Executive MBA(Global)
Master yourvision.And sharpen it.
3                           Bodo B. Schlegelmilch             Michael J. HoustonThis Executive MBA is an internationally o...
14 months,3 continents,2 degrees
5Table of ContentsWelcome                      3Why Choose this MBA?         7Your Universities            8Unbeatable Loc...
Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis, U.S.A.
7Why Choose this MBA?ELITE ‘TRIPLE CROWN’ ACCREDITATION                             WORLDWIDE ALUMNI NET WORKThe WU Execut...
Your UniversitiesThe Executive MBA is the product of a powerful partnership between two leading global business universiti...
9Carlson School of Management, WU ViennaWU EXECUTIVE ACADEMY, VIENNA UNIVERSIT Y OF                  Current achievements ...
Vienna, Austria
11Unbeatable LocationAUSTRIA                                                       GATEWAY TO EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EASTAu...
Timeline Overview      MARCH – JUNE                                                                                       ...
13                                                        MARCH – APRIL                                                   ...
Guangzhou, China
15360° Global Vision3 INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCIES                                    over the world. The university commits ...
Cutting-Edge CurriculumT WO-TIER STRUCTURE                                               VIRTUAL TEAM PROJECTThe Executive...
17Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, Dr. Claus J. Raidl, Dr. Christoph Leitl “Innovation is an all-important subject in today’s corporat...
Work with the BestThe faculty members are the heart of all our programs. They bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to al...
19Prof. Engelbert Dockner, Prof. Christopher Nachtsheim “I really enjoy teaching fi nancial management on the Executive MB...
CurriculumMANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS                                  MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTINGTheories and frameworks ...
21INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT                                 ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FORManaging information ...
Student ProfilesAVER AGE CLASS PROFILE BY INDUSTRY                                             0        5        10       ...
23Alumni VoicesYury Zheymo, MBAAndrea Herrmann, MBAMohamed Chemloul, MBA “ he Executive MBA provides a complete internatio...
Support ServicesMaking your life easier; because we are well aware of     E-LEARNING ENVIRONMENTthe many responsibilities ...
25Post-Graduation BenefitsDOUBLE YOUR ALUMNI NET WORK                                   ›› Access to ‘CarlsonConnect’, an ...
Alumni VoicesLiselotte Schöll, MBAJochen Borenich, MBAIain Coles, MBADusica Lukac, MBA “ he Executive MBA has broadened my...
27Application and AdmissionAPPLICATION REQUIREMENTS                                        The structure of the program an...
Alumni VoicesAlexander Resch, MBADamir Sprem, MBAPhilippe Pezet, MBA “ ttaining a master degree had always been one of my ...
29Find out MoreFINANCING OPTIONS                                         COME AND MEET USThe WU Executive Academy is commi...
Graduation in Minneapolis, U.S.A.
31Meet the TeamSabine Prillmann,Matthew L. GoodeThe Executive MBA team from the WU Executive Academy and the Carlson Schoo...
WU Executive AcademyVienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna)Nordbergstrasse 151090 Vienna, AustriaExecutive...
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WC EMBA Brochure executive-mba-global


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WU EMBA Program Brochure

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WC EMBA Brochure executive-mba-global

  1. 1. Executive MBA(Global)
  2. 2. Master yourvision.And sharpen it.
  3. 3. 3 Bodo B. Schlegelmilch Michael J. HoustonThis Executive MBA is an internationally orientated, The faculty of the Executive MBA consists of renownedcutting-edge partnership between the University of international professors and top executives. TheyMinnesota and the Vienna University of Economics provide the latest scientifically-based knowledge andand Business (WU Vienna), Europe’s largest business in-depth views of state-of-the-art applications of man-university. The program provides a unique 360° global agement models, allowing you to profit from exceptionalvision with expert insights into management and teaching and real-world business experience.leadership practice in developed and emerging marketson three continents. Our Executive MBA is one of only a few worldwide to have been awarded the prestigious ‘triple crown’ of MBAIn addition to interactive classes in Vienna, three inter- accreditation, by A ACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, confirmingnational residencies expose you to the latest thinking our place among the world’s elite business universities.of leading international professors, senior managers The outstanding quality of our executive education hasand policy makers. recently been reconfirmed by the Financial Times, where the WU Executive Academy has been ranked among theThe Executive MBA is specifically designed to meet top European Business Schools.today’s real-world challenges in demanding industriesor business functions. It enables you to apply up-to-date After completing of the program, graduates join aknowledge and management tools in your workplace vast international network of 75,000 alumni fromeven as you study. The program provides you with all the both universities working in diverse companies andskills necessary to maximise your potential to become institutions around the world.a world-class leader. In a challenging but nurturingenvironment, it builds a deep understanding of core The end result is a blend of an American and Europeanbusiness subjects in all major functional areas, while MBA, allowing you to profit from exceptional teachingemphasizing the skills and abilities needed to recognize by an internationally renowned faculty, cutting-edgeand adapt to emerging trends and new technologies. research and real-world business experience.During only 14 months and with only 40 days away from We welcome your interest in the program and inviteyour job, you study and work on projects in CEE, Asia you to explore what this unique program can do forand the U.S.A. before earning both a U.S. and a European you and your career. An MBA is a serious investmentMBA degree. For part of the program, you work in a in your future, and we are confident that this programvirtual team project with other Executive MBA students will exceed your expectations.located on three continents.Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Ph.D., D.Litt. Prof. Michael J. Houston, Ph.D.Dean Associate Dean of International ProgramsWU Executive Academy, WU Vienna Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  4. 4. 14 months,3 continents,2 degrees
  5. 5. 5Table of ContentsWelcome 3Why Choose this MBA? 7Your Universities 8Unbeatable Location 11Timeline Overview 12360° Global Vision 15Cutting-Edge Curriculum 16Work with the Best 18Module Overview 20Student Profiles 22Alumni Voices 23Support Services 24Post-Graduation Benefits 25Application and Admission 27Find out More 29Meet the Team 31
  6. 6. Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis, U.S.A.
