – see HSL menu under committeesPotential space for Policies – see HSL under Units & Departments – Link to Policies at bottom of page.Please add content!
  • Staff.Lib.Presentation

    1. 1. UML Staff Intranet<br />Hands-on workshop for staff<br />
    2. 2. Introduction <br />Staff.lib is the UML’s new staff intranet<br />Learn how to interact on staff.lib<br />Learn how to create content for yourselves and UMHSL<br />Anything else?<br />
    3. 3. Agenda<br />Navigate through staff.lib<br />Contributing to staff.lib<br />Updating your profile<br />Blog writing<br />Commenting<br />UMHSL staff pages<br />Finding what you contribute<br />
    4. 4. Overview <br />Staff.lib the UML’s new staff intranet<br />Intended to replace the UML’s staff pages on the web<br />Secure<br />Easy to use<br />Intended to encourage staff participation<br />Has a public as well as a private side.<br />
    5. 5. Vocabulary<br />Staff.lib = staff intranet site <br />Drupal = the content management system that is behind staff.lib<br />Module = piece of code which allows additional functionality in Drupal<br />Blog = personal web site<br />Profile = about yourself<br />Permissions = who can access what on staff.lib<br />
    6. 6. Logging in & Moving around<br />Go to<br />Log in using your UMnetID and password<br />Staff.lib menus<br />Personal Tools<br />Health Sciences Libraries Menu<br />News – Calendar<br />
    7. 7. Updating your profile<br />Your profile can be found under “My Account”. <br />You can contribute as much or as little information as you wish.<br />Exercise:<br />Emergency contact information<br />Position and location<br />
    8. 8. Blog writing<br />Everyone on staff.lib has their own blog<br />Under “Personal Tools” click “My Blog”<br />Exercise:<br />Post new blog entry<br />
    9. 9. Comments<br />May be turned on or off in staff.lib depending on the author’s wishes<br />Consider commenting on pages and blog postings that interest you.<br />
    10. 10. Subscriptions & Sign ups<br />My account – subscriptions<br />Allow you to keep up to date with a particular page or person.<br />My account – sign ups<br />Anything you have registered for in the past or future.<br />
    11. 11. UMHSL staff pages<br />Creating new pages <br />Book page<br />Date (Event item)<br />Image<br />Page<br />Profile<br />Publically viewable<br />Story (News item)<br />Access Control<br />
    12. 12. Finding what you contribute<br />Keyword search<br />More options<br />Author<br />Unit<br />Tags<br />Click on what or whom you want to look at.<br />
    13. 13. Summary<br />Covered how to interact with staff.lib as a staff member<br />Learned how to add content to the UMHSL staff intranet.<br />Complete your profile and be active in providing constructive comments and interesting blog posts.<br />
    14. 14. More Information<br />Drupal -<br />Request a module be added<br />Find at<br />Jared Whiklo<br />Carol Cooke <br />789-3840<br /><br />