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Published in Technology
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  • 11. World Scholar combines a wealth of electronic reference content with a vast archive of digital primary source documents. The combination of reference and archival content ensures that learning and research complement each other in a single resource.
  • The Search Results for the term “rebellion” return 5 Topic pages, 153 academic journal articles, etc Within your first search (the example here shows the term “rebellion”) you will see a very intuitive left hand side bar categorizing the many different content types- organizing your research to assist with information literacy providing foundational context needed by today’s learners to get ready for that deeper dive into historic primary sources…
  • The Editorial Advisory Board--consisting of Editor-in-Chief Erick Langer and 12 Associates and Consultants from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Latin America-- plays a prominent and ongoing role in World Scholar . The responsibilities of the Board include the selection of topics and research materials, the review of curated content, such as primary sources and newly commissioned essays. They also report on the usability of features and tools.
  • College students do not necessarily enter the university perfectly prepared for their course of study. Interviews with professors and students reveal that even at the university level, research skills can be raw to non-existent. The Topic Pages facilitate understanding of a subject area, enabling students to become effective researchers. World Scholar contains 286 curated topic pages and growing that contextualize a wide array of research materials across the humanities and social sciences, for current events and as a historical perspective. The Editors, in close consultation with the Advisory Board, continue to add new content and new topic pages on a monthly basis. Each topic page features an authoritative overview essay signed by an expert scholar and peer-reviewed by the Academic Advisory Board.
  • The rich multimedia environment of World Scholar provides researchers with interactive tools and dynamically organized resources, including scholarly journals, dynamically updated newspapers and periodicals, award-winning Scribner reference articles, primary sources, case studies, web links, images, videos, and audio podcasts.
  • Gale World Scholar contains 1.4 million pages of archival documents, 800,000 of which are newly digitized and unique to the product- providing new scholarship only found right here within this resource. Comprised of 32 collections, such as Brazil’s Popular Groups, 1966-1986, Mexican and Central American Political and Social Ephemera, and U.S. State Department papers from across Latin America, the digital archive provides scholars unique access into the region’s history and culture. With such a robust and focused archive surrounding a region- researchers will be able to expand their research, reach new intellect on their area of interest as well as be able to teach with fresh new material.
  • The Document Viewer provides tools for enhancing the research experience. The document image can be enlarged or reduced in size, rotated, split horizontally or vertically, or expanded to fill the screen. The brightness and contrast can be controlled, and the document can be inverted into a negative image. The document image shown here has been inverted into a negative.
  • There are more than 240 interactive statistical charts and growing covering such categories as the economy, commodities, environment, government, education, health, infrastructure, and demographics. One can toggle between 3 different styles of chart (Bubble as shown here, Bar and Line) to see the statistical data graphically rendered.
  • The Editors of World Scholar continue to add new and updated statistics on a regular basis. Also, the data can be downloaded as graphs or charts, or as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The integrated content available in Gale World Scholar is vital for anyone seeking a profound understanding of a particular region, including daily life, culture, traditions, its inhabitants, and chronicles past and present from a historical and contemporary perspective — in a searchable, digital format. The result is a captivating picture of the region that is larger and richer than the sum of its parts. Gale World Scholar gathers together not only English-language/U.S.-based materials on the chosen region, but also presents a view from within the region. Interviews with professors highlighted the need for these two components and the difficulty educators presently have in finding them.
  • [Conclusion] The combination of original scholarship and the digital archive ensures that learning and research complement each other in a single multimedia environment. Factor in the wide range of content types, the depth of the archival material, and an intuitive user experience makes Gale World Scholar stand as a unique and valuable offering to academic libraries and institutions.
  • Equip researchers/business students to research international business topics and compare economies, companies, and industries by providing data, tools, and context. Enable professors to better teach international business by organizing our content around countries, data sets, and topics, and by extending our cases and data from the research environment into the learning environment. Enable librarians to serve professors and students seeking hard-to-find data, demonstrating the enduring value of the library to the academic institution.
  • New: Case studies New: Statistical data New: Country overviews New: In-depth industry reports New: IB topic overviews
  • Simple and easy to navigate homepage. Quick links to case studies, comparison tools, a robust business glossary, etc.
  • Notice that everything is tightly interlinked. If you’re in a country you quickly see the top companies and top industries of that country. If you’re in a company you see it’s major competitors and industries it partakes in. If you’re in an industry you see the countries and top companies within that industry. Everything is one-click away. You can click into the top company here for Peru and then you’re in the company profile.
  • You see a large dip in Argentina due to unpegging their currency from US dollar – you start to see these correlations in the related articles. If you do a search of life expectancy for South Africa you’ll see that all of the articles in the 90s have to do with AIDS and that’s where you’ll see a huge dip in the graph. The Argentine Currency Board pegged the Argentine peso to the U.S. dollar between 1991 and 2002 in an attempt to eliminate hyperinflation and stimulate economic growth. While it initially met with considerable success, the board's actions ultimately failed.
  • Introducing Powerspeak Languages… A remarkable integration of training, coaching, practice and assessment. This resource stands apart from “listen and repeat” flash-card style or boring rote memorization instruction.