  7. 7. 7Why Choose this MBA?ELITE ‘TRIPLE CROWN’ ACCREDITATION WORLDWIDE ALUMNI NET WORKThe WU Executive Academy’s Executive MBA belongs As an Executive MBA graduate, you join two vast alumnito only approximately 30 MBA programs worldwide to networks of the WU Executive Academy and the Carlsonhave been awarded the prestigious triple-crown of MBA School of Management. Cross-cultural business relation-accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). ships give alumni and their companies access to an extended global network and a set of exclusive alumniDUAL DEGREE services.The Executive MBA combines the resources and knowl-edge of two leading global business schools: the Carlson DYNAMIC PEER GROUPSchool of Management, University of Minnesota and the Carefully selected participants with diverse backgroundsWU Executive Academy, Vienna University of Economics and perspectives contribute to the quality of the pro-and Business (WU Vienna). Participants in the program gram to the same extent that the faculty do. Creating newbenefit from this powerful partnership and graduate with ideas, reflecting on one’s current work and exchangingtwo degrees. insights with like-minded international colleagues adds immeasurable value to the program.WORLD-CLASS FACULT YOur multicultural faculty consists of both world-renowned FLEXIBLE FORMATprofessors and internationally acclaimed top execu- The program structure of the Executive MBA is specifi­tives. Besides WU Vienna and the Carlson School of cally designed to accommodate the needs of hard-­Management, in recent years professors joined us from working executives. The modular structure, with onlythe University of South Carolina (U.S.A.), the University 40 days off-the-job, allows managers to participate inof Bath (U.K.), the St. Petersburg State University (Rus- a world-class MBA program whilst developing theirsia) and Simon Fraser University (Canada) among others, individual careers.providing the latest scientifically-based knowledge anda profound understanding of cutting-edge management ADDED VALUE FOR EMPLOYERStools. Recruiting and retaining top talent is vital for truly forward-thinking companies. They understand thatTRULY INTERNATIONAL PROGR AM professional development is absolutely essential for topThe exclusive program setting, with cross-cultural teams, executives being groomed for positions of increasedtop faculty and international residencies, reflects the responsibility. The return on that investment?reality of today’s international business world. Executives who bring the full force of their knowledge and abilities to bear for their company’s future success.RESIDENCIES ON 3 CONTINENTSIn the course of residencies in 4 countries on 3 continents, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY(Russia, India, China, U.S.A.) participants gain in-depth Participants in the program have access to “Learn@WU”,knowledge of business theory and practice in both one of the leading e-learning platforms with more thanemerging and mature markets. Numerous company visits 45,000 e-learning materials and over 32,000 users. More-give the participants the unique opportunity to gain over, students benefit from state-of-the-art, technology-insider information on local management strategies. based learning methods.
  8. 8. Your UniversitiesThe Executive MBA is the product of a powerful partnership between two leading global business universities:Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and the WU Executive Academy of the ViennaUniversity of Economics and Business. This collaboration brings together leading perspectives and expertisefrom both sides of the Atlantic to create one of the finest Executive MBA programs in the world. Graduates areawarded degrees by both universities and enjoy privileged access to two vast networks of faculty and alumni.CARLSON SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, Within the University of Minnesota, the Carlson SchoolUNIVERSIT Y OF MINNESOTA International Programs Office oversees the EMBA pro-Positioned where the University of Minnesota and gram and also manages other global Executive MBA pro-downtown Minneapolis connect, the Carlson School grams in China and Poland.of Management is both a real and a symbolicgateway between the academic and business worlds.Its location in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul,home to one of the United States’ most vibrant businesscommunities, means that the Carlson School offers amix of top-notch education and practical experiencefound at few other business schools.The School’s graduate degree programs consistently rankamong the top 20 U.S. programs, and its internationallyrenowned faculty is top ranked in research productivityamong U.S. business schools. The Carlson School’sGraduate Business Career Center offers a wide rangeof services and programs to help students succeed inthe competitive U.S. market. Furthermore, the Universityof Minnesota is one of the largest public, ‘land grant’institutions in the U.S.A.
