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This is just an assessment I had to complete for my education course. I hope it is interesting. :)

This is just an assessment I had to complete for my education course. I hope it is interesting. :)

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  • I'm commenting on myself! Hahahahaha :)
    I am bored. I don't particularly like technology but I understand that it is a permanent part of our society and so I must live with it and accept that it is useful and creative. It also has incredible potential in the field of teaching and learning in classrooms! Thus, I shall henceforth endeavour to be more tolerant of new technological advancements that I encounter. Have fun with your journeys of technological weirdness. :)
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  • Would someone PLEASE comment on my slideshow?! I would really like the feedback - both good and bad. It would really help. Thank you. :)
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  • 1. EDUC1751 Assessment 1Virtual Presentation
    Wikipedia Shakespeare Article
    By Gabriella King, c3145927
  • 2. Technology and Education
    Technology is wending its way into the educational context, but how to know what is good to use in teaching and learning, and what is bad?
    Good Website (Shakespeare-online) compared to a Bad Website (Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article).
  • 3. Shakespeare-online and Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
  • 4. Aspects for Comparison
  • 5. Visual
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
    Bright, with clear and legible text.
    The page is easily navigated with hyperlinked subtitles and headings.
    Black and white with numerous blue hyperlinks within the text.
    The blue hyperlinks make it difficult to read the text.
  • 6. Information
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
    Provides assistance with analysis and readings of Shakespeare’s works.
    Biographical information.
    Information regarding Shakespeare’s social and historical contexts.
    Biographical information.
    How Shakespeare has influenced other writers over time.
    There is no information about his social or historical contexts.
  • 7. Engagement
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
    The site is interactive with quizzes on Shakespeare’s plays to assess how well you understand them.
    All the information is contained on one long page in a mass of block text.
  • 8. Credibility
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
    The author, Amanda Mabillard, has completed a B.A. (Honours) in English at the University of Alberta, Canada.
    She founded Shakespeare-online in 1997 because she wanted to provide students and teachers with free and reliable information about Shakespeare.
    Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia articles.
    According to Wikipedia “what is contributed is more important than the expertise or qualifications of the contributor”(Wikipedia, 2011).
  • 9. Relevance
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article
    It is a multimedia text which complies with the NSW Board of Studies 7-10 English syllabus stages 4 and 5 text requirements.
    It can be used for student research or as a teacher resource.
    It could be used as a starting point for student research but NOT as the formative source for research.
  • 10. Summary
    Shakespeare-online is a good website to use in teaching and learning because:
    Visually appealing and comprehensive
    Easy to navigate
    Provides a broad scope of information and analysis
    Relevant to both teachers and students
  • 11. Summary
    Wikipedia’s Shakespeare article is a bad website to use in teaching and learning because:
    It is difficult to read
    Provides a limited scope of information
    Reliability and accuracy of information is questionable
    Lacks unique or engaging qualities to maintain interest
  • 12. Conclusion
    Therefore, the Shakespeare-online website is a better website to use for teaching and learning the topic of Shakespeare than the Wikipedia article about Shakespeare.
  • 13. In the Future
    In the future I will aim to aim to maintain clarity, interest and relevance in any technological resource that I may create.
    I will use such good features as visual appeal, easy navigation and interactive qualities to improve technology resources for students and teachers.
  • 14. Reference List
    Mabillard, A. (2011, August 28). Shakespeare-online. Retrieved August 24, 2011, from
    Wikipedia Shakespeare Article. (2011, August 25). Retrieved August 24, 2011, from
    Music by Coldplay, Life in Technicolour.
    By Gabriella king, c3145927