World Cup Advergame

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  • 1. Penalty shots World cup Advergame
  • 2. Brief A group of friends goes to a bar to watch a world cup soccer game. They find the people huddled up in front of a Brand Stand. The space is similar to a soccer field and has a TV flat screen where people are playing a videogame. They celebrate and cheer the person who is playing. The game is a 3D soccer penalty shootout, controled by an XBOX controller. The Stadium is decorated with the brand´s logos. At the end of five penalties the player gets products or gifts from the brand.
  • 3. Space
  • 4. Description The player controls a soccer star about to shoot a penalty shot. The camera is located in a first person point of view. To shoot, you must choose the arrow direction, first horizontally, then vertically. Now the player must calibrate the strength of the shot with the strenght bar on top of the screen. The player will shoot the ball and the goalie will choose a random direction where to jump. At the end of five shots the player gets brand prizes. Type of game Casual sports game. scene Soccer stadium with the brands logos
  • 5. Game screenshots
  • 6. Game screenshots
  • 7. Game screenshots
  • 8. Game screenshots
  • 9. Game screenshots
  • 10. Game video For a video capture of the game go to:
  • 11.
    • Benefits
    • Relates the brand with soccer, videogames and the world cup.
    • High impact at the point of sale.
    • According to a study done by Nielsen Games in 2009
    • There is an avarage rememberance increment of the brand after playing an advergame of 44%.
    • Possitive assosiation with the product increments in 33% in all brands.