  9. 9. 9Carlson School of Management, WU ViennaWU EXECUTIVE ACADEMY, VIENNA UNIVERSIT Y OF Current achievements of the WU Executive Academy:ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS › Financial Times Business School Ranking (2009):The WU Executive Academy is part of the Vienna # 34 in EuropeUniversity of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). › Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking (2009):This prestigious parent institution has earned its fine # 41 worldwideinternational reputation with over 100 years of consistent › Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung MBA Ranking (2005):excellence in the field of business education. Today, the # 1 Alumni satisfaction in German-speaking countriesVienna University of Economics and Business is Europe’s › Handelsblatt MBA Ranking (2006):largest business university. Among the Top 50 MBAs worldwide › Ziarul Financiar MBA Ranking (2010):The executive education portfolio of the WU Executive # 1 MBA in RomaniaAcademy includes MBA/MBL/LLM programs, universitycertificate programs, corporate programs and seminars. Each year as many as 3,500 executives, experts and highIn recent years, it has become one of the leading provid- potentials from over 50 countries graduate from ourers in Central and Eastern Europe. programs. At present, residencies and programs are conducted in more than 15 countries on three continents.As part of the WU, the WU Executive Academy is EQUIS(European Quality Improvement System) accredited. Being part of the WU Vienna, the WU Executive AcademyEQUIS is an internationally recognized accreditation provides access to the expertise of some 400 facultysystem offered by the European Foundation of Manage- members and countless experts in over 200 partnerment. Moreover, the outstanding quality of the MBA universities worldwide. The knowledge provided is ofprograms has been recognized by AMBA (Association of immediate practical relevance and is kept up-to-dateMBAs) awarding its renowned global accreditation. through our scientific research activities.With this, the WU Executive Academy is one of only two The faculty of the WU Executive Academy consists ofbusiness universities in the German-speaking world to both internationally renowned professors and top execu-meet the high quality standards of both accreditations. tives. Together, they provide the latest scientifically- based knowledge and in-depth views of state-of-the-art applications of management models.
  10. 10. Vienna, Austria
  11. 11. 11Unbeatable LocationAUSTRIA GATEWAY TO EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EASTAustria is one of Europe’s most attractive destinations, The Vienna International Airport (VIE) is a major hub forrenowned for its history, culture, architecture and all of Europe and the Middle East, in particular the CEEhospitality. For centuries it has been home to some of region, covering over 40 destinations. For commutingthe world’s finest artists, composers, scientists and, of students, Vienna is the ideal location, easily accessible bycourse, leading economists. plane from most European cities in less than 2 hours.As a wonderfully diverse country, Austria offers endless HOME TO INTERNATIONAL COMPANIEScultural, leisure and business activities and impresses AND ORGANIZATIONSwith its lively cities, breathtaking landscape, culinary Vienna’s geographical position in the heart of Europediversity and exceptional wines. makes it a multicultural metropolis and an important location for international companies and organizations.VIENNA This is why many multinational companies like Alcatel,The capital of the Habsburg monarchy for over six Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Henkel, Beiers­ orf and Siemens dcenturies and an impressive repository of culture and have located their CEE headquarters in Vienna. More-heritage, today Vienna is a vibrant and exciting place over, the Austrian capital is home to various UN agen-to live and study. In Mercer’s recent ‘Quality of Living cies, such as the In­ us­ rial Development Organization d tSurvey’, Vienna ranked 1st among the world‘s cities, with (UNIDO), the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the UNexceptional safety records, a superb education system, Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), and the Interna-excellent recreational possibilities and optimum political/ tional Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The head­ uarters qeconomic stability. of OPEC and OSCE are also located in Vienna.Vienna offers a perfect blend of unique charm, imperial EXCLUSIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTtradition and stunning modern architecture. A walk Most modules of the Executive MBA take place at thealong the Ringstrasse boulevard with its splendid build- historical halls of Palais Schönborn. Located at the veryings and historic palaces is an indescribable experience. center of Vienna, it is only 30 minutes away from theVienna is home to one of the world’s leading opera Vienna International Airport and meets the highest inter-houses and is internationally acclaimed for its cultural national standards of executive education requirements.and social events such as the New Year’s Concert of the Palais Schönborn provides state-of-the-art technology,Vienna Philharmonic and numerous balls. After visiting combining modern didactic design with a unique histori-some of Europe’s finest museums, traditional cafés are a cal atmos­ here. Moreover, Palais Schönborn is home pgood place to relax and enjoy typical Viennese charm. to the Museum of Young Art (MOYA), the first museum exclusively dedicated to Young Art.
