Office 365 for small businesses part one


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SME Office 365 Part One

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  • Office 365 Small Business Premium to customers with 1-10 users.
  • Small businesses face many challenges for example reading from the slides I’ll seek to expand each point.“My ideas are my business. I need an easy way to share and work on these from anywhere”I understand that business owners like you rely on technology to give you the edge to compete in your market. Being able to respond and put ideas together quickly and from anywhere is key to your success. “Not having professional e-mail services hurts my business as it makes me look less professional.”Regardless of how big or small your company really is, you always want to appear bigger and more established.“When my technology goes down, my business shuts down…”You need technology to work for you, not for you to worry about it. “I can’t afford expensive maintenance contracts.”Every pound counts Given all these challenges, what you are really looking for is technology that fits the needs of your business. [click]
  • Benefits of Anywhere Access:Anywhere access is important because you want to have easy access to email, content, and business-ready tools to work on the devices you use already.Even when you don’t have your devices, you want to be able to securely access your content and tools to do what you need to doThis is especially important when you are dealing with customer requests because you want to respond immediately and provide the best serviceYou also want to be able to create a sense of community even when not everyone comes to work in the same office everyday.Benefits of Looking Professional:You want technology that can help you level your playing field with the bigger playersTechnology that can save you time by getting things done faster without the need for any professional helpBusiness tools that are built to work together out of the box to help you with email, creating documents, sharing documents, managing projects, and customer meetingsBenefits of Easy IT with no IT expertise required:You want to reduce your IT headaches by reducing your ITYou want to be able to control access to sensitive documents without the need to be a security expertYou want all the services to work with each other out of the box so you can work seamlessly with each other and with partners or customersYou need to have a business continuity plan when unfortunate events happen, such as a power outage, leakage, or natural disasterYou want IT-level phone support to be available when you need helpYou want to secure all the mobile devicesBenefits of Best Value:Every pound counts. You want the best technology to support the growth of your businessBut you also want to make sure you invest in technologies that have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) but also the highest return in end-user productivity.You want to have predictability of your IT cost each month and be able to easily scale up and down.You want to simplify licensing, and one that supports the use of mobile devices at workYou don’t want to keep paying for IT maintenance costs to take care of your servers
  • “I understand what technology you need to help you manage the business challenges you are facing. There is a offering on the market that has been designed for SME’s like you….”Such as Office 365 Small Business Premium – this is an offering designed for businesses employing 1-10 usersFirst of all, I should say Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity service hosted by MicrosoftIt includes the latest version of the familiar Office applications (like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, that you currently run on your PC or laptop) The advantage of Office 365 over a licensed Office DVD is you are always using the most up to date versionIt also includes anywhere access to email, calendar, documents, and HD video conferencing that works seamlessly with the Office you knowAnd these are business-class productivity tools and enterprise-level security specifically designed for small businesses’ needs and price rangeBecause this is designed with small businesses in mind, it’s easy to set up and manage, without the need for IT expertise.Plus, since this is a cloud service, it is supported and backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee service level agreement.In contrast, some key business needs, such as Voice for PC to PC calling, Google Contacts, and Google Video, are not covered by the Google Apps for Business service level agreement (SLA). What’s unique about Office 365 is that:It works perfectly with the Office you know and use so you or your employees don’t have to learn a new tool or require additional trainingIt is designed to help you work seamlessly online or offline:Lets assume you are working on a proposal and want feedback from your partners or customers. You can start working on your proposal using your own computer, then save to the cloud and share it securely with partners or customers for feedback. They can then access the documents and work on them with you online instead of emailing different versions back and forth. If you go offline, say when on a plane, you can still access the documents and work on them offline (using SkyDrive Pro), and Office 365 will automatically sync the document back to the cloud as soon as you have connections again.These are all enterprise-class services – trusted by large corporations designed to give you the reliability and security you expect for exampleCoca-Cola Enterprises (72,000 employees), Starbucks, Campbell Soup, Hyatt Hotels (106,000 employees), to name a few.Microsoft Office 365 do not violate your privacy or confidentiality requirements by using scanning technologies to read your email for targeting advertising like Google does.In part two of the video I’ll drill down on the specifics of Office 365 to help you understand why it’s the right technology for your business. The first area I’ll talk about is “anywhere access”….
  • Let’s see how Office 365 can give you anywhere access to things you need to keep your business running at all times.
  • Christopher BirdOffice 365 Administratort: 020 3011 5863e:
  • Office 365 for small businesses part one

    1. 1. Your complete office in the cloud.The new Office forSmall BusinessesChristopher BirdOwnerCloud Hound
    2. 2. Cloud productivity services hosted by MicrosoftFamiliar Office applications, always up to dateAnywhere access to email, documents, andservicesBusiness-class tools and security at an affordablepriceEasy to set up and manage without IT experience
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