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Jackson Pollock - 1912 - 1956.

Jackson Pollock - 1912 - 1956.
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Jackson pollock Jackson pollock Presentation Transcript

  • Jackson Pollock: A Method to His Madness? Taylor Cahill Spring 2011 Silver Creek High School Going West 1934-1935
    • Jackson Pollock war born on January 28, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming were he only spent 2-4 months of his life before moving to San Diego, California. It is thought that being born on a farm in Wyoming inspired Pollock’s fascination with the ‘Wild West’.
    Jackson Pollock
  • School
    • As a child, Pollock moved to various places across America. It was never easy for him in school because of the constant moves. Much to his mother’s dismay, up until high school he was in a first through eighth grade school house.
  • High School
    • Pollock first attended Riverside High in 1927 and was strongly considering dropping out. Shortly after being encouraged by his father to continue school he was expelled for the first time but not the last.
  • Manual Arts High School
    • The summer after he was expelled from Riverside High School his family moved to Los Angeles. He then enrolled into Manual Arts High School where he met his mentor and role model Thomas Hart Benton. In 1928 he was expelled from Manual Arts High.
  • Manual Arts High School cont.
    • He was readmitted into Manual Arts with the help of Benton only to be expelled again. He was readmitted again with the help of a fellow artist, Schwankovsky. He took art classes at the high school and his mother taught him the rest of his classes at home.
  • Art Students League
    • In 1930 Jackson Pollock joined his two older brothers in New York a Art Students League. It was a very unorthodox school that had no attendance and no grades. Jackson started to get more attached to the Benton’s who did not live far from him. He was visiting them on a regular basis.
  • Art Students League cont.
    • Pollock was frustrated with his lack of accomplishments. He was also unable to pay for school and his father had recently died. This was 1933 and the midst of the Great Depression. Jackson Pollock dropped out of school. He was an unemployed starving artist at the worst possible time.
  • The Bentons
    • Pollock spent most of his time at the Bentons. Whether he was babysitting for their only son or just coming over for dinner Pollock practically lived at their home. It was at this time did Pollock start drinking heavily and depressed.
  • Peggy Guggenheim
    • Peggy Guggenheim was an influential art dealer in the 20 th century. Guggenheim saw some of Pollock’s through friend artists. She was impressed and gave him a solo exhibition in November 1943. They soon became close friends.
  • Lee Krasner
    • Was a fellow artist of Pollock and not long after working together they fell in love. They were married in 1945.
  • The Affair
    • Jackson Pollock’s love affair was what ended in life. Krasner knew that he was having an affair and told him to choose between the two of them. While he was ‘contemplating’ his decision in Europe with his lover he got in a fatal drunk driving accident killing him and his mistress in 1956.
  • Jackson Pollock
    • Jackson Pollock lives on through his paintings.
  • Naked Man With Knife 1938-1940
  • Composition with Pouring II 1943
  • Male and Female 1942
  • Blue Poles: Number 11, 1952 1952
  • Head 1940 - 1941
  • Number 14 1951
  • Woman 1930 - 1933