  12. 12. Timeline Overview MARCH – JUNE AUGUST – DECEMBER JULY Post- Module Pre - Module Post- Module Pre - Module Post- ModuleVIENNA ST. PETERSBURG VIENNAVienna University of Economics St. Petersburg State University Vienna University of Economicsand Business › Economies in Transition and Business› Orientation (1 day) and Company Visits (5 days) › Managerial Accounting (4 days)› Managing People and Organizations › Strategic Marketing Management (4 days) (4 days)› Data Analysis and Decision Making › Financial Management (4 days) (4 days) › Business, Government and› Financial Accounting Macroeconomics (4 days) (4 days) › Operations Management (4 days) › Start of Virtual Team Project
  13. 13. 13 MARCH – APRIL MAY – JUNE JANUARYPre - Module Post- Module Pre - Module Post- Module Pre - Module GUANGZHOU VIENNA NEW YORK MINNEAPOLIS Lingnan (University) College Vienna University of Economics University of Minnesota › Managing Globalization and Business › Strategies for a Global Company and Company Visits (5 days) › Advanced Financial Management and Company Visits (9 days) for Global Markets (4 days) › Presentation of Virtual Team Project HYDER ABAD › Negotiation and Conflict Indian School of Business Management (4 days) Graduation ceremony (1 day) › Information Technology Management and Company Visits VIENNA (5 days) Vienna University of Economics and Business Graduation ceremony (evening)
  14. 14. Guangzhou, China
  15. 15. 15360° Global Vision3 INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCIES over the world. The university commits itself to promot-The Executive MBA’s curriculum extends well beyond ing diversity, offers state-of-the-art teaching facilitiesthe walls of a classroom. In the course of international and was recently ranked as the No. 1 Joint Executive MBAresidencies in 4 countries (U.S.A., Russia, India China) Program in China.on 3 continents, participants have the exclusive opportu- http://www.lingnan.netnity to visit local companies, meeting top executives andgaining insights into context-specific business practices Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Indiaand interacting with world-renowned guest speakers. The Indian School of Business (ISB) is a research-orientated, independent management institution that grooms futureParticipants benefit from diversity in market structures leaders for India and the world. Its association with theand local business cultures in the countries they visit, WU Executive Academy, Kellogg School of Management,building a solid foundation for their own future business the Wharton School, and London Business School makeactivities in emerging and mature markets. it one of its kind in Asia. The school offers postgraduate programs; short-duration, high-powered executive›› CEE Residency: St. Petersburg education programs for CEOs and senior executives;›› Asia Residency: Guangzhou Hyderabad and a research fellowship program. The original and›› U.S.A. Residency: New York Minneapolis distinctive research of its faculty members ensures that the program content is contemporary and global in itsGLOBAL PARTNER UNIVERSITIES perspective, and develops the students’ understandingIn addition to numerous company visits, selected MBA of modern management opportunities and challenges.modules are taught by top faculty at leading universities in www.isb.eduthe respective country. In meetings with multiculturally-minded colleagues, international professors and Graduate School of Management,executives, Executive MBA participants generate new St. Petersburg State University, Russiaideas, reflect on their current work and exchange insights, Established in 1724, the School is part of the oldest Russianwhile simultaneously expanding their global network. university and has the mission of becoming a world-class business school. It offers a diverse portfolio of degreeLingnan (University) College, Guangzhou, China and non-degree programs and serves as the most importantThe Lingnan (University) College, founded in 1888, is one centre of management education in Russia.of the leading Chinese universities, with an outstanding http://www.gsom.pu.ru/en/international faculty and multinational graduates from all
  16. 16. Cutting-Edge CurriculumT WO-TIER STRUCTURE VIRTUAL TEAM PROJECTThe Executive MBA curriculum consists of a two-tier The Virtual Team Project unites Executive MBA par-structure: Business Core and Global Leadership. ticipants of four world-class business schools: The WUThe Business Core part provides in-depth know-how and Vienna (Austria), the Carlson School of Managementa conceptual framework of general management to help (U.S.A.), the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) andparticipants share a common knowledge base. the Lingnan (University) College (China).The Global Leadership part combines a solid foundation Students brought together in virtual teams not onlyin critical management practices with courses in essential work on a highly demanding topic but also face theskills for senior-level executives, such as Managing inherent challenges of working across cultures and inGlobalization, Negotiation and Strategies for a Global three different time zones. Each team works on aCompany. project aimed at introducing a product or service to a new overseas market.BEST PR ACTICEThe Executive MBA has been designed with the demands During the U.S.A. residency, all virtual teams gather toof current business practices in mind. Moreover, it present their respective business plans at the end ofprepares participants for future challenges and helps the Executive MBA program in Minneapolis.their companies survive in highly unpredictable globalbusiness environments. Virtual Team Project INTEGRATION Economies Business, Managing in Transition Government Globalization Russia and Macro- China Economics Information Advanced Negotiations Strategies Technology Financial Mgmt. and Conflict for a Global Management for Global Management Company India Markets U.S.A. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP Managing People Financial Strategic Data Analysis Operations Financial Managerial and Accounting Marketing and Management Management Accounting Organizations Management Decision Making BUSINESS CORE
  17. 17. 17Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, Dr. Claus J. Raidl, Dr. Christoph Leitl “Innovation is an all-important subject in today’s corporate world. Today, a company’s innovative strength is a decisive competitive factor. The MBA program at the WU Vienna has set itself the goal of already satisfying these challenges during the training of our future managers.” Dr. Ferdinand Piëch Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Volkswagen AG “The immediate relevance of this curriculum for the daily work of a manager makes this Executive MBA the best choice for advanced executive training.” Dr. Claus J. Raidl CEO, Böhler-Uddeholm AG “This MBA program is the perfect blend of science and business and is positioned in direct competition with the world’s finest executive education programs. It is based on the latest research results and at the same time applicable to real management issues and connected with corporate leaders.” Dr. Christoph Leitl President, Federal Economic Chamber, Austria
