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c2b is an integrated mix of Advanced Technology and Social Media Consulting to manage in an innovative way Web Reputation and Customer Engagement of your brand and products. Less effort and more accuracy for a more clever synthesis of online conversations and market.

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c2b Specsheet ENG

  1. 1. BUSINESS VALUE GO BEYOND “WHAT” CUSTOMERS SAY ONLINE AND FIND OUT “WHY” Real-Time Web and Social Media reversed the traditional logicsLESS EFFORT AND MORE of communication. Today consumers are the real actors of the web.ACCURACY FOR A MORE In order to listen and engage them, brands really need to adoptCLEVER SYNTHESISOF ONLINE CONVERSATIONS innovative tools. c2b - “Consumer to Business” - is the answer.AND MARKET BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE + SOCIAL WEB = SOCIAL INTELLIGENCEc2b is an integrated mix By monitoring the everyday million conversations on the Web and Socialof Advanced Technology Media, c2b analyzes the unstructured digital content previously acquiredand Social Media Consulting and creates strategic insights and actionable intelligence to betterto manage in an innovative wayWeb Reputation and Customer manage products, brand reputation and consumers.Engagement of your brand 
and products THE EVOLUTION OF SENTIMENT ANALYSIS Semantic Analysis overcomes the traditional concept of “positive With c2b you can or negative sentiment” and allows understanding the real meaning of conversations. The system is based on advanced statistic Extract contents from different methodologies that have been made accessible also by an unskilledand unstructured web sources business user. Information is presented in a flexible and interactive interface, ready to be exported in various formats. Understand the meaningof online conversations Analyze our brand and LISTEN. DISCOVER. ACT.your competitors’ reputation c2b imports data from unstructured sources as websites, social networks, blogs, RSS feeds and internal warehouses. It applies Natural Language Anticipate consumer needsand questions Processing Logic on the data, finding the meaning of the phrases and the associated sentiment. The system selects only relevant contents, deleting Take the best actions to buzz, noise and spam. It automatically adds all new qualified sources.respond to emerging needs Crawling Information NLP Semantic Technology Extraction Logics Analysis Social Media Consulting Newsc2b Social Specialists flankthe client in every phases Social Mediaof the process: SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE Sources listening strategy definition Internal Databases building of a dictionary ACTIONABLE INFORMATIONspecifically tailored to the industry The output of the process consists in custom conceptual maps, Strategic insight and analysis positioning tables, trend graphs. The results are already synthesizedon customer, brand and their and aggregated by user-defined logics. You can conduct an analysiscompetitive environment at any level of detail you prefer. So you can find the sentiment relative to the whole brand or isolate a particular product or a key feature and monitor its changes during the time.C2b is the result of the collaboration between two companies leader in Predictive Marketing (i4C)and Digital Business (Tecla.it). c2b offers advanced services of Social Intelligence & Consultingto brands that want to manage in an new way Web Marketing, Digital Strategy and Customer Engagement.
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES BUSINESS VALUE c2b is the Social Intelligence Solution that allows you to manage in an innovative way:  WEB REPUTATION  BRAND PROTECTION  AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT  COMMUNITY BUILDING  WEB CRM ALERTING  PRODUCT INNOVATION A daily newsletter that reports the most relevant mentions and the negative/positive qualifications on brand, products, specific topics. FEATURES NEW TOPICS  Extended Web Monitoring Identifies issues and news of great interest to consumers.  New Sources Identification It allows you to intercept the bud themes which will be  Clean and Relevant Data discussed more in the future.  Text Semantic Analysis  Real Sentiment Detection TRENDING TOPICS  Interactive Conceptual Maps Identifies new topics between those who are confirmed  Custom Aggregation as a trend. Allows you to measure ROI and effectiveness  Exportable Reports of online communications. MARKET BEAT ONE SHOT SERVICES The maximum synthesis of market buzz about a topic or a brand. Provides relevant indicators and statistics c2b provides on-demand on qualifications. counseling interventions focused on customer needs, achieved through the integration STRONG & WEAK ANALYSIS of Social Analytics tools Highlights the strong and weak point of your brand, with detailed knowledge of product and people by analyzing mentions Real-Time Web and Social Media. and aggregate them by polarity.  Reputation Analysis CONNEXIONS  Audience Intelligence  Competitive Intelligence Shows how your brand and products are perceived online,  Media Mapping what are the logics of choice of the consumers and what drives their preferences.  Company Digital Footprint  Brand Audit BRANDSCAPE  Field Analysis Explore your brand positioning related to custom concept  Social Network Analysis and competitors. Draw a time-refreshing positioning map. Allows analytics breakdowns by media type and tags.
c2b - Milanofiori, Strada 4 Palazzo N1, Italywww.consumertobusiness.itmarketing@consumertobusiness.it