  • Only in Powerspeak Languages offers a virtual learning coach. A knowledgeable, engaging speaker for every language. The coach leads users through all units, explaining concepts, providing cultural education in an engaging, user-friendly way.


  • 1. Nuevos Productos Glory Ann Zapata Product Manager RS
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. PowerSearch• No más pestañas.• Search Assist.• Manejo de cuenta personal• Limitar la búsqueda por….• Multimedia• Advanced Search
  • 4. Homepage - Clean, User-focused Personalized user accounts allow users to create profiles, save content, build biographies and manage search alerts Learning, intuitive ‘search assist’ feature gives users search recommendations, supports phrase searching and improves subject, keyword and publication searches
  • 5. Results list – easy-to-use tools and limiters Easily mark and save documents to createContent tabs reading lists and have been build replaced by bibliographies.easy to findcontent type limiters.
  • 6. Results page – exposing the power of indexing Context-sensitivemultimedia results, including images,video and podcasts. Search within results and easily limit by subject, publication, document type and date.
  • 7. Advanced Search – added Learning, intuitive functionality search assist feature allowing users to find the exact subject, keyword or publication. More limiting capabilities, including a controlled-vocabulary browse that allows users to refine their searches with multiple subject terms. Limit by publication, publication subject category, language, reading level and many more options.
  • 8. • Más de 7,000 títulos de referencia en texto completo.• Más de 80 socios publicadores.• Interface disponible en 34 idiomas.• Read Speaker en 19 idiomas.• Traducción de contenido o texto en 14 idiomas.• Facilidad para ver dos páginas al mismo tiempo.• Ligas directas a texto completo de eBooks, citas, Mark Records gratuitos, capacidad de imprimir/ email y bajar artículos a eReaders.• Recursos de mercadeo gratuitos (widgets, posters, bookmarks) 8
  • 9. Based on extensive customer feedback, market research and our usability experts,the Gale Virtual Reference Library, the most comprehensive eBook platform of its kind, 9 is now getting even better! better
  • 10. La investigación y el aprendizaje se complementan en un mismo recurso
  • 11. Básico conocimiento para búsqueda de otros recursos
  • 12. Grupo Editorial
  • 13. Resumen con ensayos introductorios presentan actualizaciones y nuevas selecciones bibliográficas
  • 14. The rich multimedia environment of Gale World Scholar
  • 15. The Digital ArchiveDetail of a historical monograph “A Questão Indígena” (“The Indigenous Question” in Portuguese).
  • 16. The document viewer
  • 17. Estadisticas Interactivas• Más de 240 gráficas de estadísticas interactivas• Economía, comodidades, ambiente, gobierno, educación, salud, infraestructura, demografía y más…
  • 18. The Bar Chart
  • 19. And the Line Chart
  • 20. Contenido intregrado en una búsqueda, formato digital
  • 21. En Conclusión
  • 22. Opciones de Adquisición• Compra del Archivo (más hosting fee)• Subscripción del Archivo• Subscripción del Portal• Combo: Subscripción del Archivo y Portal 23
  • 23. The BI:G PictureProvee a los usuarios un recusro unico para negocios internacionales y lasherramientas necesarias para transformar la información en utilidad.Research … topicos de negocios internacionales en un conjunto de data globalAnalyze …economías, compañías, industriasInterpret … en contexto de tiempo, noticias y reportesUnderstand … información  insight  acción Estudiantes Profesores Bibliotecarios
  • 24. Nuevo y Unico en Business Insights: GlobalEstudio de casos de Gale y otros publicadores.Gráficas Interactivas para indicadores de negocios y economía. Permite a los estudiantes generar sus propios análisis y crear sus gráficas a ser utilizadas en reportes y presentaciones.Evaluación de ciudades o territorios información detallada, así como estadísticas y categorías, con ligas a diferentes noticias, estudios de casos y artículos de “journals” académicos.Evaluaciones Globales de IndustriasEvaluación de Topicos en áreas mayores negocios internacionales, con ligas asociadas a contenido relevante.
  • 25. Faceted search results with deep links to premium content
  • 26. In-depth country, company, and industry profiles
  • 27. In-depth country, company, and industry profiles
  • 28. Easy compare and contrast
  • 29. Export the tabular data behind charts for further analysis
  • 30. Related articles
  • 31. Powerspeak Languages Learning a language is more than just words!
  • 32. PowerSpeak (Power to the user and value to the library) Powerspeak Languages utiliza múltiples acercamientos para el aprendizaje de lenguajes extranjeros, alcanzando diferentes partes del cerebro para mantener a los usuarios inetresados mientras el aprendizaje ocurre consciente e inconscientemente. Presentación altamente visual mantiene comprometidos a estudiantes de todas las edades. Facil de usar, “web-based” y acceso remoto. No requiere equipo adicional para su uso, solo Flash 10. Integra herramientas como adiestramiento, “coaching”, práctica y evaluaciones. Refuerza las destrezas de: escuchar, hablar, lectura y escritura.