  18. 18. Work with the BestThe faculty members are the heart of all our programs. They bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to all facetsof the business world. They share a passion for knowledge development and constantly encourage their studentsto strive for higher standards.Our Executive MBA faculty comprises some of the finest Prof. Dileep Raobusiness minds in the world, drawn from an expert pool Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis, U.S.A.of pro­ essors from the WU Vienna, the Carlson School of f Strategies for a Global CompanyManagement and prestigious partner universities aroundthe globe. Prof. Christos Ioannidis University of Bath, U.K.Our faculty members are leaders in current business Business, Government and Macroeconomicsresearch and their latest findings are duly published inleading international journals. DISTINGUISHED GUEST SPEAKERS Top managers from some of the world’s most successfulTheir combined experience and international expertise companies and organizations enrich our Executive MBAenables the faculty to present an integrated, global man- with their valuable insights.agement perspective emphasizing the applicationof theory to practice. Current and past guest speakers include: ›› Raymond Beier, Partner, Pricewaterhouse CoopersFACULT Y (SELECTION)* ›› Helmut Eichert, Managing Director, Oracle AustriaProf. Johnny Rungtusanatham ›› Hikmet Ersek, Chief Operating Officer, Western UnionCarlson School of Management, Minneapolis, U.S.A. ›› Ken Hjelm, Director International BusinessOperations Management Development, 3M ›› Paul Herzfeld, Executive Vice President,Prof. Chuck Kwok Casinos AustriaMoore School of Business, Columbia, U.S.A. ›› Karen Parkhill, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan ChaseAdvanced Financial Management for Global Markets ›› Klaus Patig, former Member of the Managing Board, Commerzbank AGProf. Arnold Schuh ›› Lucio Rizzi, President, General MillsWU Vienna, Austria ›› Brendan Ryan, Vice Chairman, DraftFCB WorldwideEconomies in Transition ›› Peter Schneckenleitner, Media Relations, Deutsche Lufthansa AGProf. Leyland Pitt ›› Heinz Sernetz, Member of the Managing Board,Segal Graduate School of Business, Vancouver, Canada Raiffeisen Investment AGStrategic Marketing Management ›› Al Stroucken, CEO, H.B. Fuller ›› Friedrich Wille, Owner, Frey-WilleSenior Lecturer Charles Caliendo ›› Siegfried Wolf, CEO, Magna InternationalCarlson School of Management, Minneapolis, U.S.A. ›› Norbert Zimmermann, CEO Berndorf AGAccounting* Faculty members are subject to change.
  19. 19. 19Prof. Engelbert Dockner, Prof. Christopher Nachtsheim “I really enjoy teaching fi nancial management on the Executive MBA program. It provides me with the opportunity to interact with very experienced executives and discuss and solve challenging business cases that require both a sound knowledge of financial economics and a solid corporate background. Moreover, the way this program is set up and the incredible diversity of executives enrolled generates a unique learning environment that makes this MBA program so special. I am proud to be part of this outstanding venture.” Prof. Engelbert Dockner WU Vienna, Austria Financial Management “I have had the privilege of teaching statistics in the Executive MBA program every year for nearly a decade, and I have enjoyed it immensely. The students bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of managing enterprises in an international environment. They are extremely bright, motivated, and a lot of fun to work with. I have benefi ted deeply from my interactions with the Executive MBA students, and my experiences in Vienna have changed the way I teach back home in Minnesota. I hope the Executive MBA experience has been as rewarding for my students as it has been for me.” Prof. Christopher Nachtsheim Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, U.S.A. Data Analysis and Decision Making
  20. 20. CurriculumMANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTINGTheories and frameworks for analyzing the behavior of Learn how to analyze internal accounting data for use inindividuals, groups and the organization itself. Take management decisions in addition to the study of planningdecisions and develop action plans that enable managers and control. Understand how various types of costingto provide effective leadership of people in organiza- systems such as activity based costing can be used to bettertions. Concepts and principles associated with the function understand profitability. Understand transfer pricing,of human resource management, such as personnel variance analysis, and incremental costing decisions andselection, reward and compensation systems, and how accounting information can be used to make bettercollective bargaining. management decisions.DATA ANALYSIS (STATISTICS) AND OPER ATIONS MANAGEMENTDECISION MAKING The operations management function in different typesManagers need to understand both the power and limita- of organizations with emphasis on productive, innovativetions of numerical data for their decision making process. and competitive operations. Examine and apply theUnderstand and learn 1) exploratory data analysis, concepts and principles related to the management of2) basic inferential procedures, 3) statistical process control, quality and innovation within service and manufacturing4) regression analysis and 5) decision models. organizations.FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTUnderstand external accounting systems used by companies Theory and practice of finance from an analytical approach.to measure their economic performance and financial Apply the basic financial concepts of risk, return andposition. Understand basic accounting rules and how these valuation to the decisions that a manager engaged in a smallrules determine how financial information is reported business or corporate financial officer must make abouton a company’s financial statements. Analyze corporate the sources and uses of funds during changing financialfinancial reports to discover the impact of significant markets.economic events from the financial statements of a company. BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT AND MACROECONOMICSECONOMIES IN TR ANSITION The roles of government and business in society, alternativeExamine driving forces that are shaping the competitive systems of economics and political values, and the socialenvironment, including technological, political and ethical political, economic and cultural conflicts affecting theforces. Theoretical considerations to analyze these forces business sector.and businesses’ responses to specific issues. The courseworkwill include projects/cases that are of current interest to MANAGING GLOBALIZATIONcompanies in Eastern Europe. Develop international strategies for companies wishing toCEE Residency in Russia expand to global markets. Emphasis on analyzing oppor- tunities and how the international environment constrains decision-making. Learn how to implement global strate- gies, including managing strategic alliances and networks. Asia Residency in China
