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Bogguess Family Reunion


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Bogguess Family Reunion

  1. 1. TURNER-BOGGUESS FAMILY NEWSLETTER September 25, 2009 Volume I, Issue I Page 1 • Pay-As-You-Go: This is a new concept to REUNION 2010 help those of us (young and old) who may need a place to save their funds so as not to be tempted to use it before the reunion. It would be much easier to save a little each month and not have to come up with a lump sum when funds are due. THIS IS OPTIONAL!! No one is required to participate. This' is how Pay-As-You-Go works. We will open a savlnqs account , named Turner- Bogguess Family Reunion. Greetings Dear Family, Monies you want to save will be forwarded to Bonni Huffman, which will be deposited We are now in the preliminary stages of into the account. A receipt will be planning for the Turner-Bogguess Family forwarded back to you immediately to Reunion in 2010 in the beautiful city of Las confirm your funds were received and in Vegas, NV on July 15 - 18. This advance the savings account. Should you decide notice should give you sufficient time to plan you don't want to participate, contact Bonni on being there. If you know of anyone who Huffman and your money will be returned did not receive this newsletter, please inform to you, no questions asked ... IT'S YOUR me and I will get a copy to them pronto. All MONEY! Anyone can contribute to another friends and guests are welcomed and will be person's savings account if the wish by treated as family. With so many of our loved giving us the person's name when you ones passing on before us, it is important that send it in. You can also send contributions we honor our ancestors and come together as toward a general account (We Care Fund) a family as we were taught when we were to assist others needing financial assist- children. We must keep the tradition alive. ance in attending. Please include where Thus far, these are the details: you wish your funds to be applied. Presently, the three individuals on the • Accommodations: We are considering account are Bonni Huffman, Leasa several hotels as options, but if you have a (Ronnie) Neely, and James Turner. favorite one, please expedite your choice to us and we will include it in our research. We will also have a checking account to be There are many choices and we want to used for the different funds needed for find the right accommodations at the best expenses, such as hotel deposits (if price to accommodate our family's needs. needed), registration fees, activities plan- ned, restaurants and catering, Meet and ClI Registration Fee: This year, we are Greet night, t-shirts, and any other asking for a registration fee to cover the expenses we may incur. The same three expenses for mailings (stamps, paper, individuals who sign checks on the savings envelopes, etc.), incurred travel (gas), account will be responsible for the checking handouts, hospitality gifts (bags), and other account. miscellaneous expenses we may incur. We are asking $10.00 per adult (anyone A monthly reconciliation of the checking over 18). Any funds remaining after the account will be forwarded to each 2010 reunion will be applied to future participating family. reunions.
  2. 2. TURNER-BOGGUESS FAMILY NEWSLETTER September 25, 2009 Volume I, Issue I Page 2 • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS .0 BE" ON' *Although we have researched certain OUR COMMITTEES! We need YOU to activities, if you have any suggestions chair or assist on one of the various of what we can do in the Las Vegas committees. If we share the respon- area (places to go, sights to see, best sibilities, no one will be overburdened. The eating places, etc.) let us know, we are committees are: open to your suggestions. Also, we need you to help us come up with an a. Registration/Hospitality: This com- appropriate theme for our reunion. mittee will also welcome families upon their arrival in Las Vegas. Obtain Address Books will be sent out in November. I~--II- - -·'-----fam~y__i.ffie.Fma.tfGn-tG-Greate-a-.r:ost.er:....of -,--~.AL.p.a.g.e will be reserved for .each famil who attendees. Design hospitality bags, sent in their information. HOWEVER, much of create a reunion schedule, and oversee the information is incorrect and needs to be the activities for Meet and Greet night. updated. If your information has changed in the past three years (moved, additions, etc) or b. Catering: Research and negotiate with you would like to include your information, caterers and food establishments for please fill out the. attached form and forward it best services and prices. Coordinate to the editor. You can include a picture if you'd proper arrival of food. like to. Otherwise, your information will be incorrect and all future information we forward c. Travel coordinator: Coordinate and will not get toyou. assist attendees and their travel needs such as possible carpooling, prevailing As previously discussed, there must be weather conditions, available shuttle sufficient planning to ensure a successful and service, from airport/train/bus station to enjoyable reunion. It will take planning, and from Las Vegas. Also, to research communication, feedback, volunteerism, and and assist in coordinating any tours that cooperation on all our parts. More information may be available. will be forthcoming next month and whenever r needed thereafter. The most important' aspect d. T-shirt: Choose colors and design is the reunion is off the ground and we're ready logo for t-shirt. (Be creative, have a to fly. Until next time. . _~c,",",n-,-,~QL th~---'2.est IQgo.:l En~ure accurate ordering of sizes and final -PEACE AND BL~SSINGSr distribution to recipients. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.~ I Editors Bonni Huffman e. Activities: *This committee will 10445 Artesia Blvd., #25A, determine the list of activities for our Bellflower, CA 90706 reunion members. Emphasis should be Cell 562-400-2858 placed on age, gender, transportation Home 562-278-2321 costs, and member preference. *** Negotiate best prices for activities and We need a volunteer for the coordinate with the travel committee on I Second Editor, PLEASE! transportation. Keep in close contact -------------------- with activity vendors to ensure timely arrivals and their commitment to professionalism and positive customer service.