  • 33. PowerSpeak Gale’s “Resources for Life” and Their Key Features: Adquirir herramientas necesarias para lidiar con retos críticos en la vida. Ayuda a los usuarios a ser exitosos. Soluciones que se integran a su diario vivir. Perfecto para: comunidades, estudiantes, negocios (mercado internacional), enriquecimiento o desarrollo profesional.The most interactive online language courses on the market
  • 34. Método de enseñanza Diglot Weaves — utiliza el lenguaje nativo del usuario para proveer rico contenido que de otra manera fuese incomprensible o incómodo para su aprendizaje. Adventure narratives – aplica elementos interactivos. Altamente accesible, explicaciones conversacionales con visuales claros. Narraciones en 2da persona - para dirigir al usuario a través de la enseñanza y aprendizaje. Uso contradictorio de errores - muy comunes en el lenguaje causados por el aprendiz de una lengua nativa.
  • 35. Powerspeak Languages• Spanish • ESL Mandarin French • Italian German • Russian ESL Spanish • Japanese Mandarin • Korean
  • 36. The Coach leads users through all units,explaining concepts, pronunciation, andproviding cultural education all in an engaging,user-friendly way.
  • 37. Powerspeak Languages – Delves deeper• Simula la inmersión gradual del lenguaje a través de actividades e historias interactivas, llevando al estudiante a aprender un nuevo idoma de la misma manera en que aprendieron su idioma principal.
  • 38. Powerspeak Languages – Delves deeper• Alcanza muchos métodos de enseñanza - se enfoca en el aprendizaje multi-sensorial y refuerza conexiones a través de l uso de gráficas, videos, audio, y música.
  • 39.  Each course covers 6 units.Each unit has 8 lessons with20-30 activities.Each lesson takes about 1 complete.
  • 40. Example of Learning and Practicing Vocabulary
  • 41. Some assessments are based on listening skills
  • 42. 44
  • 43. Base’ version (our existing offering)2010 Census & More: Census data files (PL94, SF1, SF2 added later this year) Meta Carta article search Zip territory creatorDemographics (historical + 5 year forecast) : National census data Consumer expenditures Retail spending MOSAIC lifestyle segmentation categoriesMapsBusiness & People2010 Census & MoreDemographicsMapsBusiness/Household records 45
  • 44. Many benefits to your library business patrons, now includes:Market sizingSegmentationContacts within a segmentIdentify competitorsAuthentic credit ratingsExpanded minority owned identificationLegal business hierarchies (detailed business ownership classifications)Consumer and retail expendituresLifestyle segmentation reporting capabilityChart and graph for professional outputLists of businesses no longer in business (to enhance a business plan or market analyses with residential and location awareness/analysis).
  • 45. Old New47
  • 46. 48
  • 47. Bringing Archives to Laptops 49
  • 48. The world’s largest scholarly primary source digital library ale has changed the nature of research and education forever with Gale Digital Collections 100+ digital collections - spanning 550 years of world history Other content providers can’t match the depth of these collections nor the technology behind them50
  • 49. Timeline covered by the Gale Digital Collections Times Digital Archive ECCO & The Economist ECCO II Modern Law: Treatises Making of the Modern World – history through lens of trade and Post War Europe wealth Sabin Americana – covers all the Americas with works from around the world MOML: Supreme 19C Court US Times Literary NewsUK 19C Supp. Conditions/ Politics 17/18C Burney Per. BL 19C Holocaust Newspapers Modern Law: Historic Trials News State Papers Online, Parts Middle East, 1-4 1&2 The Financial Times Slavery & Anti-Slavery← British Literary British Literary Manuscripts, Part 1 Picture PostManuscripts Pt 2 The Illustrated London News Archives Unbound – smaller collections on specific topics or themes1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000
  • 50. Gale sources content from leading libraries around the worldUnited States • Oberlin College • Library of Congress • Smith College • National Archives and Presidential • The Salvation Army Libraries • New York Public Library • Harvard University • Boston Public Library • Yale University • Various state historical societies • Huntington Library • And more… • Columbia University • University of Texas • University of California, LA • Tulane University • University of Kansas 52
  • 51. Gale sources content from leading libraries around the worldGlobally • University of London • British Library • University of Manchester • National Archives, UK • Church of England, Lambeth • National Library of Scotland Palace Library • National Library of Ireland • Imperial War Museum, London • National Library of Wales • The Wiener Library, London • National Library of Australia • Glasgow Public Library • National Library of South Africa • Royal Commonwealth Society • Cambridge University • Oxford University • University of London • Edinburgh University •53 Trinity College
  • 52. Nuevos ProductosNational Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994 National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994 features the complete archive of the award-wining iconic National Geographic magazine with its unparalleled in-depth coverage of world cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment.Nineteenth Century Collections Online A ground-breaking resource for 19th century studies, this collection is a multi- year global digitization and publishing program focusing on primary source collections of the “long” nineteenth century. Content for these collections is being sourced through partnerships with major world libraries as well as specialist libraries, and content includes monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, statistics, and more. 54
  • 53. Preguntas / Comentarios