  21. 21. 21INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FORManaging information resources and technology. Gain GLOBAL MARKETSexposure to various information technologies. See how Learn and apply advanced concepts for corporateinformation systems can support business processes, financial decisions at executive level, including those relat-examine their applications, explore the competitive ed to investment, corporate finance and global markets.advantages associated with information technology andaddress organizational and managerial implications. NEGOTIATIONS AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENTLearn how information and communica­ ion technology t Identify typical challenges and difficulties inherent to nego-can help create new business models. tiation. Learn broad strategies to effectively manage theseAsia Residency in India challenges and improve your skills as an effective negotia- tor and conflict manager.STR ATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENTExamine the management challenge of developing and STR ATEGIES FOR A GLOBAL COMPANY ANDimplementing the most appropriate combination of vari- VIRTUAL TEAM PROJECTables to implement a company’s strategy in target markets. Multiple perspectives on global strategy are broughtDevelop skills in applying analytical perspectives, concepts together in this integrative course. Theory and practiceand decision-making, pricing and communication programs. are bridged by involvement of faculty and corporate executives, site visits to global companies and student projects. U.S.A. Residency in New York and MinneapolisMODULE STRUCTUREThe Executive MBA consists of consecutive modules. Each module has a three-tier structure: Pre-Module, Core-Moduleand Post-Module. You will receive a grade for each module (including Pre- and Post-Module). The proportions may varyaccording to professor - for example: 20% Pre-Module, 50% Core-Module, 30% Post-Module. PRE-MODULE CORE-MODULE POST-MODULE e-learning, 2 weeks in-class, 4 days e-learning, 2 weeks Preparation of topic In-class time Application of newly gained knowledge › Readings › Benchmarking sessions › Evaluation of theories › Case studies › Individual and group presentations › Case studies › Essays › Individual and/or group case work › Papers and assignments › Other › Breakout sessions › Other › Case discussions › Lecture sessions › Other
  22. 22. Student ProfilesAVER AGE CLASS PROFILE BY INDUSTRY 0 5 10 15 20 17% IT/ Telecommunication 13% Industry 12% Banking/Finance/Insurance 10% Commerce 9% Consulting/HR Consulting 7% Energy Industry 7% Pharmaceutics 5% Construction Engineering 5% Governmental NGO 3% Tourism/Recreation/Hotel 3% Health Care/Hospitals 3% Consumer Goods 3% Traffic/Transport 1% Real Estate 1% Media/Advertising/PR 1% Social Sector 1% Education 1% LawAVER AGE CLASS PROFILE BY FIELD OF OPER ATION AVER AGE CLASS PROFILE 0 10 20 30 40 36% General Management › Age: 38 Years 18% Marketing/Sale › Working Experience: 13 Years 13% Finance/Controlling › Management Experience: 6 Years 7% Operations 5% Consulting › International Students: 60 % 4% Strategic Management/Business › Female/Male: 30%/ 70% 3% IT › Class Size: 30– 40 Participants 3% Research Development 3% Human Ressources 3% Administration 1% Civil/Foreign Services 1% Self-employed
  23. 23. 23Alumni VoicesYury Zheymo, MBAAndrea Herrmann, MBAMohamed Chemloul, MBA “ he Executive MBA provides a complete international business vision, with the expertise and real-world tools T that managers need to thrive. The program content was taught in such a way that I was able to apply the new ex- pertise to my own work, sharpening practical management skills as I studied. The international residencies were particularly interesting, first hand experience of a dynamic global economy and its complex interdependencies. In addition to my peers, I profited from meeting and networking with top executives from other countries. ” Yury Zheymo, MBA Director, Internal Audit, MegaFon, Russia “ he WU Executive Academy MBA offers a unique combination of experienced and multi-cultural management T students, a great mixture of case studies, group discussions and project work, as well as the Virtual Team Proj- ect - an intense cross-cultural experience. In particular the field-trip to India and China broadened my under- standing of the global economy, providing me with vital insights into the similarities and differences of these huge emerging markets. My next career step came faster than I expected. As a direct result of my strengthened general management skills and new expertise in global leadership, I was promoted to Chief Financial Officer of the Western Union International Bank.” Andrea Herrmann, MBA CFO, Western Union International Bank “ y job brings me into contact with clients from all over the world. The Executive MBA revealed to me the M forces governing international business relationships. In particular, the globalization topics helped take my expertise to the next level. The WU EMBA program is where experience meets theory and where different people with different horizons extend their networks. Today, I am richer not only because I acquired additional knowledge, but also because of the expansion of my personal network of business contacts.” Mohamed Chemloul, MBA Worldwide Customer Support Director, NXP Semiconductors
  24. 24. Support ServicesMaking your life easier; because we are well aware of E-LEARNING ENVIRONMENTthe many responsibilities faced by our hard-working The WU Vienna is also at the forefront when it comesMBA students, we place special emphasis on handling as to the application of cutting-edge technologies tomany administrative details as possible on your behalf. enhance our unique learning experience. Our state-of-the-art e-learning platform ‚Learn@WU‘ isOUR SERVICES one of the largest in the world, featuring over 45,000›› Registration procedures at the university e-learning materials and more than 32,000 users. Within›› Textbooks and class materials are provided in the this platform, a customized virtual classroom is provided classroom exclusively to our MBA participants to facilitate all pre-›› Customized online collaborative tools to facilitate and post-module assignments. group assignments, faculty communication and student interaction anywhere in the world CAREER RESOURCES›› Access to all university student services This Executive MBA offers numerous benefits for (library, internet access, etc.) students and alumni. For further details, please refer›› Coffee breaks during the modules to page 25, “Post-Graduation Benefits”.
  25. 25. 25Post-Graduation BenefitsDOUBLE YOUR ALUMNI NET WORK ›› Access to ‘CarlsonConnect’, an interactive networkingDuring your studies, you benefit from countless oppor- site designed specifically for alumni of the Carlsontunities to connect with other business leaders inside and School of Management. CarlsonConnect offersoutside the classroom. EMBA (Global) alumni an opportunity to network with fellow Carlson graduates around the world,These connections extend far beyond graduation. find jobs, and stay connected to the global CarlsonAs an Executive MBA graduate, you join two vast alumni School community.networks with over 75,000 members worldwide – the ›› Online access to the University of Minnesota librariescombined alumni associations of the University of and the ‘Business Source Premier Alumni EditionMinnesota and of the WU Vienna. This network provides Database’ covering publications in nearly everythe perfect foundation for establishing durable profes- area of business including marketing, management,sional and personal relationships, building your own accounting, finance and economics.network of contacts and strategically pursuing your ›› And many morecareer objectives. COMPANIES RECRUITING FROM THE VIENNAALUMNI BENEFITS UNIVERSIT Y OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESSAs alumni you enjoy continued exclusive benefits: Accenture, Austrian Airlines, BMW, Böhler-Uddeholm,›› Alumni events help you to establish, maintain and Booz Company, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, deepen personal and professional ties with other senior Danone, Deloitte, Economist, Egon Zehnder, Electrolux, international executives from varying professional Emerson, Estee Lauder, Henkel, HP, IBM, IKEA, backgrounds. Johnson Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG,›› Preferential access to national and international career MAN, McDonald’s, McKinsey Company, Microsoft, opportunities. Mondi, Morgan Stanley, Nike, OMV, Pfizer,›› Invitations to panel discussions, conferences, guest PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter Gamble, Raiffeisen speaker events, seminars and other lifelong learning Zentralbank, Red Bull, Rockwell Automation Power, activities. Samsung, Siemens, The Boston Consulting Group, Unilever, Telefonica, T-Systems, Verbund, Western Union and many more.
  26. 26. Alumni VoicesLiselotte Schöll, MBAJochen Borenich, MBAIain Coles, MBADusica Lukac, MBA “ he Executive MBA has broadened my personal horizons immensely. It was the Virtual Team Project in particular T which sharpened my sensibilities in working with people from different backgrounds and points of view. For me as a lawyer, the general management focus of the program enabled me to hold new exciting positions within my company: From Assistant to the Management Board to Head of Group HR Mobility Management.” Liselotte Schöll, MBA Mobility and Contract Manager, Telekom Austria Group “ specially in the highly competitive and innovation-driven IT- and telecommunications industry, it was very E difficult to find an MBA program to suit my ambitious educational needs as a senior manager. The didactic design, international focus of the program, and outstanding faculty sustainably enriched my professional career. Being triple accredited, the WU Executive MBA is one of the finest MBA programs worldwide.” Jochen Borenich, MBA Member of the Executive Board, Kapsch BusinessCom “ he VEMBA program has certainly exceeded my expectations. I chose it for the well-rounded selection of study modules, T the multiple accreditations and the strong international rankings. What I did not fully anticipate was the quality of the lecturers, the intensity and community of my peers or the exceptional experiences that I gained during the field trips.” Iain Coles, MBA CEO, Global Consulting Partners “f you are looking for a program that will challenge your boundaries and force you to grow and mature into a I top professional, the Executive MBA is exactly what you are looking for. Technical skills will be brushed up and sharpened by excellent professors and alongside your class-colleagues, changing you with a soft hand and making you even more fit for the global business arena. If you want an interesting ride and even more interest- ing options afterwards, welcome on board.” Dusica Lukac, MBA Regional Senior Restructuring Manager CEE, Investkredit Investmentbank AG
  27. 27. 27Application and AdmissionAPPLICATION REQUIREMENTS The structure of the program and its close collaborationTo apply for the Executive MBA (Global), you must meet in study groups promote enduring professional contactsthe following requirements: and personal friendships.›› Undergraduate degree, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree›› Minimum of five years of relevant work experience APPLICATION DEADLINES›› Proficiency in written and spoken English Since the program often fills to capacity, please submit›› Completed application forms your application as early as possible.›› Curriculum Vitae Qualified applicants are admitted on a rolling basis.›› 2 letters of recommendation A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the tuition fee is payable upon confirmation of admission, to reserve yourEach Executive MBA participant is expected to have a per- place on the program.sonal computer and to be familiar with MS Office software.ADMISSION CRITERIA – WHAT WE LOOK FOR APPLICATION CHECKLISTStudent diversity is essential to the quality of the Execu-tive MBA Program. We select all our MBA participants Completed application form:with great care, considering cultural and academic back- (Download at: www.executiveacademy.at/emba)ground, skills and work experience. O fficial transcript of university grades and high school diplomaAmong our criteria are: C urriculum Vitae›› Solid career progression R ecent digital photograph›› Management and leadership skills 2 letters of recommendation›› Ability to commit to a challenging program C ompany and/or Sponsor letter (where applicable)›› Interpersonal and communication skills lear copy of valid passport C›› A clear career vision A pplication fee (EUR 200.–)›› Ambition and drive payable upon submission of applicationADMISSION Completed Admission Admission Admission Admitted Application Decision Interview Decision › Admission Denied › Admission Denied › Waitlisted › Future Potential
  28. 28. Alumni VoicesAlexander Resch, MBADamir Sprem, MBAPhilippe Pezet, MBA “ ttaining a master degree had always been one of my long-term goals. Having said that, participating in the WU A Executive Academy’s Executive MBA whilst working full-time required dedication and sustained hard work. The benefits of the program, however, especially learning from the experience of my fellow students justified the sacrifices I had to make. I would recommend this program unreservedly to anyone seeking an international management education for the next step up in their career. The Executive MBA represents an invaluable asset for senior managers in today’s global economy.” Alexander Resch, MBA Member of the Management Board and Chief Risk Officer, VÚB BANKA “ he reality of global business is seldom more apparent than with an airline. To excel in this environment requires T real-world, up-to-date knowledge. By that I mean a deep practical understanding of leadership, negotiation techniques, strategic decision-making and financial analysis and management. My MBA peers and I, together with faculty, dissected the decisions managers make, the strategies behind them and what the outcomes were. The Virtual team project was an experience with direct parallels to my working life. Seeing how my peers met its challenges has proved of immense value.” Damir Sprem, MBA Executive Vice President Finance, Croatia Airlines “ rom what I have experienced in the course of my studies the WU Executive MBA is definitely an investment F that offers high returns due to the one-of-a-kind networking opportunities, both with faculty and managers from leading companies worldwide. Moreover, the three field trips provided ‘hands-on’ experiences in the most dynamic international markets. Today, I am CEO of a premium kitchen manufacturer and fully convinced that the knowledge and tools acquired during the program were a highly valuable professional asset and played a strong and decisive role in the competitive advantage of my candidacy.” Philippe Pezet, MBA President/CEO of Bulthaup U.S.A. Inc.
  29. 29. 29Find out MoreFINANCING OPTIONS COME AND MEET USThe WU Executive Academy is committed to helping The decision to pursue the Executive MBA program isdedicated and deserving students meet their educational a real commitment. To help you make the right decision,and career goals by offering financing options such as we provide you with regular opportunities to meet ourpayment by installment and scholarships. faculty, alumni, students and staff, to gain real insights into our program and to ask any questions you mightSCHOLARSHIPS have.Throughout the year the WU Executive Academy offersmerit-based MBA scholarships to promote academic OPEN DAYSexcellence and leadership. These scholarships are The best way to assess the quality of an MBA programawarded to applicants who can demonstrate a track is to gain first-hand experience of it. The WU Executiverecord of outstanding achievement. Further information Academy offers prospective students the unique chanceon scholarships, application process and deadlines is to participate in selected MBA modules and interact withavailable on our website. current students and faculty members. Please contact us for an individual arrangement.INDIVIDUAL CORPOR ATE SPONSORSHIPCompanies often provide financial support or grant MBA FAIRSedu­ ational leave to their employees for the purposes c The WU Executive Academy regularly presents its MBAof continuing education. We would be happy to assist portfolio at international MBA fairs.you in preparing a proposal for your employer to obtainsponsorship for the Executive MBA program, and look MBA INFO-SESSIONSforward to presenting the program to your employer. Throughout the year the WU Executive Academy holds regular MBA Info-Sessions. During these sessions, facultyFor more information, refer to our website: members, alumni and program managers provide youwww.executiveacademy.at/financing with in-depth information on our MBA programs and look forward to answering your individual questions. For details visit our website: www.executiveacademy.at/fairs
  30. 30. Graduation in Minneapolis, U.S.A.
  31. 31. 31Meet the TeamSabine Prillmann,Matthew L. GoodeThe Executive MBA team from the WU Executive Academy and the Carlson School of Management looks forward tomeeting you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.WU EXECUTIVE ACADEMY CARLSON SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENTSabine Prillmann, Program Manager Matthew L. Goode, Program DirectorExecutive MBA (Global) Global Executive MBANordbergstrasse 15 321 19th Avenue South, 2-2101090 Vienna, Austria Minneapolis, MN 55455, U.S.A.T: +43-1-313 36-4327 T: +1-612-626-8727E-Mail: emba@wu.ac.at E-Mail: mgoode@umn.edu
  32. 32. WU Executive AcademyVienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna)Nordbergstrasse 151090 Vienna, AustriaExecutive MBA (Global)Sabine PrillmannT: +43-1-313 36-4327F: +43-1-313 36-790emba@wu.ac.atwww.executiveacademy.at/embaCarlson School of ManagementUniversity of MinnesotaMatthew L. GoodeT: +1-612-626-8727F: +1-612-624-8248E-Mail: mgoode@umn.eduwww.carlsonschool.umn.eduMedia owner: WU Executive Academy,Nordbergstrasse 15, 1090 Vienna, AustriaLayout: Werner Weißhappl; Status: 10/2010All information provided in this brochureis subject to misprints and changes.